The secret ingredient of each recipe

The secret ingredient of each recipe

The secret ingredient of each recipe

The secret ingredient of each recipe

The secret ingredient of each recipe

I can say without hesitation that there is no appetizer, no first or second course, no dessert, no culinary preparation in short … that has a good taste without this special ingredient:

Love !

The secret ingredient of every recipe is exactly this … love! Don’t you agree too?

Do you know when you would like to dedicate yourself to preparing a lunch or dinner, for yourself, for your family or guests, but you’re too tired and you know you wouldn’t pay enough attention to what you cook?

Well, in that case, the best thing to do would be to let it go, exactly like that … or as we say in Naples: “Leve mane!” (pronounced “liev man”).

This way you avoid combining a more than probable “mess” and intoxicating yourself metaphorically by eating what you’ve prepared.


Very well, probably what you are thinking now is:

Ok Jonah, but then what do I eat?

Well, my advice is to go straight to the fruit and if it doesn’t satisfy you enough, I would suggest you a nice “carpaccio” of your favorite seasonal vegetable.



The secret ingredient of each recipe: benefits of raw food

When I am also not in the best moment for cooking, my favorite choice is represented by:

  • a good fresh fruit and vegetable juice
  • and a giant dish of salad (sometimes accompanied by a piece of wholemeal spelled or kamut homemade bread), consisting mainly of wild rocket, canasta, carrots, celery and apple. All the ingredients, or almost, coming directly from my garden.


About the juices, if you want my opinion based on direct experience, I suggest you to buy this Hurom Slow Juicer, or this Kuvings Slow Juicer.


I had both of them and I must say that in both cases I was extremely satisfied. The reasons are as follows:

  • They are solid enough to guarantee good performance during the fruit and vegetables pressing even after a long time
  • Quality juice that is not even remotely comparable to that of Slow Juicers with a lower price range
  • Easy insertion of various pieces of fruit and vegetables, even roughly cut
  • Light noise and not at all annoying

The reason I got them both is that, for work reasons, I had to move to another city and left the first juicer to my family. Obviously I was so used to the use I made of it, that I immediately had to buy another one!



And you know, contrary to what you might suppose, it’s very good to avoid eating cooked food once in a while and then preparing one or more fruit-only meals.

You would purify yourself, you would make your body eliminate excess waste, allowing you to regain a better state of health. As many experts say, one should fast at least once a month, but for those who have difficulty applying this method, they can always use a fruit-only semi-fast. In this regard I suggest you also read the following articles:


The secret ingredient of each recipe: mixed vegetable dish

The secret ingredient of each recipe can also be used for the preparation of a simple mixed dish of semi-raw vegetables, that is cooked in a conservative way (very low flame and for a short time), like the one shown in the photo above, consisting of:

  1. lightly stewed broccoli
  2. turmeric cabbage
  3. mushrooms
  4. marinated red cabbage
  5. salad mix directly from the garden

… all seasoned with lemon, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil. Naturally since I am still very fond of bread, I chose to accompany this dish with three slices of wholemeal spelled and kamut homemade bread.




“You should always eat with desire listening to your inner needs and not just from habit”


The secret ingredient of each recipe: listen to your body

… I heard say long time ago. Since then, whenever lunch or dinner time approached, I have always tried to listen to my feelings and my desires.

For this reason, very often, I avoided eating, preferring fasting or semi-fasting to give my body time to regain its balance and consequently the ability to recognize what it needs at that precise moment.

I have therefore re-educated my conscience towards what is ethical, healthy for the body and respectful of the environment. I learned to communicate with my body and to understand its signals (including those of real hunger, inner cleanliness – often confused with the feeling of being hungry – and resting).



If, on the other hand, you are in the mood to put yourself in the kitchen and your head gives you the idea of giving your best to create a series of dishes that are as unique and delicious as they are extraordinarily delicious … then I can only tell you: yes it is the right occasion to propose art through your dishes.

Exactly, just like that, because when you use your heart and give your best, inevitably what comes out of it is art. Be it a painting, a public work and, why not, even a dish.

So experiment, put passion into it and dedicate all of yourself to what you feel you want to do. The secret ingredient of each recipe will be there to help you make your dishes special. However, maybe you are a beginner and you will recognize that in the absence of experience, you will not be able to do everything right away. Well, know that with time everything is possible!

For now, I can only wish you …

Good luck and enjoy your meal !!! 🙂


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