Where to get the better quality water?

Where to get the best quality water?

Where to get the better quality water?

Where to get the best quality water?

Also in this case, when we talk about best quality water we think about:



Where to get the best quality water?


No, I don’t have a fruit and vegetable company if that’s what you’re wondering.

Simply if I keep talking good about fruit it is because I believe:


  1. in its incredible biological properties,
  2. in its alkalizing power,
  3. that it is the only food that human beings should eat,
  4. in its capability of providing immediate energy to our body making it stronger and immune to diseases,
  5. that there is no cruelty in it, but peace, well-being and health (especially when it is not treated or devitalized),


… and I also believe that, before bringing food to the mouth, you need to eat it with your eyes.




The fruit (obviously not cooked) together with the raw vegetables is radiant with colors!

Fruit, vegetables and all those products that come directly from the earth are the only natural foods that continue to have a more than pleasing appearance if, once picked, are collected and stored in a basket.

Try doing the same with any piece of meat or fish and observe the results. You will realize the obvious difference between:


decay of dead food


natural preservation of live food.




Precisely because it is frugivorous, human being should eat water directly from the fruit. It is right in the simplest, seasonal and untreated fruit that the best quality water is found.

We therefore underline: human being can feed on water by directly eating the fruit. Or for those who prefer it, through a fresh fruit juice.

About the fresh juices, one of the best slow juicers that you can find on internet is the following:


Where to get the better quality water? Slow juicer


The reason why it is better to eat fruit than buying water bottles or drinking water directly from the home fountain, is that the water contained in the fruit is the only truly organic and naturally distilled water.

This means that the water contained in the fruit (melons, kiwi, pineapple, coconut, apple, pear, peach, grapes, etc.) and in vegetables (cucumbers, celery, carrots, courgettes, etc.) is free of inorganic minerals.




These minerals are not able to be absorbed by the body because they are inorganic and for this reason the organism itself tries to expel them. When it fails, these minerals become the cause of premature aging, rheumatism and stiffness in the joints.

If you are now wondering how we absorb minerals, they can basically be assimilated if they are in the organic state. On the contrary, they are harmful to health.

So what happens to inorganic minerals?

Once they are released to the ground, they are absorbed by the plant roots, and thanks to the phenomenon of chlorophyll photosynthesis, they are sent into circulation through the plant sap before being organicized first in the leaves, then through the shoots and finally in the fruit.

Where to get the better quality water? Chlorophyll photosynthesis



Hard to conceive, isn’t it? It may be, yes!

Especially since commercials on TV, does nothing but sponsor these products as healthy for the sustenance of our body.

Which is somewhat misleading, of course! Obviously, these commercials aims only at a big private interest.

In fact, drinking tea, colas, alcohol, coffee, etc. does not mean satisfying the body’s water demand. Quite the contrary.

These drinks only create internal acidification, further damaging the lymphatic system and the circulatory system, already damaged by a meat-based diet without raw fruit and raw vegetables.

Unfortunately, the wrong foods and wrong drinks have replaced fruit and vegetables over time. This caused a shortage of biological water. In this situation, therefore, the body is thirsty and requires liquids that can help it expel toxic substances taken through the incorrect diet.

However, the human being hardly understands the signals that the body gives and consequently continues to eat dry and unnaturally.

This obviously leads him to be even more thirsty. A thirst that, over time, will become chronic. The situation becomes even more complicated if he has the blood poisoned by salt, industrial sugar, aspartame, theine and caffeine.



Furthermore many doctors, personal trainers, dieticians, etc., mistakenly promote a constant consumption of water (referring mostly to that of bottle or tap).

The truth is that man is not at all a drinker of “bottle liquids”, although these can be recognized and advertised as energy drinks (see Gatorade, Red Bull, Tiger Shot, etc).

The same applies to natural water with a low fixed residue, which is certainly the least harmful of all the bottled liquids offered by the market. In the latter case, therefore, one can turn a blind eye especially for emergencies (physical activity, intense sweating, etc.).


Man should normally take the amount of fruit and vegetables that the body requires, depending on personal and temporary needs.


This can mean taking half a watermelon, twenty fresh figs, three peaches, two bunches of grapes, a couple of apples, a banana and a handful of berries, in a single summer day.

Just as it can mean that you don’t have to eat anything because your body has a temporary need to detox. Therefore it is necessary to avoid eating for half a day in order to complete its inner cleansing phase.

Where to get the better quality water? Energy drinks



” The man had to invent the glass, he had to make the bottles,

nothing but casings that trap devitalized and pasteurized substances,

or fermented and alcoholic drinks.

None of these are good for his health. “


… this is the response of Valdo Vaccaro, one of the most famous Italian hygienists.




best quality water hydrate your body

A proper diet, on the other hand, based on several portions of fruit and vegetables, hydrates effectively your body. Remember, however, the combinations allowed for a correct assimilation.

This happens because the sugar and vitamins contained in the fruit help the water particles to be absorbed.

On the contrary, two liters of water a day, as recommended by many, swell the organism, rust it without even quenching its thirst.

The best way, therefore, to provide our body with the right amount and the best quality of water lies in the adoption of a simple and frugal diet. A diet that includes fruit and vegetables in abundant quantities.

A diet that is free from those substances (of which I mentioned earlier) that do not nourish, hydrate but on the contrary starve and poison the body.


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