The media disinformation on the concept of health. Capsules and tablets

The media disinformation on the concept of health

The media disinformation on the concept of health. Capsules and tablets

The media disinformation on the concept of health

Have you ever wondered what relationship there is between what is continually advertised as “treatment” through MASS MEDIA and OUR HEALTH?


According to you, the advertisements that talk about medicines, supplements and all sorts of curative jumble produced in the laboratory, really have the real interest and the ultimate goal of helping others or those who “unfortunately” suffer from a certain disease?

Or the real purpose of all these advertisements concerning pills, capsules and tablets (pillars of the pharmaceutical industry business) including the creation of the same, is inducing a total dependence on the drugs themselves?


The media disinformation on the concept of health. Capsules and tablets


Probably you don’t know it, but …


“treat” a disease, through today’s medicine,


on the contrary, it means to intervene exclusively on the symptom without ever resolving the true cause!


What does this mean?

Suppose a girl wants to communicate her inner discomfort to her mother. Something inside, which she can not understand and which causes suffering. The only solution she knows is talking to her mother and telling her what she feels.

However, the mother, who is not always willing to listen to her because she is taken by “more important things”, every time the girl complains trying to express the reasons for her discomfort, to silence her, she screams at her saying that she should not complain or, worse, the mother ignore her.

The media disinformation on the concept of health. What happens when we do not listen to our children or ourselves

The girl will obviously feel misunderstood because the mother, who, together with her father, represents her main reference point for her inner evolutionary growth, is not willing to listen to her. For this reason, the girl will be forced to “swallow” again that feeling of unease postponing the attempt to communicate with her mother for the umpteenth time.

In the long run that inner discomfort, in the child, will turn into something more concrete and precise: like the fear or fear of living certain situations, or even the non-acceptance of reality or even worse the non-acceptance of herself. And as meta-medicine and hygienism explain, every unresolved inner situation can turn into more or less acute illness in the body.

The media disinformation on the concept of health. True meaning of the disease


It’s like that! The disease is talking to us, it wants to tell us something.

It wants to communicate to us our inner discomfort, or even that something in our life does not go as it should.

It represents the scream of the inner voice never heard, which has now decided with arrogance to come forward and get free.



To better understand what I’m talking about, I suggest you read this book:

The media disinformation on the concept of health. Meta Health book

META-Health Consciously Healing Body and Soul



Although this concept is very clear to many, it is equally true that to many others this awareness escapes or is totally missing. The truth is that it is not only hidden but also denied to them. What is worse, is that this truth is replaced by misleading advertisements.

For many years now we are witnessing a continuous perpetuation of the disclosure of information based solely on the interest of those who wish to get rich beyond measure: food industries, pharmaceutical companies, the order of doctors, to list just a few.

Those who pay the consequences instead are the same users of the products just mentioned. People confused and with little knowledge on the subject that, induced by fear, fall into the vortex of dependence on these drugs.

HEALTH, the real one, IS NOT something that can be achieved with a series of perfectly combined drugs before or after meals, as many might believe. Health is a state of well-being that concerns body, mind and spirit and that only those who can accept this assumption as such, through a radical change in their lifestyle, can really achieve.



Through an adequate knowledge acquired through studies, hygiene consulting, insights and experiences, we will finally be able to reinterpret diseases in the medical sense, framing them in a new perspective. This will allow us to act in the real interest of ourselves, with the result of making the disease regress until it disappears completely.


The media disinformation on the concept of health. Pathologies transformation


To achieve this goal I suggest you to read, in addition to the above-mentioned book by Meta Health, the following books:


Naturally, in order to acquire new important information and knowledge, it is important to get rid of the false beliefs acquired over the years through media bombardment and word of mouth. So my advice is to keep the TV off as much as possible and take advantage of it only for really important things.

But to learn how to take care of yourself and create an adequate knowledge of the functioning of your body, commits yourself to study from sources that are not only accredited but that have no double purposes and that aim only to spread the meaning of Health and Wellness as well as the fathers of medicine Hippocrates, Galen, Pythagoras, meant it.

At the end of this path, you will have acquired part of the awareness and the useful and necessary skills to make you independent of any pseudo-curative medicine. You will be able to interpret information, or better misinformation, misleading with a disconcerting clarity. You can declare yourself free from false ideas and from dependency on supplements, antihistamines, pressure pills, etc. Since you will be HEALED by your pathology: you will be back to breathe freely, you will have resolved the psoriasis once and for all without the aid of cortisone, you will have restored an optimal state of your metabolism, improving the various functions attached to it, and so on.


What I always say during my consultations and group meetings …

“If you do not try you’ll never know, but if you try you’ll never come back!”

The media disinformation on the concept of health. Free yourself from false knowledge and take control of your life


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