To heal naturally from psoriasis: I did it, you can do it too!

To heal naturally from psoriasis: I did it, you can do it too!

To heal naturally from psoriasis: I did it, you can do it too!

To heal naturally from psoriasis: I did it, you can do it too!


If you wish to heal naturally from psoriasis since you’re living with this super annoying problem for a long time, you’re in the right place!

If you’re actually tired of having medicines, aggressive skin treatments without getting benefits and you’re in a state of total dissatisfaction because of:

  • A conspicuous decline of your skin (even if they told you that a cortisone-based treatment would have been helpful)
  • Huge expenses at the pharmacy (to buy corticosteroid creams, steroids, coal tar and ditranolo-based medecines that, apart from irritating your skin, block your symptoms without solving the cause);
  • A fragile psychological status (since it’s difficult to accept themselves and a so mistreated skin);

it’s time for you to know about some important truths that only a few are willing to talk about.

To heal naturally from psoriasis


  1. My psoriasis: today is just a fair memory!
  2. Stress, dissatisfaction and disharmony: a lethal mix for the skin
  3. A natural path that will question many dogma
  4. Psoriasis: chronic disease?
  5. What actually is psoriasis
  6. Psoriasis mainly affects sensitive people
  7. How to heal from psoriasis

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Years ago, in far-off 2013, I was affected by some pathologies (chronic ones and not): impetigo, chronic prostatic, bronchial asthma, allergies and intolerances (to histamine, to dust mites, to cat and dog hair and to graminaceae). Among all those pathologies, moreover, there was psoriasis.

Learning about the fact that I was suffering from this skin disease was shocking.

I remember that day very clearly. I was at the hospital and the doctor (head of the Department of dermathology), after looking at my hand for no more than ten seconds, with extreme delicacy said:

“It’s psoriasis. This is a chronic disease… that means you’ll have it for life.”.


In those days, I had no idea what psoriasis was, so I did not give importance to his words in that moment.

Only after heading home and digging around online, I started to understand how those little flaking of the skin on my hand could spread.

Yeah… because, in that period, psoriasis was not on other parts of my body. On my hands only.

What happened next?

“Strangely”, after starting the allopathic treatments with medicines and cortisone-based creams, my situation got clearly worse.

At the time, I could not know why. I was confused. I wondered why I had to ask an ‘expert’ of skin (not cheap, by the way), the reason why my disease could not be solved but worsened.

This day, after studying and having experiences, I can simply say I completely recovered from that feared and misunderstood disease, and I can also say I understood the reasons why my psoriasis got worse during the weeks and months following my dermatology visit and the attached treatment. So, those reasons let me understand the disease and regress until it became (in years) a fair memory.


But let’s proceed step by step.

I’d like to tell you

about something that has been one of the most aware periods in my life,

so that you can have the ‘proper tools’’ to



A few days after the dermathology visit, I kept on surfing the internet. I looked at the images I found on the web and, believe me, (if you faced or you’re facing this problem you can understand) I felt horrified because of what I saw.

The very thought of having rashes and flakings (typical of this inflammation on the skin) on other parts of the body, including my face, made me literally cringe.

I thought back over the words my doctor said the time he saw me and I asked him if he was sure about me having psoriasis:

You boy…” he said, “… do you think I don’t know how to handle my business? I’m the head of this department and I’ve been doing this job for more than 30 years!”… “It’s psoriasis!”


That kind of answer made me feel that, in that moment, I was not in front of a human being, but in front of someone who lacks of sensitivity and who has no clue about the meaning of emotional support and sympathy.

I wanted to learn more about it, since I’ve always been curious about what concerns health. Besides, my mom (who came with me to the hospital) paid 150 euros for that kind of, let me say, pseudo-visit.

I thought, in other words, it was my right to ask questions about the origins of that disease and about it disappearing… so why not?!

“Obviously”, all I had was a piece of paper with a cortisone-based treatment and, in no time, a “very warm” Goodbye.


