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HUROM Juice extractor H-200

All In One Hurom Insert whole fruit and vegetables: he cuts and squeezes them, and in the meantime you can do what you love most. Seeing the Hurom H-200 in action looks a lot like magic: it has been specially designed to make the preparation of your fresh fruit and vegetable juices as quick and easy as possible. It does it all by itself, literally

Kuvings B9700 Juice extractor

Wide 8 cm mouth to simplify food cutting and save time. Redesigned design for greater reliability. A practical insertion valve that allows you to deposit the pieces of fruit or vegetables directly on the squeezing screw with a higher level of safety. Simplified cleaning with a reduced number of parts and several brushes supplied. Recipe book included to make juices, smoothies, sorbets, centrifuged, soups.

Imetec Succovivo SJ4 1300 Juice extractor

Cold extractor, 50 rpm, preserves the nutritional characteristics of fruit and vegetables for juices and sorbets rich in minerals and vitamins Heavy duty double spiral auger designed to maximize juice quantity with minimum waste Convenient inlet with wide base to facilitate food insertion Reverse function to extract all the juice from fruit and vegetables Angled hermetically sealed spout to facilitate the outflow of juice to the last drop, comfortable handle to move the extractor

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