The power of thought

The power of thought in self-healing

The power of thought

The power of thought in self-healing

In this article we delve into the power of thought, in relation to the concept of natural healing of the body and mind.

In the article titled self-healing, I have tried to convey to you some important cornerstones of Natural Hygiene (such as “The body never goes against itself“), the knowledge of which is of great use for setting up a healthy lifestyle that leads to true self-healing.

Thought is the fourth point which plays a key role in the self-healing journey.

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The power of thought. Not everyone knows how to control thought


It is largely the architect of the so-called psychological well-being. Whether, in fact, positive thoughts or negative thoughts, it generates nerve impulses that create activities or brain functions that affect positively or negatively on your nervous system and consequently on your entire body.

The problem is that not everyone knows how to put a stop to the flow of thoughts that inevitably leads to psychological stress and agitation.


Most people live so immersed in the chaos of daily life that you sometimes do not even realize what they do or what they say.


This is because a majority of their existence is based on patterns of life and inherited unconsciously accepted.

Models that almost never correspond to the character of the person “wearing them” and are unlikely to be in tune with what our instincts and our conscience believe it is right for us.

For these people it is extremely difficult to get rid of their automation either in the ways of thinking or  acting.

Sometimes, also, they meet people, who not only are not aware of their automation, but also defend them to cudgels . These people loudly argue, for example, phrases like:

  • It’s right to live like this…because that’s the way it’s done in this society and you have to adapt to it.
  • or that “we must keep our feet on the ground and realize that dreams are just dreams and nothing more.


Well, I must say that i personally encounter great difficulty in dealing with this kind of people.

Einstein said:

It 's easier to break an atom than a prejudice. Click To Tweet

And I think he had a good reason to believe it and then process this phrase that later became internationally known.



Thought creates your reality

In order to regain optimal health, then, in addition to a change of eating habits, you must also act on the thinking.

It may seem strange or even to the limits of absurdity, but if you really want to live a happy life worth living, you have to start from here … by the thoughts!

Science has now proven it and reported in multiple studies:

Thinking, along with an emotional participation,

creates your own reality.

You don’t believe it? Well, i am glad. Because you do not have to take my word (their will be trouble if it were so!), On the contrary you have to question everything I say and test it (if and when it pleases you) on you, and then reap and deduce the lessons.

My intention, mind you, is not to make you believe my words regardless of experience. My intention is, and will always be, to help you find a condition of life as to benefit from the beauty that life itself offers you. And if it means clashing with your beliefs, or to question the certainties accepted by tens or hundreds of years, so be it.

But let’s come to us …



minds stuck in the habit circuit

The n.1 STEP is to understand what are your limits, which is to identify those walls that do not allow you to use your thoughts in the healthiest way, simple, natural and convenient for you.

Some of the most common walls arise from a state of a troubled soul. I believe that the cause is from wrong habits. These include the frenzy of doing, restlessness, be continually apprehensive, always worrying for everything and everyone.

If you fall into the category of people who have these habits, well then take a moment, pause what you’re doing (anything can be interrupted, no excuses) and listen to these words very well.


Whatever happened, from this moment forward, you can make things better …

Such as? First, slowing down your thoughts!




The power of thought. Write in a notebook

Then, take a pen and a diary and begin to write down on a page all your thoughts, especially those that upset you the most and which are always present in your mind. Take half an hour, an hour or more of your time and write down on a paper all that is going through your head.


But mind you, write in total honesty.  No one’s going to read this notebook, so you don’t have to worry about anything. No one will judge you.


If it’s your first time doing this job, don’t worry too much if your hand is firm or can’t write fluidly. It’s normal, everyone takes some time before they can write back on a paper of what goes through their head.

Do not give weight to form, lexicon or language. Just write! You’ll see that slowly things come out. When this happens, all you have to do is try to write as much as you can, squeezing you to the end. You’re going to need this to completely free yourself.


When you write…

Control your agitation

and slow down the pace.


Take it easy

and focus on your breathing.



return to write

breathing calmly.



Well, once you’ve done this job, analyze your work and emphasize with a red pen all the negative phrases, which generates you or that comes  from negative feelings. With a blue pen, on the other hand, emphasize all the positive phrases that come from positive feelings.

Great! This work will serve you to have an awareness, in other words to realize the kind of thinking that you carry on a daily basis.


At this point, turn the diary to the other side and by using the blue pen, then write only the things for which you feel grateful.


That’s right, on one side of the diary you’ll write down all what is going through your head in form of relief; on the other side of your diary, you’ll only write about pleasant experiences, accomplishments, and in general everything you’ve achieved or owned and grateful for.



If you don’t know where to start, you can start by talking about the simplest and most basic things. For example, that you are grateful to have a roof under your head, to have a comfortable bed and fluffy sheets. Or that you’re grateful because you ate today, and you  liked what you ate. Or you can write that you’re grateful because you have a family, good friends, or you have clothes to wear.

Very often we take for granted that we have many things. We don’t realize how lucky we are in having everything we have. We are often surprised at how many things we have. This testifies that we are disconnected with reality. Writing on a piece of paper helps our brains to remember better. It will also help our soul to recognize our luck and be grateful for it.



Do this work every night before going to sleep, or when you think you have 10 minutes of relax after work and after all your daily tasks. But do it and do it consistently.


 As you go forward, read it again and relive within yourself the part written on the side of gratitude.


This will help you to change your mind-set

from a: “there’s nothing in my life that goes in a right path!

to a: “I feel so lucky to have had everything I have, to have lived all these experiences (beautiful and ugly that they are) and to have had and have around me so many people who have loved me and love me for who I am!“.




The power of thought. More nature

As a very important 2. Step, I highly recommend that you look from now on for greater contact with nature. Thought will benefit from it beyond any way, I can assure you.

Look for the strolling, then, whether it’s early morning, afternoon or late evening. Alone or in company if you prefer. My advice is to alternate walks alone with walks in good company. They both serve and both will give you something different. By “good company” I mean those people (or animals) that make you feel good, that make you smile and that do not disrespect you.

Avoid so-called “energy-drainer vampires”

in the most absolute way!

That is, all those people who drain your energy and who at the end of the day, in terms of personal growth, have not given you anything.


~                   ~                   ~                   ~


Through numerous scientific studies, it has been established that contact with green areas produces the following improving effects on human health:


  1. Reduces sadness, anxiety and aggression;
  2. The body recovers from excessive stimulation to which it is subjected in urban areas;
  3. Everyone, but children in particular, improve their ability to pay attention, to be less rational and more creative;
  4. Decreases the activity of the prefrontal cortex responsible for planning, instead of encouraging stimulation of brain areas related to the regulation of emotions;
  5. Makes you stronger, energetic, more vital and more resistant to disease;
  6. Protects against respiratory, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular diseases;
  7. It tends to normalize heart rate and pressure;


It has been noted in particular how patients admitted in hospitals recover easily if they have green areas where they can walk, spend time outdoors and have sun exposure.





So if you can combine the two, that is to write your diary of relief and gratitude immersed in nature, maybe by sitting on a lawn under a tree, it would really be the perfect combo!


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