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The art of self-healing

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This article is dedicated to the process of self-healing, a real taboo for the current time, especially for those countries belonging to the occidental continent.

But what does ‘self-healing’ mean exactly? Does it mean your body is able to restore its optimal state of health, starting from a disease? Can your body self-heal if it’s seriously ill?

As always, let’s go step by step and let’s try to understand what we’re talking about.

The art of self-healing


Personally, I’ve never believed in miracles when it’s about ‘‘extraordinary events given by a supernatural intervention’’.

In the past, I was skeptical about those situations I couldn’t explain.

I felt like a shrewd and smart man and I would have not believed in those people who dreamed with imagination or who did not have any concrete proof of what they have been saying.


Then, however, since 2013 something changed in me. A new way of looking at things changed my way of being in this world.


I started to experience, both firsthand and indirectly, phenomena of self-healing that I would have not believed possible.

Down to those days I used to believe that, if I got sick, only an external intervention of medicine could have helped me in healing. But I was wrong! Click To Tweet

By studying and thinking day and night about what I was experiencing during that period, I started to believe more and more that what we call ‘‘miracle’’, is actually nothing but the manifestation of something that we cannot comprehend.

During that period, I understood that I was healing not because of a miracle, but because of normal physiological processes of internal-cleaning based on reparative mechanisms which are cleverly handled by our organism and specifically by our immune system.



  1. Extraordinary recoveries
  2. Our body never moves against itself
  3. I stopped taking medicines and I attended my first recoveries
  4. Knowledge and awareness: a cocktail of authentic salvation
  5. Set yourself free from slavery given by allopathic medicine
  6. The sooner you’ll understand, the sooner you’ll enjoy the benefits of a new lifestyle
  7. Thoughts are not enough, you have to act!
  8. Self-healing and limiting beliefs
  9. Words of a great teacher

~  ~  ~




extraordinary recoveries


Instead of miracles, then, during that period of my life I attended extraordinary recoveries.

The logical and ethical choices I made regarding my diet, my emotions and my mind which I seriously carried on day by day, year by year, helped me in setting myself free from some health issues I was suffering from since years.


Which health issues?

Well, let’s see… seasonal allergies, influenza, headache, flu which I had every winter… just to list some of them.

Thanks to those choices, I set myself free from that annoying and perpetual cold that didn’t let me breath properly and quietly for decades.

And believe me, after my nose became clear, since I always had a stuffy one, I savoured life again.

I still remember when, while eating, I dived everytime I tried to chew or to swallow a mouthful… What a torture!


But the most amazing recoveries were the ones which set me free from ‘‘chronic’’ diseases that are so called by the conventional medicine.


At the time, I wondered…

How can I heal from a chronic disease if ‘‘chronic disease’’ means long term disease which I cannot recover from?

Then I recovered and the question was…

How can I heal from not a single one, but from two chronic diseases I was diagnosed to be suffering from?

I recovered and, as you can imagine, something was not right.

I understood that, thanks to those experiences, conventional medicine (allopathic, traditional and so on) was not telling me the right story.

The diseases I’m talking about were chronic prostatitis and psoriasis. Regarding the latter, I suggest you read the following article:




Out body never moves against itself


One of the greatest lessons I’ve received from Hygienism is:

Our body never moves against itself Click To Tweet


What is Hygienism?

Hygienism or Natural Hygiene is the mother in the current medicine, namely that medicine which uses natural and non-invasive remedies, respecting the body and the soul which embody that living being.


Natural Hygiene is a kind of science which, in its greatness, stays incredibly humble, since it looks at the body with all its wisdom and its internal self-healing system, namely the only way that can lead you to a real discovery of your full health.


A natural hygienist will never tell you ‘I’ll treat you’… a natural hygienist will tell you ‘I’m teaching you how to make your body able to self-heal'' Click To Tweet


If you’d like to get closer to this science, there’ll be many amazing things about it and you’ll notice them short term.

In this regard, if you’d like to learn more about these topics, I suggest you read the following articles:



What does exactly ‘our body never moves against itself’ mean?

It means our body does not destroy itself.


It means it does not decide to get sick (somehow) and let you die all of sudden.

And I’m not talking about generic diseases counted among the non-lethal and solvable ones. I’m talking about auto-immune, degenerative and ‘‘hereditary’’ diseases.