That was the day I realized that, for him (just like for other doctors), I was just a number. A number related to the umpteenth visit of a generic day in a generic week of a generic month of the year and nothing more.

I thought that if I was his son, he would have said a few words more. However, I was not that lucky…

Today, instead, I have a completely opposite opinion! And even today I tell myself:

“Luckily I’m not his son, otherwise I would have not known what I know today” … in other words, I would never have discovered what I’m about to say!




stress, dissatisfaction and disharmonies

I remember that period being very stressing to me: there were not indifferent problems in my family. My dad and my mom split up and I often argued with both of them.

It was difficult for me to keep up with my university study programme (even though I perfectly got away with it: I was one of the best university students of my faculty… let’s say it, in all modesty!).

However, I was struggling because of those 5 hours I spent up to the Faculty of Science and Technology and back.

I didn’t get along with my girlfriend at the time. I felt like she and her family were always judging me. Also, things were not all sunshine and puppy dogs between us.

Not to mention the insecurities, that annoying and costant sense of inadequacy, that lack of self-esteem and the fact that I always felt accountable for everything I was carrying (because of those negative situations that did not depend on me as well).


In short, there was a sense of disharmony and dissatisfaction inside me because of these reasons and for many other personal reasons and it was not easy at all.

And just at that time I started to notice some red patches on my skin and an annoying itching associated with a burning sensation that made me scratch all the time.


Just because of the stress I was amassing day by day, I often turned to a common form of outburst: food.

And it was not healthy food at all!

The way I ate was immoderate and uncontained. Biscuits, pasta, bread, dairy products, meat and cold cuts were commonplace. Very little fruit and raw vegetables.

The timeline was not good either. Nothing could restrain me, I had no inhibitions. I used to have breakfast by eating that remaining portion of the pizza of the previous evening with a cup of milk and coffee.

I used to wake up at night to eat some toasted bread with butter or jam on the top of it. Some other times, I had a snack right after finishing my lunch. After having dinner, I had another snack or a milk soup once again.


Then, finally, I started to notice that…


To heal naturally from psoriasis, we have to understand that:

Stress, dissatisfaction, disharmonies in friendships, family, collegues, having food which is not suitable to the human being, animal products, alcohol, negative thoughts and negative emotions… are all constant variables which… Click To Tweet


Don’t mind those who tell you the opposite thing they learned thanks to some university exam or to some dogma told by a white coat. Don’t trust those who talk about genetic derivations just because they don’t know how to explain it.

Mainly, verify yourself what I’m about to say through the following paragraphs and, after testing your daily life and the tips I’m about to give you, draw your own conclusions.

I’m sure they will be ‘incredibly’ positive!




healing from psoriasis: natural healing path

If I’m telling you about all this, it’s because I would like you to know from where I started and, thanks to my example, to make you understand that you can feel better and that you can solve psoriasis once for all. But you really need to feel it!

You should know that you will probably question a lot of your dogma and you will have to change many things in your life. But don’t worry, there won’t be an obliged route that you have to take in a non-natural way or through the latest fad diet.

Anything but that, and what I’m about to say will make you discover and rediscover the true essence of the power of self-healing that is already in you.

Well, you heard me. You will heal from psoriasis without having medicines, invasive/aggressive treatments on your skin and without going to the dermathologist for a visit. You will just have to find your good will and a lot of patience!


You’ll find yourself surprised when noticing that these tips, this e-book (that you can download at the end of this article) and obviously the path I will suggest you take, will help you to self-heal naturally from psoriasis and will make you self-heal from other pathologies as well.

In other words, this path will give you a 360° sense of wellness in all aspects of your life! Starting from your physical appearence and finishing with the mental one, going to the relational aspect to the working one.

How is that possible?

Well, simply because, since I am a disciple of Natural Hygiene

I believe in a holistic view for the human being and his health, this latter being intimately related to the three other parts, namely boy – mind – spirit which constitute a single entity. Click To Tweet


Once you accept all this and once you accept this premise, you can keep on reading what I have to tell you. Otherwise, thank you for the fact that you have dedicated some of your time to me and I wish you the best.




