The mask symbol of submission and ignorance

The mask as a symbol of submission and ignorance

The mask symbol of submission and ignorance

The mask as a symbol of submission and ignorance

The mask symbol of submission and ignorance

The mask symbol of submission and ignorance

The fact that masks are bad and do not protect us from COVID-19 at all is well known. The same with the effect they have on any other virus into circulation. Only the ones who allow themselves to get spun or influenced (or terrorized) by the mainstream media are not and will never be aware of it.

Now more than ever, you need to open your eyes. You need to look at the reality – without any kind of planned manipulation or filters – that is being hidden through a psycho-pandemic show.

There are no vaccins, masks, quarantines or forms of restriction of freedom (declared by a decree-law) that can be imposed if not for a strategy based on the will of striking fear and terror on people.

I am talking about media terrorism.

It consists in constantly ‘bombing’ people’s eyes and ears with misleading news and pictures, so that they would feel blind and deaf in front of other opinions that regards the matter. The task of these news and these pictures is to make us feel disturbed and confused everyday.

What news and pictures are you talking about?

I’m talking about the news regarding those who are considered to be infected people. I’m talking about the number of dead people which is in constant growth. Still I’m talking about the pictures regarding the members of the medical staff disguised – some more, some less – as ‘divers’ and not as nurses. And I’m talking about the altered statistical data (which have been tailored to the need of the élite) used to satisfy some specific private interests.

All these things are involved in a specific strategy used to involve people and make them accept some kind of governmental diktat that they would have not accepted otherwise.

An example is given by the fact of persuading them to vaccinate themselves.

In this regard, in this period, they are not sponsoring a vaccine but a gene therapy.

What’s inside a vaccine?

A vaccine contains all sorts of polluting elements. From fragments of steel, titanium, lead and aluminium (which is forbidden by law, even for what regards the production of deodorants) to pieces of iron, tungsten and other alloys. Not to mention all those cells coming from aborted human fetuses, which represent a fact that should be morally and ethically intolerable for everyone.

We should ask ouselves, then, if all of this is right to accept and how much it is moving us away from nature, from God and from a harmonious relationship with them.


At this point, we should also ask ouselves…

  • How do we feel about all this?
  • Would we be ready to face any issue if we stayed updated on the pandemic or some other war?
  • Would we be more responsible if we heard about the local news, the weather forecast or the political dynamics everyday?
  • Otherwise, don’t you think that we would feel so troubled, anxious and anguished that our life quality would get worse?

Unless you don’t want to live in a state of bewilderment, you should answer by saying NO.

NO to this kind of information.

It doesn’t matter if that information comes from a newspaper, from a television broadcasting or from a social network. Whatever the source is, distance yourself from it and go back to the simplicity of your life.



The mask as a symbol of ignorance

If you don’t know what all this is about – just like the ones who are living in this time – you may still believe that a mask surely protects you from COVID-19.

Without even learning about viruses and the way they act on human beings, many people believed in what television has been saying for months and months, so they ended up welcoming the model of the unique thought.

This – and please don’t take it personal – is ignorance. Thanks to some sources, we know that this is a condition experienced by those who ignore the knowledge of specific things.

Well… I don’t need to tell you that ignorance does not lead to anything good, especially when it is assisted by selfishness, arrogance and a whocaresaboutit modus vivendi.

Basically, someone told you there’s a virus which is taking people’s lives all around the world. Then, the same person suggested (and later obliged) you wear a mask to protect yourself.

Just so you know, I will say it again, a mask does not protect you from a virus (Covid-19 included). On the contrary, it makes you prematurely sick.


Who wears masks prepares the body to contract diseases like cancer, for example. (Dr. Stefano Montanari) Click To Tweet


Let’s try to learn what we are talking about.

When we are wearing masks, an air chamber occurs between your face and the mask itself. When you are inhaling, you are eliminating a gas full of carbon dioxide (namely the rejection of cells).

Whatever you say, you should know that this gas is going to stay inside the mask, namely between our face and the mask itself.

