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Chef at home: natural therapeutic cuisine, bio-vegan e gluten-free


If you, like many others, have arrived here to learn more about the figure of the Chef at home, let me explain what it is …

From how you’ve certainly got to understand, I’m a vegan chef. From the page title you can easily understand that the work I do is done directly in the customer’s home.

Why at home?

Because I prefer without any doubt to be in contact with the people I give my service and to share with them everything they want to know about vegan natural cuisine, instead of simply looking at them from the door of a local kitchen.

The kitchen I propose:

  • is full of new flavors
  • is healthy because it respects the real biochemical needs of our body
  • is light but at the same time satiating
  • is suitable for anyone (omnivorous, vegetarian, vegan, celiac and intolerant)
  • is rich in nutrients

I called it “Natural Therapeutic Cuisine”, becouse it leads our body to a SELF-HEALING.



Before working at home, I gained experience at some renowned restaurants / clubs in Italy (including “Ops!” In Rome). Then I changed direction when I realized that my real vocation is to be more in touch with customers explaining the real motivations that led me to devote myself to a vegan kitchen.

Worthy of note are the ingredients I use: organic, vegan (therefore completely cruelty-free) and also gluten-free on request!

The service I offer as a home chef goes from the shopping and the preparation of the dishes, to the reorganization and cleaning of the kitchen. The price includes everything, except the amount related to the expenditure of ingredients purchased (which will be paid separately at the time of payment). When the number of guests increases respect to the initial agreements, I could request the help of a cook aid. This, together with the “mise en place” service (that is the preparation of the service table) is among the extra services not included in the price.



You will not have to do anything, apart from choosing the Menu you would like among the proposals that will be available. Below, I’ll list the steps that will be the responsibility of the Chef at home, or my competence.


1st step. It consists in making an inspection at your home (this to allow me to realize what is missing in the kitchen as equipment and what is already there and does not need to be brought).

2nd step. It consists in choosing the menu to be proposed among the various proposals that I provide: this choice obviously belongs to the customer.

(To see the Summer menu click here!)

3rd Step. It consists of shopping and arrive at your home on the day and at the agreed time (about 2 hours before guests arrive). At this stage it will be my task to prepare the dishes.

4th step. It consists in the actual service (heating where necessary, creating the dishes and serving at the table).

5th step. Finally it consists in rearranging and cleaning the kitchen.



Finally, let me give you some last information on the service that I offer in general like Chef at home. Generally, this service is required to organize a dinner for an upcoming birthday. Other reasons may include similar anniversaries: wedding anniversaries, business meetings and simple parties between family and friends.



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