Psoriasis: chronic disease? It's your choice

Before starting to explain what psoriasis is and how it’s possible to naturally heal from it, I would like to answer the question you probably asked yourself more than once, namely:

“Is psoriasis a chronic disease?”

My answer is: it depends on you!


If you don’t change your diet, if you don’t abandon your insane vices and if you keep on persevere the behaviour that made you feel scared, suffering, guilty, shameful, a waste, then…

Yes, psoriasis is chronic and you probably have to live it with forever!

… Otherwise …

If you will understand that you need to change your modus vivendi, your automations, your eating habits, the way you think and the way you react to external events… by rediscovering the harmony that is in you and that you may have never really enjoyed, then…

No, to heal naturally from psoriasis is definitive and pretty plausible: it’s possible 100%!”


I did it, so you can surely do it as well!

It’s up to you.




what is psoriasis biologically

Generally, psoriasis is defined as ‘‘skin inflammation, chronic and relapsed, characterised by reddish stains covered by white scales’’.

The epithelial cells that cover both internally and externally our body, and the skin cells as well, have a 30 days life cycle. That means these cells develop themselves, grow up and die after a month, giving away to new cells.

The anomaly in someone who suffers from psoriasis is the fact that these cells develop and die once every 3 days, not every 30 days. That means there is an excessive cell renewal.


Just like other diseases, psoriasis is the manifestation of the fact that there’s something wrong with your life. Click To Tweet


It’s a vent of toxic substances which have been accumulated through a wrong diet (but not only), that your body tries to eliminate through the following excretory organs: liver, kidneys, lung, lymphatic system, gastrointestinal tract (digestive tract) and obviously skin.

It may be the skin manifestation of repeated ‘‘emotional implosions’’. It happens when you hold something that you should get out inside, for example, such as the wish of reacting to injustice that makes you block the outburst.

Psoriasis arises in those who had surgery or an excess of medicines (especially those which contain lithium and beta blockers). It can come from an uncontrolled nervous tension or from levels of stress that exceed the limits of your tolerance.




psoriasis and sensitive people

Metamedecine claims that psoriasis mainly affects very sensitive people, since these latters can more easily feel fearful, scared or shameful when it comes to events that other people see as ‘‘normal’’.

This does not obviously mean that all sensitive people are going to suffer from psoriasis, nor that psoriasis affects sensitive people only!

What I’d like to underline is the chance for this skin diseases of affecting someone delicate and sensitive instead of someone who let things slide away.

Psoriasis is especially related to:

  • Guilty feelings
  • Sense of powerlessness
  • Sense of rejection
  • Sense of shame


Here some examples.

  1. If you experienced a separation and you feel responsible for that, there will probably be a mix of feelings inside you that will fluctuate between the feeling of guilt because of the separation and the sense of powerlessness because you feel there is no chance to fix things.
  2. If there’s something in you that you don’t approve (maybe you don’t like one or more details in your physical aspect, or you feel obliged to accept something you don’t wish for), there will probably be a sense of rejection towards that something inside you. Sometimes it makes you feel so disgusted that you would like to eliminate it at all costs. That’s when a sense of rejection comes, namely that sense of powerlessness and that outburst on your skin at the same time. Your body is telling you… Don’t you want it in your life? Are you not willing to change and remove this thing? Then, I’ll get it out my way: outburst on your skin!
  3. If you give too much importance to what other people think or say, if you’re constantly looking for an approval or you wish for other people to give you positive comments, or if your knees tremble in front of other people’s expectations, then you’ll often live feeling scared, shameful or rejected. You will always feel like failure is right on the corner and you can’t help it (powerlessness).


Your psiche, one way or another, plays a fundamental role in your health.