There are carbon dioxide detectors, namely the CO2 testers (that you can easily buy by clicking here) which allow you to measure the level of the gas and to compare it to the values which are considered to be as insurmontable, as the state health organizations say. I’ll show you an example:

CO2 tester


After wearing a mask for a few minutes, you can use this tester to realize the insanity you are committing wearing this “gag” or – as I like to call it – this muzzle.

If you’ll use the tester to know about your values of carbon dioxide, you will understand that those values are 5 or 6 times higher than the normal limit.

And so?

We’ll get there.

The carbon dioxide between your mouth and the mask, will be inhaled again and stored in our lungs. It will reach our cells which will get the same carbon dioxide they had just expelled.

By keeping on breathing with a mask that covers our mouth, you’ll go in hypercapnia. This means you’ll be facing an excess of carbon dioxide.

Hypercapnia will lead you to a condition of acidosis, namely the prelude to many diseases such as cancer.



The mask symbol of submission to the system

This brings us to the second question, namely the opinion (which is very popular among the ones I’d address as conspirators and negationists rather than thinking people) according to which a mask is a symbol of submission to the system.

There is no need to be visionaries or prophets to understand that. All mankind is experiencing a period made of imposition, restriction and deprivation that the global population has never experienced before.

These kinds of limitations imposed on our freedom comes from the one we can address as health dictatorship.

Let’s ask ourselves…

  1. Would we have faced a confinement within our domestic walls if no one had inflicted the umpteenth narration about a killer virus on us?
  2. Would we have faced more than one lockdown if they hadn’t told us that shutting down our business or limitating our working hours meant doing it for our sake (as they claimed)?
  3. And would we have given it to the rules about social distancing if they hadn’t told us that this way we would have protected ourselves, our loved ones and our loved ones from ourselves?


Let’s think about how many times the authorities told us…

You should stay home, since you could be part of the ‘asymptomatic’ subjects… so you could be unaware of being the one who carries the virus


Let’s not forget about the theories they told us about to enslave us, to fear a system, a government (which I’ve never voted for, I’d say) and decree-laws.

If there was no fear, would you agree to all those limitations?

I think you wouldn’t!

On the contrary, I’d say, if some years ago someone would have told us that we were going to lose our freedom – just like the chance to freely express our thoughts, through a blog or a video channel without the risk for it to be banned – we would have not believed in that person.

And yet, that’s just what is happening during these years, these months, these days.



The system, namely the Matrix we’ve always been part of, is gradually laying its cards on the table.

Many of us are still completely unaware (all those who booked an appointment to get the vaccine, for example), but some others are waking up.

We should also mention the tickets and the psychological violence that our country – which is becoming a police state – is implementing for those who innocently go for a walk, try to take a breath without a mask or try to breathe some fresh air at the sea or at the mountain.

That’s beside the point, even if we can face it by becoming aware of our rights.

Thankfully, there are people who – thanks to their legislative skills – help us to learn more about the questions that the NWO (New World Order) is trying to impose on every state and on every country. I’m talking about masks, vaccines, the health card, the unique thought, the 5G (see the article 5G: A CRIME against the humanity and the environment), the microchip and about every other machine produced to inflict pain on every single and unaware human being in this world.

However, we’ll talk about these things through other articles.

Now, I’d like to let you think about all this and provoke you by saying that…

Whoever is aware of the fact that a mask is useless when it comes to health and wears it anyway is someway submitted to the system. I’m talking about me, about you and about whoever does not rebel against the system!


Translated by Ilenia Micalizio

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  1. I absolutely love your post and practical, healthy thinking and living. All very well said. And all the reason we must stop the insanity and say, “NO.” Please continue your good works and let’s stay focused on a world filled with light and love.

    1. Hi. Thank you for your valuable comment! Don’t worry, I have no intention of stopping, quite the contrary. I will continue my work with ever more determination. I am working to bring out more articles and some books that are important for personal growth. We remain united in the Light and in the Love. I wish you a wonderful life

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