The body does not destroy itself, on the contrary it heals itself if put in the condition to do so

To contend the fact that ‘‘A body does not destroy itself’’ or that ‘‘Our body never moves against itself’’ means to contend the fact that our body is absolutely not a ‘‘machine’’ with limits and flaws you’ll have to stand until you pass over.

It means to conted the fact that you own a body with incredible skills, a body which can self-heal and reverse a degenerative disease path until its dissolution.

Pay attention, however, to the fact that your body can self-heal only if you will put it in the right conditions to do it. To do it, you have to know your body and to listen to it.

To have a body, just like the one we were given, is an incredible opportunity to know not just the world but to know who you are and what you can become.




I stopped taking drugs and recovered

So, once you understood that your body does not destroy itself or, in other words, that your body does not get sick by its very nature, you’ll have to understand why it gets sick at some point.

Here’s another point of view:

If you accept the principle of self-healing, you just have to understand the reasons why your body needs to get sick. Click To Tweet


What? Do you feel confused?

Don’t be afraid, it’s normal. I’m going to explain!


What I mean is that a sick body is actually trying to self-heal through that same sickness.


When I understood all this, I started to accept all the real diseases I suffered from during that period and all those I was going to suffer from.

I let them follow their path, without interfering or blocking the symptoms. In other words, I avoided every kind of therapy, painkillers, lotions and syringes. Everything, I avoided everything.


(Attention! This does not mean you have to do the same. I knew what I was doing, I studied and tried to understand my symptoms in a detailed way. So, you can’t act without any criteria or without full knowledge of what you’re doing. In these cases, you should contact an expert of the field)


In short, would you like to know what I obtained in the end?

The recovery from all of those diseases!

I saw them disappearing and not coming back one after another.


Now you should wonder… how comes that I recovered from bronchial asthma, psoriasis, chronic prostatitis and from other diseases after not taking medicines, aerosol, corticosteroid creams, antibiotics and anti-inflammatories? Click To Tweet


It’s weird to stop taking medicine and to recover after that, isn’t it? What happened? Small miracles? No, not at all!

The answer is in 6 key points you’ll find about by reading the article!


In other words, that’s what I’d like to say.

Your disease represents a ‘detoxification in place’.

That disease is meticulously trying to make your organism self-heal to detox yourself from waste, toxins, mucus and from other pathogenic agents living in you.


This is true of cough or flu, skin diseases or many other pathologies… of a tumor as well.

Don’t be afraid of this argument being absurd and incomprehensible… that’s how it starts!

When you will gradually take your path (if you want), you’ll figure everything out and you’ll start to understand how wonderful and simple is to take care of yourself, without asking for external help.


So, once you understood this concept and once you’ll accept it for what it is, you’ll feel surprised since everything will be clear to you.


You’ll learn about exciting truths which have been existing for thousands of years. And you’ll be so excited about the benefits that you’ll never let those truths go.


For example:


  • You’ll learn why the usage of medicines is totally useless (apart from being expensive) and dangerous for your health;
  • You’ll learn why the doctor and his allopathic therapies (with the exception of the emergency room) are senseless;
  • And you’ll learn that, if there’s a doctor who can truly take care of your body 24 hours a day, day by day, from your birth to your death, everywhere you are, it’s called Immune System and it’s living in you (if you’d like to know more about it, click on the link below);
  • You’ll finally learn about the knowledge of wellness, namely a series of concepts that will lead you to the process of self-healing. At first, you’ll have to face an intense detoxification (it depends on the percentage of toxaemia in your body) and then you’ll find a 360° sense of wellness.


“The word toxaemia is meant as a state in which toxins – waste that your body can’t use to feed itself – accumulate inside the extra cellular and connective environment, clogging up the system”


Regarding the Immune System, I suggest you read this article:




self-healing an authentic salvation

Concretely, to know the manual of your body, namely those rules which help you to stay healthy, can be an authentic salvation for you as it was for me.

The cultural background I obtained during all these years I spent studying and practicing helped me to go back to a state of full health.

The knowledge I’m talking about is, rather than strict rules, awareness which has spread and courageously published in several manuals and scientific texts of Natural Hygiene.

Lots of my articles are based on this kind of knowledge. Look for those articles which may be interesting to you on my blog: I’m hopeful that you will find the answers to your questions.




self-healing: free yourself from forced slavery induced by allopathic medicine

This is the effect it has on all those who, one way or another, after being addicted to medicine and facing several negative experiences because of the allopathic field, want to set themselves free from a forced enslavement.