Consequently, to make yourself feel good, you have to avoid worrying, living on an anxious state, having very high expectations, thinking that a mistake is not allowed or that other people have to accept and agree on everything you say or do.

To heal naturally from psoriasis, I’m sorry to say it, means taking care of yourself, respecting and loving who you are and what you represent.

So, don’t feel obliged to do something just because months or years ago you made that choice. Don’t reject that part of you, that detail in your physical aspect or in your character just because other people don’t appreciate it.


Find the courage to accept the way you are and leave those feelings of displaisure, rejection and shame. Click To Tweet


If you really can’t accept who you are, well, you can’t go down any further… in other words, from now on, you can only improve.




Wheter it comes to food, to emotions or to your mind, suffering from psoriasis means having a clear imbalance and then an immediate need of reconsidering your habits since, summarizing what I’ve told you so far:

Psoriasis is the result of the chronicity of a series of immune reactions which arise from habits that produce toxicity inside your organism. Click To Tweet

to heal psoriasis by eliminating toxic habits

What I suggest you do is, first of all, to analyse these habits that cause you ills, discomfort, physical pain, a slow down in digestion, gastroesophageal reflue and so on.

If you really wish to heal naturally from psoriasis, you should also analyse those relational disharmonies which negatively affect your psychological, physical and emotional well-being. I suggest you take a look, in this regard, at this article:


Once you understand which these bad habits are, you will only have to keep them away from you.


Then, by clicking on the link below, you can download the guide that will explain to you how to heal naturally from psoriasis step by step. At the moment, it’s a work in progress. As soon as it will be ready, you will access them.



Work in progress

heal from psoriasis link



For now, to take the first steps towards the path of recovery from psoriasis, I invite you to read the following articles chronologically and to put the tips and the awareness you’re going to draw from them in practice:

  1. To know which kind of food is suitable to the human being and how to eat it
  2. Practice physical activity everyday, gradually, consciounsly and in healthy environments
  3. To recognize the importance of water and where to find a better-quality water
  4. Relearn how to breath by preferring healthy and natural environments where you can find fresh and oxygen-rich air
  5. Analyse those thoughts which stay inside our mind by choosing the ones that are actually useful and that make us feel peaceful. At the same time, let go of those ones that, instead, make you feel stressed, angry, stuck and so on
  6. To cultivate healthy, genuine and, why not, funny relationships


I know these guidelines may look limiting and difficult for you to conceive. But know that the same thing was also true for me at first.

I also, years ago, thought I could never solve my psoriasis. I thought it would have been impossible for me to become a vegeratian, a vegan or to be on a raw food diet. I loved the taste of meat, fish and I was crazy about cheese and buffalo mozzarella from Campania.

However, I realized that kind of diet negatively influenced my health status. So, I decided to learn and to know more about this and other topics which are related to health.

The more I learned (I read many books about health and I attended a class of Natural Hygiene at the Health Science University of Imola), the more I understood that to heal naturally from psoriasis and from other pathologies, was possible and accessibile to everyone.

I was certainly fascinated by the idea of living in good health and in harmony with myself and the rest of the world, without having medicins. Especially those I was addicted to since when I was a kid.

I realized, after reading and learning, I had the key to my health and my wellness. So, I gradually started to eat properly and to avoid everything that could intoxicate my body. I started to look at my life differently, going from a black and white status to a colorful one.

I fasted several times and it helped me to speed up the stages of detoxification I experienced. And today I’m here, free from old and new pathologies, free from fake constraints which make you go to the pharmacy for every little kind of pain in order to keep the pharmaceutical companies’ numbers up.

And if I recovered from psoriasis and from other pathologies as I told you before, I’m sure you can do it as well!



Remember you’re a wonderful soul, an unique one in the world. You’re the only one who can give the world what you have to give.

The love and the affection that are inside you represent some incredible gifts to place at the service of other people.

So, love people and appreciate all the things that surround you and that are inside you.

In doing so, your look will change and in loving yourself you’ll be able to make someone else fall in love with you!




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