Plant milks with added calcium and vitamins? No thanks! On supermarket shelves. Vegetable drinks department

Plant milks with added calcium and vitamins? No thanks!

Plant milks with added calcium and vitamins? No thanks! On supermarket shelves. Vegetable drinks department

Plant milks with added calcium and vitamins? No thanks!

Often in front of a vegan we hear:

“How do you do with vitamin B12? And calcium for the bones, tell me, where do you get it? And we want to talk about iron? Without meat you will never take it enough … you will certainly take supplements, right? “

Following these ideas, according to which, those who choose a vegan diet must necessarily resort to supplements, even vegetable drinks (such as rice, soy, oats, etc.) have unfortunately been proposed again with the addition of calcium, vitamin D, B2 , B12 and so on. Nothing more wrong!


Plant milks with added calcium and vitamins? No thanks! On supermarket shelves. Vegetable drinks department


Certainly these extravagant ideas, without any basis in scientific fact, are absorbed through misleading information that often wanders on the web and especially on social media, but also through television channels and magazines.

Those who promote them are like false prophets of food, nutrition and health: after having studied some university books, they repeat like a parrot what they learned from the books themselves, without however having any certainty or experience.



You probably do not know, but in the plant world there is an overabundance of minerals and vitamins as well as the remaining essential nutrients such as fats, proteins, carbohydrates, phytochemicals and fibers. It would be enough to eat seasonal fruits and vegetables to take them in satisfactory quantities, without worrying about using supplements, certainly harmful to our health.

Also why, do you want to know the truth about supplements? They were created with the purpose of making a business of it. How?

  • Someone with the title of Doctor of Medicine, one day says that the amount of phosphorus, for example, which is normally taken with food, is not enough and that, especially at certain times of the day, it is advisable to take a tablet to report the parameters in the standard.
  • Who listens to this news, of course can do no more than worry about his health and perhaps even that of their children. So he goes out, goes to the pharmacy and buys the little box of tablets recommended by the pharmacist himself.


Multiplying hundreds of thousands of people who do this, imagine how much money is spent on supplements and all sorts of medicines. Therefore thinks about how the pharmaceutical multinationals get richer. The trick they adopt is very simple: they need to create panic, trigger fear and then they advertise the news. Then you will see how many people confused, little or not at all informed, will fall into the trap and run to buy the medicine, the vaccine or the supplement.



Pay attention to what you buy!

If you are balanced in your diet, if you eat enough but do not overdo it, if you use non-destructive but conservative cooking methods, if you eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, giving due importance to the sprouts, roots, berries, cereals and to the legumes, then you will not risk any deficit neither mineral nor vitaminic.

Vegetable milks, like any other food you buy, should be chosen carefully. The advice is:


the milks where it is written

+Calcium, Vit. D, B2, B12, etc.


Plant milks with added calcium and vitamins? No thanks! Avoid drinks with mineral and vitamin supplements


Instead, look for those more natural milks, where among the ingredients there is simply written

“cereal or legume” and water.

STOP, nothing else!



From the beginning of 2011 I live according to a vegan food style, with a prevalence of raw compared to cooked. Generally I try to keep myself on these regimes: 75-80% raw (fruit, vegetables, oil seeds, dried fruit, shoots and berries) and 20-25% cooked (whole grains, legumes, vegetables and vegetables).

Since that March 1 – 2011, I also stopped taking any form of supplement or medication. Yes, unfortunately, before I was subject to the use of various types of medicine, such as antihistamines because of my allergies (which I no longer have), antibiotics and anti-inflammatories for chronic prostatitis (which I no longer have) and cortisones due to psoriasis (which I no longer have).

Today, not only my health is grateful for the choice I made, but also my pockets. Imagine how much you can save if, by changing your diet and your lifestyle, you could also eliminate the pills for the pressure, the pills for diabetes, pills for the liver, for stomach ache and headaches (in this regard I suggest you read the book “Getting well” by Herbert M. Shelton)

What I want to you, my friend that are reading this article, is that a healthier lifestyle consistent with the natural hygiene principles can help you in self-healing, in doing prevention and in living the kind of life you have always desired with a constant improvement of your health.


In this regard I suggest you also read the articles that I report below:


As I always say, if you do not try you’ll never know … but if you try you will never come back!


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