By “forced enslavement”

I’m referring to the fact that up to this day, everytime you ‘got sick’, you felt a sense of anxiety and fear growing in you, since you didn’t know where it came from or how to solve it.

I’m referring to the fact that, having no knowledge on the real causes of diseases (since no primary or secondary school or university teaches you about health the way it should), you go to the doctor to obtain a therapy that will do nothing but kill the symptom of your disease without solving the problem.

And I’m referring to the fact that, obviously, in order to defend your health, you ended up believing (blindly, I’d say) in this system (which profit on your and your family’s health) and you keep on seeing doctors (specialist ones or not), to buy medicines and to spend a lot of money you deduct from your salary or from your retirement money every month in ages.


After researching, however, many people learn about those truths discovered by the fathers of medicine (Hippocrates, Galen, Pythagoras… just to quote some), who made me, and made many others before me, free and aware people, since they made us become people who can defend their health without being addicted to somebody else.

These – let me say – truths have been forgotten by the conventional medicine or maybe, they have been volutarily ignored.


Self-healing the art of self-healing. Hippocrates

The natural forces inside us are the true healers for our disease


Before healing someone, ask him if he’s willing to give all the things that got him sick up





If you’ll be able to understand what I’m about to tell you and you’ll be able to put into practice the tips I’m about to give you to defend, to recover and to protect your health, you’ll actually enjoy the benefits that will follow.

To answer the question which is inherent in this article, I’ll list 6 key points that are the protagonists of the process of detoxification.

In the first place, ‘‘The art of self-healing’’ means:


To put your body into the necessary conditions

for self-healing itself!



In other words it means:

  1. To know which kind of food is suitable to the human body and how to eat it;
  2. To recognize the importance of water and to know where to find a high quality water;
  3. Re-learn to breath by obviously preferring natural contexts where there is clean and oxygen-rich air;
  4. To analyse those thoughts which stay in our mind by choosing to let the useful ones stay and provide us with peace. At the same time, we should let go of those which, instead, provide us with stress, anger, attachment and so on;
  5. To practice physical activity daily and gradually, being aware and in healthy environments;
  6. To have healthy, genuine and, why not, funny relationships.


If you’d like to learn more about the above-mentioned points in a detailed way, click on the single links!




Clearly, being aware of the above-mentioned 6 points but not practicing them is not sufficient to make one’s own health and life better.

You need to make some choices which will become some habits for your daily life.

So read, study, experience and listen to your body… but ACT and make some needed changes in your life, so that your health could be back to its full state.


The following articles may as well be interesting to you:


To defeat fears and to overcome prejudices:

My experience:




Self-healing: free yourself from disbeliefs

Once you set yourself free from limiting beliefs

and you start to make room and to trust concepts like…


  1. We were born to enjoy this wonderful life and to be happy about all the good things there are in this world;
  2. If we are on a healthy, ethical and harmonious diet, having the right quantity of food, we will not get sick, instead we will reach a full state of health. Detoxification (the popular detox phase which comes when taking this path) is just a transitional phase;
  3. The raw vegan choice is not something extreme, but something wise and coherent with the physiognomy and the anatomy of our body and the signals it sends to us (both from the inside and the outside);
  4. Even if it may look like a renunciation or a loss in terms of taste and flavour, it is a reality that can give you the access to a new kind of taste you haven’t imagined. This happens because you’re buying your senses back and you’re starting to use them in a natural way again;
  5. We don’t need neither doctors to check on us or order tests nor vaccines, medicines, antibiotics, supplements, antihistamines, anti-inflammatories and so on. We only need to find (or to meet for the first time) the path which can lead us to a coherent and steady health. 


…you will finally be able to live your life freely,

enjoying your new health and your full autonomy!!!




And finally, in regard of this point, I’ll quote a text reported by a great teacher:


Medicines, inflammations and natural remedies

Action and illusionist effects

A medicine does not make you sick, a laxative does not make you purge, a diaphoretic does not make you sweat, a stimulant does not make your heart beats faster.

All these effects are wrongly given to the action of a medication, whereas it’s just about actions and reactions given by the organism itself.

All the poison tend to combine themselves with chemical substances the body is made of by nature.

When we take a medication, we cause some damage to the tissue itself and, why not, to an internal organ.



They’re not similar and they can provide the human tissue with nothing, much less with cellular material. “

Cit. Valdo Vaccaro



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