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Fasting can save your life

Fasting must be recognized as a fundamental and radical process and is the most remote way of assistance because it is employed on the level of instinct and used since life appeared on earth. Fasting is the method by which nature gets rid of "diseased tissues", nutritional excesses, accumulations of waste products and toxins. Nothing else can eliminate all this as well as fasting does. It allows the process of renewal and drives away degenerative processes resulting in a truly high standard of health.

The China study. The most comprehensive nutrition study ever conducted.

We can drastically reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity simply by changing the way we eat. Over thirty years ago, nutrition researcher T. Colin Campbell undertook the China Study, one of the largest and most comprehensive health and nutrition studies ever conducted. His findings have opened our eyes to the dangers of a diet rich in animal protein and the health benefits of a diet based on whole plant foods.

The mucus-free diet healing system.

Thanks to this text, thousands of people in Italy have been able to embark on a journey of inner knowledge that has allowed them to acquire substantial improvements in their psycho-physical well-being, using in a practical way the elements of Nutrition suggested by the Author together with the other rules that this revolutionary "Healing System" has been successfully serving readers around the world for over eighty years.

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