The stomach is not a waste bin

The Stomach is NOT a waste bin

The stomach is not a waste bin

The Stomach is NOT a waste bin

In this article I will tell you why the stomach is NOT a waste bin.

Do you know that the stomach is increasingly recognized as one of the most important and vital organs?

It is not like how people think it is, i.e. an organ that works for digestion. It even represents the organ that elaborates our emotions, either negative or positive.

I would say that the stomach plays an important role in the comprehension of our emotions, because it has a leading role.

The stomach is not a waste bin


These capacities make this organ a unique one and we have to give importance to it.

By reading this article, you will receive information about how the stomach really works and you will discover even things that you weren’t even aware of. At the end, after reading this article, you will understand the very important role that the stomach has and you will even understand it from an emotional point of view.

This will make you to reflect and analyse the situation and will make you to treat this organ in a correct way by given it the right attention.




  1. Food industry, “white killers” and dead animal carcasses
  2. Nutritious food and non food that fulls the stomach
  3. Even cooked food is not to be preferred
  4. More respect for yourself and your body
  5. Benefits of eating raw food
  6. Psychosomatic
  7. Constant formation of hydrochloric acid and manifestation of ulcers
  8. How to find a balance and heal
  9. Learn how to decode the problem is at the heart of solution




Let’s start from the first essay. You probably think the title of this article can be excessive, I understand. But, that is how most of the people treat their stomach (unknowingly)… i.e. like a waste bin.

We put in it everything that we see with our eyes, from sweets to junk food, from alcoholic drinks to snacks and fries… and all different type of sugary foods that have the most popular poisons. I mean the so called “white killers” that are:

  1. white sugar
  2. white flour
  3. salt and
  4. milk


The wrong combination or mixture of food are part of food that ruins our system.

But what is worst, is that we eat dead animals carcasses or some part of them, that are labeled as ”food”. Like salame, cotechino or ham… which are nothing but mixture of fat and mashed meat of a living and sentient creature.

We use our stomach to put in all what the industrial food market offers us, without even worrying about the fact that the food has to be digested or processed and that it can be a danger to our health.

The stomach is not a waste bin




Not everything that we consider as “food” really nurtures us. This means not all what we used to eat can satisfy our body requirement in order to guarantee our body a good sustainment.

During different studies, it was revealed that for example, meat, has negative effect on our body, and the so called “noble proteins” (that they don’t have anything that is noble), they don’t give the body a nutritious support, but they steal energies, by risking our health.

Human beings, are not carnivorous or omnivorous, but are living things, that are right for a vegetal feeding (fruits, vegetables, cereals, legumes, tubers and seeds).






Another observation that I would like to do is: even food that is cooked a day before, the ones that are cooked more than a time, or frozen food product are not the best ideal food for our body.

But still, so many people prefer to swallow these kind of foods, in order to not throw anything away in the bin or to avoid to waste food.

But be careful, because the quality of food that you put in your system determines the quality of our health.

The more a food is cooked, and the more it looses its nutritional aspect, and it is not good for our body and it can’t be considered as an ideal food.


So, if you are asking yourself:


But the uncoloured vegetables that I prepared the day before yesterday, that I conserved, should I have thrown them away?


Yes, you should’ve thrown them away and prepare another one. As I used to say in this occasions:


It’s better in the waste bin, than in our stomach.




eat better feel better

Let me explain, I am not a kind of person that like to waste food, if that is what you are thinking.

By “The Stomach is NOT a waste bin” I mean that your stomach (and also every other organs that are part of your system) should be treated with respect and awareness. This topic must be faced without becoming exasperating and fundamentalist.

In other words, if you feel tired and you don’t want to cook … but you have a little bit of rice left or a pumpkin soup cooked the night before, don’t worry, eat the leftovers.

But know that you are not giving your body a right nutrition in that moment and this can give you digestion problems.






benefits of raw food

The best food that gives our body general good health (not only physical but also mental benefit), are raw fruits and vegetables. Do you know why? I will try to summarise the main reasons:


  • All what is raw, is ALIVE! Raw food contains vital factors. (We have to know that by the time of cell renewal, it’s ideal to give our body new and alive cells, that come from food that were produced freshly, without any chemical agent).
  • The raw food preserves all main nutrients: trace elements, minerals, vitamins and especially enzymes (very important for digestion). Enzymes dies from 42 degree upward.
  • Raw food conserves and transfers solar energy to our body during digestion and assimilation, the mother energy that gives life to every living thing on earth.
  • It helps our body to maintain a good and healthy pH, that is a little bit alkaline (6.35 – 6.55), it contrast blood acidification, that represents the birth of different kind of diseases.


An advise! Be cautious of what you eat, and when you find the right food and you consider it as such, because you found out the reason, then enjoy it and taste it slowly !




The stomach is not a waste bin: the role of psychosomatics

From a mental and emotional point of view, the stomach is linked to all those situations that we refuse to accept, those situations that causes anger, or that we find unfair, or those situations that give us a delusional, guilty and impotence feeling.

Nervousness and psychological traumas, generates digestion disturbances in the stomach area. The reason is because of the difficulty that we have while digesting the event or situation that gave us trauma.

Think about it a moment…

Have you ever loosed your appetite for a fight, or because you had a disappointment at work, in a relationships or in the study? When you had a delusional issue, have you ever lost your appetite?

Well, when you have sad issues or negative issues, the stomach tells you this:


“I can’t digest this kind of situation”


At that time you are experiencing a knots in your stomach, that comes out from an affective and emotional trauma and every other ones that will come after, till when you learn how to face the situation wisely.

If you find difficult to say your own, or if you think you don’t have a choice or someone offends you and you can’t really digest it, then you have to change your attitude and react in a best way.

Even because, if you can’t digest all this walls that you’re creating, then the “undigested food” will still remain there.






I don’t need to tell you that this is not a positive thing. Because the stomach must produce hydrochloric acid to digest something, like an emotional blockage.

This acid has various functions: first of all, it break the food coming from the esophagus and digests the protein during the activation of the pepsinogenic in pepsin.

This acid shouldn’t form if there is no food in the stomach. If it forms, it can become a danger in a longer period.

When we eat hot food or cold food, without chewing it, a constant inflammation is generated which (over time) form ulcers on the mucous membrane of the stomach.




find a balance

Sometimes ulcers can occour with pain, vomits, bleeding from the mouth or from the intestines. Other times, ulcers exist without giving problems and it might heal by itself, when the person makes changes in his life, such as:

  1. adopt good and healthy food habits,
  2. choose a better way to face challenges that life gives him.


You can be easily irritated, sensitive, and nervous, you can be a person who always want confirmations in life, or you can be a person who worries too much and that takes life to hard. For each of these cases, there is always a solution.

First of all, you have to listen to yourself and ask yourself some questions in order to get to the root of the problem. So ask yourself if:

  • There is something that you can’t digest
  • Some situation caused you suffering, anger and malice
  • There is something that makes you feel pushed to the wall, caged or even suffocated
  • You are feeling depressed, nostalgic or you have feelings of aggression




We have to listen to the voice inside ourselves, by helping it to come out. After that, you just have to accept the situation as it is, because we cannot do anything to change it even if we want to.

Other times instead, changes can be necessary. Therefore that means we have to talk to people that cause us sad feelings or change apartment and e.t.c.

If you think that the problem isn’t in others, but inside yourself, then you have to change something in you. This can be very easy for you or can make you struggle a lot…

But if you succeed in it, you will see your stomach healing and you will start eating in peace and with lightheartedness.



If you want to know more on raw food, read:

A vegan and basically raw diet can and must be embraced!


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