what is hunger and what is not

Real hunger or Hunger of habit

what is hunger and what is not

Real hunger or Hunger of habit

According to you, what is hunger and why should we talk about two different kinds of concepts when referring to it, namely “real” hunger and hunger “of habit”?

I’ll try to give you a brief and concrete answer and, after that, I’ll give you even more explanations.

First, let’s say that the concept I’d like to talk about is related to the physiological condition rather than the world hunger. Since it’s a physiological condition, which is connected to the functioning of vital organs, it’s easy to get confused with the desire to eat or with a big appetite when talking about hunger.

But I promised I would have given to you a brief answer, so here it is:

what is hunger and what is not

Real hunger is not that kind of annoying stomach-ache. Real hunger is not that rumbling you feel inside your stomach which is associated to the sentence ‘it’s time to eat!’.

Actually, that kind of rumbling is related to the intestinal cleansing.

So, after the metabolization of food, the organism wipes out any residue left inside the digestive tract.

And if your feeding routine is not a normal one, the toxic material left inside your intestine or on your organs, can go far beyond your imagination.

It depends on the fact that your diet does not involve any fruits or vegetables sufficiently. On the other hand, it involves meat, sugar and devitalized foods.


Arnold Ehret, one of the founders of the alternative medicine, claimed that an average person carries 20 kg of “internal dirt to expel“. Let alone who is overweight!

And I’ll tell you… apart from the rumbling – because of the lack of food – if there’s fatigue or weakness, it does not mean you’re hungry. It means your body is clearing up itself and your immune system is using your energie to scrape, repair, moisturize and clean up. A not-so-indifferent job!


But how does real hunger manifest itself?

With a feeling in your mouth and in your throat that is similar to the feeling of thirst.


The way it will attract your attention is funny, and – just like many others – I have personally tested it.

Basically, you will have the feeling of sudden hunger when, after fasting for a few days (it depends on the kind of person), you did not have – strangely, you’d say – the feeling of hunger, and it will come back stronger than before.

In order to be sure for it to be the right moment to eat, Valdo Vaccaro suggests to check the fact that your urine is preferentially transparent and the white patina on your tongue is disappeared or smaller.

At this point, when food will be eaten again, you will notice its wonderful taste: in other words, you will have a sensual feeling. To eat, in that case, will be so fulfilling that it would be like tasting food for the first time.




Once you have the feeling of this real hunger, you will not get confused again with the hunger of habit, namely the emotional desire or the physical discomfort associated with the hunger. Unless you don’t make the same mistakes that led you to intestinal disorders, as well as those extra kg you carry with you everywhere you ho.

To avoid all this, I recommend to you – after reading this – taking a look at the following article:


Following this guidance, you will learn how to act at the table when you’re full enough to say STOP to eating more food.

And you will gradually learn what are the best foods for your body in general and for your body when talking about certain situations (e.g.: going to the gym, before taking an exam, before performing a conference or after all of these).


To establish again a perceptive sensory balance is an important step for the consolidation of your health, in order to restore it to optimal wellness.

Everything starts from the real self-knowledge… and from a new form of awareness, from fasting more in a proper way that is designed in advance. To know how to set fasting, click on the following link:



  • It slows the aging and the cognitive decline down
  • It reduces the blood pressure and the risk of heart disease
  • It solves digestive issues, such as gastritis, constipation, irritable bowel, diarrhea, dyspepsia and loss of appetite
  • It reduces the level of stress
  • It makes the body feel young
  • It makes the ability of healing, recovering and repairing the body better
  • It makes the immune system stronger
  • It increases the effectiveness of losing weight



People wrongly share the idea that, when we’re in abstinence of food, there is pain of hunger, such as head-ache because of hunger. Actually this kind of pain is nothing but symptoms of detoxing from chimical substances (taken through medicines, supplements, vaccines, etc, but also through processed and industrialized food), from stimulants (such as coffee).

