Pranotherapy & Reiki treatments: how a treatment works in particular

Pranoterapia e Trattamenti Reiki

What is this about?

Whether we talk about Pranotherapy, or when we talk about Reiki, we are talking about energy treatments, aimed at rebalancing a state of inner disharmony both from a physical point of view and from an emotional and spiritual point of view.


Pranotherapy & Reiki treatments: We are made of energy

Images from the book “Light Healing” of Barbara Ann Brennan. Corbaccio Ed.


Many consider Pranotherapy and Reiki two parallel disciplines, which differ from each other for a simple but non-trivial detail.

Basically, while through Pranotherapy is claimed to exploit the energy inherent in the human body, on the other hand through Reiki, it is believed to take advantage of a universal energy.

Following this distinction, instinctively it is immediately obvious to think that, while the first source can be a source of finite energy, of undoubted provenance and of relatively good quality (as it depends on the operator who transmits it during the treatment and its psycho-physical-emotional conditions), the second source instead, coming from the Universe, can be quantitatively unmeasurable and of a more neutral quality.


Before addressing this topic, let’s take a step back and try to clarify the concept of:


What exactly is energy? Can you see it, can you touch it or better … can it be perceived? Where is this energy we are talking about? Is it around us? Is it anywhere or is it contained somewhere on the ocean floor or in the middle of the Amazon rainforest?

Browsing the internet, we can find numerous definitions, especially from the Physics point of view.

In this context, I will limit myself to expressing the concept from a more emotional than material point of view, drawing from studies, observations and experiences that I have respectively acquired and lived during my life journey.


Pranotherapy & Reiki treatments: Energy is everywhere around us


Whatever we see, we think, we perceive, we savor, we listen or imagine …

is Energy!

Our organs are energy. At certain frequencies, of course, but they are energy…

our moods are energy, our thoughts, our emotions are energy!


During these years of studies, in-depth studies and experiences in the health and wellness sphere, a phrase spoken by one of my teachers struck me in a particular way and since I heard it I have never forgotten it:


Illness is born in the soul, it develops in the mind and manifests itself in the body


What does this sentence mean?

I think it may be easier to explain the concept with an example. Suppose a person feels a grudge for a particular situation in his past. This resentment is a form of energy (which we label for simplicity as negative) that this person retains within himself. More specifically, it acts in some organs in particular, primarily the stomach.


The stomach is part of the digestive tract and is placed in an intermediate position between the esophagus and the duodenum. This organ is associated with situations that are not accepted or “digested”. They can be situations that made us feel anger, displeasure or even a sense of injustice. They can be foods, but also ideas or situations that we do not accept and can also be feelings of guilt.

taken from the book (italian version) “Il Grande Dizionario della MetaMedicina” of Claudia Rainville. Sperling & Kupfer Ed.


But what is important to know is that this energy will condense day after day generating it will condense various kinds of problems:

vomit, nausea, various pains, internal burns, gastric bleeding (perhaps for situations that have created a great regret for not having tried joy in an unjust situation) etc and problems of a far more serious nature.

This is why illness originates in the soul!


The manifestations of the disease on the body, whether they are evident or in case they are not, come out only when that type of energy has reached a level of condensation that can be detected by our senses. The mind plays an active role in solving the problem, but also in the aggravation of the problem itself. It depends on how you choose to use it.



To explain this concept to you, I will make another concrete example: let’s take two adult ladies, both suffering from the same disease …

While one has a more positive approach by choosing not to feed negative thoughts on the disease, even proposing to convert her life by engaging in activities that involve her and that cause joy and pleasure, the other lady instead decides to lock her in herself, focusing her attention and therefore her thoughts on the disease.

Well, if on the one hand the disease tends to diminish or even disappear, on the other hand it tends to worsen further.


Does not it convince you?

If what you are thinking now is “But do you really think that the thought or an attitudinal change in the events that happen in our life can stop a serious illness?”.

My answer is “Yes, I really think so!” and I also tell you why.

Besides having personally experienced various experiences of this kind, my studies and my knowledge gained through years of experience and direct and indirect observations, allow me to state the following:


The disease is not a demon coming from anywhere, who chose in a particular moment of your life to enter your body and make you die.


We are the ones to create it!


We are the ones who “manufacture” it and feed it with our lifestyle full of wrong eating habits, full of thoughts and emotions that literally poison our mind and soul.


It is good to know that, if food is the fuel of our body


– and I take this opportunity to tell you that, for this reason it is better to choose the right food such as raw fruits and raw vegetables


thoughts represent the fuel of our mind

and emotions the fuel of our soul.


Once you have also acquired these awareness, you can choose more conscientiously what’s best for you …… whether it is food for your body, whether it’s food for your soul and your mind.


Pranotherapy & Reiki treatments: let’s get to the point!


How should Pranotherapy or Reiki treatments help a person who suffers from some illness or who lives in agitation, stress or fear to regain his psycho-physical wellbeing, his own ideal health and inner harmony?


By activating our energy channels (also called Chakra), through the use of hands it will be possible to transmit a flow of energy balancing the whole organism.


Pranotherapy & Reiki Treatments: how to organize a treatment with music, smells and in the right environment

Many believe, evidently because they have only just analyzed it from the outside, that the beneficial effect resulting from a pranotherapic or reiki treatment is of a placebo type …

in other words they think it’s just about a suggestion.

Those who think this can not recognize that we live in an immense field of energy, the Universe!

All connected with each other and all communicating with each other. A concept that also quantum physics has stated and explained clearly through numerous studies.


Immense powers are in each of us

Among these powers there is also the power of


Pranotherapy & Reiki treatments: how a treatment works in particular

Pranotherapy & Reiki treatments: how do they work?

This energy, through the treatments, acts:

  • on neuro-sensory systems
  • penetrates into the bones that form the skeleton
  • supports and stimulates the body’s self-healing process
  • induces a deep state of relaxation

In particular:

  • Promotes the toxins elimination
  • Help the tissues regeneration
  • Reactivates the endocrine, circulatory, digestive and urinary systems
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Rebalance the nervous system
  • Favors the organism energetic rebalancing
  • Reduces stress


When we choose a more natural lifestyle, based on a plant-based diet, on a modus vivendi more in tune with what we are, with what we feel … and we also combine meditation and the right rest with it, we live by beautiful and healthy emotions, and there is no disease that can persist.

Reiki and Pranotherapy  help us to bring us back on this path, they help us to find ourselves again and to make sure that our harmony, our happiness can find a place in the front row in our life.

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