Tune in to yourself: 3 practical tips to seek self-fulfillment in life

Tune in to yourself: 3 practical tips to seek self-fulfillment in life

Getting attuned with yourself is the first step to seek self-fulfillment in life.

In the article How to seize opportunities I talked about how not being attuned with ourselves makes us feel like we don’t know what we really want.

I also explained this concept in my book: The CREATIVE PROCESS – How to create the reality you wish for through Though, Visualization and Emotions.

How to Seize Opportunities: My book is a practical guide to our innate creative abilities

When we live in disagreement with who we really are and who we seem, we’re like a broken watch whose hands are blocked and still try to proceed with their circular path.

How To get attuned with yourself

There’s still a charged battery, but there’s something wrong with the internal mechanisms of the watch.

This is what metaphorically happens to us.

There are often charge and will to do something in us. But there is also something else (such as feeling stuck, internally disturbed or scared, etc.) that stops us from doing it.


How to solve this problem?

The answer is you need to get attuned with yourself again. Well, how?

I’ll give you three practical and effective tips that will help you in getting attuned with yourself and in transforming yourself from the eternally undecided and confused person that you actually are to a determined, steady and confident person.


1. Spend at least 20 minutes of your day meditating

By using the word ‘‘meditating’’ I don’t mean you necessarily need to sit in the middle of a meadow and cross your legs (the lotus position) and close your eyes (even if that wouldn’t be so bad for you to do it).

By using the word ‘‘meditating’’ I mean you should simply find a moment to ‘‘feel yourself’’ or to listen to your internal voice.

How To get attuned with yourself. Listen to your internal voice


Take your time, relax and let go of all your thoughts.

In that moment, when you choose to listen to yourself, focus on what you really feel inside you.

This will help you in bringing out all those internal sensations that, otherwise, because of the hectic everyday life, would be lost since you don’t listen to them.

You need to listen to these sensations deeply to understand who you really are and what your soul is looking for in order to evolve in this earthly life.

However, if you’re not able to meditate or to stay still for twenty minutes or less, the next tip might be right for you.


2. Walk and stay in touch with nature

You can walk in the park, in the woods, or by the sea if you wish. What matters is that you feel free and in peace with yourself.

The place is important in order to allow you to do the following:

  • Get your mind off every thought which is in your mind
  • Focus on feelings and sensations that make you feel good

At first, you might feel like you’re wasting your time, but you’re doing something very important for yourself.

The sound of nature such as the singing of birds or the waves of the sea act on our vibrational system, on our energy-centers, on our organs and on the cell function.

These sounds contribute to making our soul sweeter and available to communicate what it has to say transparently. 


Hence, nature helps us to get attuned with ourselves thanks to its vibrations. Click To Tweet


And the more in harmony you are with yourself the easier will be for you to become a steady and determined person for what matters in your daily life.

By walking and staying in contact with nature day by day (or, if you can’t, just do it twice or three times a week), you’ll notice how the confusion that used to prevail in you will be gradually gone.

The hectic modus vivendi that used to characterize you will make room for a modus vivendi that will be calmer and more in harmony with your deepest desires.

The third and last advice I’d like to give you is the following:


3. Pray and have faith

How To get attuned with yourself. Pray and have faith


You might not like having faith if you’re an atheist or you’re against religions.

However, whatever reasons you may have not to be a person of faith, I’d like to tell you that for me, as well as for some of my readers, prayers are an excellent tool to learn more about yourself and to be able to get attuned with yourself.

They help your heart to listen more than a walk or yoga exercises.

Praying means understanding that the act of listening comes from words.

Our vocation, namely what we are meant to do, needs a space of intimacy to perceive ourselves and listen to God’s voice.

In its voice, silence becomes more powerful and achieves its goal.

To pray in order to get attuned with yourself is a tangible and concrete thing. You will be able to see it as soon as you will do it.

If you liked the article, you’re free to comment in the space below.

I wish you a bright path to re-tune with your soul.


Translated by Ilenia Micalizio

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