The reason why this kind of pain goes away is because you stopped the process of detoxing by eating.

by eating stop detoxification

Actually the energy that was being used (while fasting) for internal cleaning and purification, is now used for digesting and food assimilation. This kind of effort will make you feel tired if your diet does not involve raw food, but cooked food, overcooked food, processed food, pieces of animals, etc.

The energy I’m talking about is the same kind of energy used for every process. We’re the one to choose where to channel it to and how to use it.

… for a morning run, for focusing on studying or on working, for the gym or for the digestion of food.



In this respect you can choose whether helping your body or not during the process of digestion.

For example, when choosing to eat living food, such as raw fruits and vegetables, you encourage your digestive processes and the energy consumption will be lower.

On the other hand, when choosing to eat sugary or greasy food, high protein food, pasteurised food, devitalized food, denatured food, your digestive system will work more. In this respect, I recommend this reading:


SOME ADVICES (How to recognize real hunger)

real hunger: some advice

Your body should feed itself when it really needs to do it only. In other words, only when it will send clear signals, we have to give it food for its livelihood. On the other hand, this does not happen. As said, it’s so easy to get confused and to think that about at 13:00 we have to feed ourselves.

However, we grew up having certain habits, and that’s why we wrongly feed our body when it does not need to be fed. Sometimes we feed it during moments in which it needs to fast in order to solve issues about the organism that, otherwise, would be postponed and would cause the worsening of the issue itself.

That is why, I’ll give you a few examples to make you understand and recognize real hunger, renamed as ‘hunger of habit’.



You will feel this kind of hunger when, after pushing the ON button on the remote, we lose reality and connection with our organism and with our senses in order to become one with everything is showed on tv. It’s like being in trance and going far way from the reality that surrounds us. In this respect, think about the hunger you feel before turning the tv on and choose wisely for your health.

Also, the truth is that eating is so important that we should not do something else while eating. This should happen because we should focus on enjoying food bite by bite. Many people completely forgot the meaning of ‘enjoying food’. These people swallow food without chewing it properly. This alone is a problem for our digestive process, since this process start from chewing.



This kind of false hunger is probably knows for many of you. However, not everybody takes measures not to make mistakes, even after recognizing it. Stress is known to be a strong incentive for hunger. Many scholars claim that during our stressing moments we eat more and in a wrong way. However, this is not a problem for the weight gain, since stress itself consumes the energy coming from the food we eat.

So, what should we do?

Well, the answer is easy just like the question is. Rather than gorging on, try to run or to work out, maybe outdoor. It will help you to let go of the tension naturally. Reformulate your thoughts and enjoy the contact with nature. You will see how things will settle down and you will come back eating the right food that nature offers calmly. And remember:

The best food of the world can be poisonus if eaten during the worst moment.

So the truth is we should always live peacefully. And we should enjoy food simply and naturally.



“Eating and bordo is something that everybody has experienced almost once in lifetime”. Do you disagree? You surely had this kind of moment. You did not know what to do or what to think… you did not know how to spend your time so you thought of eating something. In that case, the risk of eating junk food is high.

Then, try to let the boredom be a moment of relax. If you need help to know what to do, get a piece of paper and a pen and write down 5 simple way sto relax. Here some examples:

    • Read a book you love
    • Play with your cat or dog
    • Text a friend you feel at ease with and ask him/her to go out
    • Focus on resting, on doing nothing in your familiar habit

So, whenever boredom comes, find a solution in your list and find your zen. Avoid to eat during those moments!


There are a lot of false hunger sensations you should write a list of. For example, premenstrual syndrome hunger, anger hunger, sight hunger (when we look at biscuits and we feel attracted). Also, tiredness hunger, celebration hunger (about parties with friends and relatives who offer snacks not so healthy for your organism) and more.

What is important is being able to recognize these kind of moments and being able to avoid the tentation to eat everything you think about.

Face the moment with serenity and wisdom. You have the means to do it. And wait for the real hunger… to organize an optimal and memorable meal that will make you happy and strongly satisfied!

And if you can’t resist, well, get fruits…

Preferentially fresh, local and seasonal fruits!



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