Natural Hygiene: breathtaking view at sunset

Natural Hygiene

What is Natural Hygiene?

A lifestyle.

Natural Hygiene. Perceive the nature around us

Yes, but simply saying a “lifestyle” is too general. So let’s take a closer look at the concept. Are you there?

First I’ll tell you WHAT IS NOT Natural Hygiene. Well it is not dental hygiene, it is not a branch of traditional medicine and it is not a discipline born for some years that follows the trend of the moment. Nor is it something that concerns a small group of people, on the contrary it is something that when it reaches our ears and from there to our conscience, affects us so much that it leaves us incredibly and pleasantly involved. Then we can only continue to deepen the subject until one day becomes one with it.


At this point you will ask yourself … and what will it be? Jonah have you exaggerated with this statement?

Absolutely not! And I’ll tell you why.

Natural Hygiene is a “topic” so important and necessary for the life of all of us, that once grasped and “made our own” can only improve the quality of our lives.

How is it possible?


Let me ask you a few questions first:

  • What do you think about diseases? Do you think it is “normal” to have them during the course of life?
  • Do you know what true hunger is? Do you think it’s that feeling that you feel in your stomach when you arrive at lunchtime and have not eaten anything since the morning?
  • And the pain? What’s this? Do you know exactly what pain indicates? Something wrong? Or a warning?
  • And what about fasting? Do you think it’s a dangerous practice that belongs to some healthy extremist?
  • When you take a medicine and this immediately eliminates the symptom for which you took it, do you think you are solving the problem at the root? If you think, instead, that you are only solving the problem on the surface and moreover just for that moment, do you really think it’s healthy to continue taking that medicine?
  • When you live your daily life always with the same rhythms, deleterious and tiring … when you arrive in the evening you wonder why you are living that kind of life, if it makes sense that you are incessantly spending your energy, and you do not find a clear answer that brings a real serenity in you, do you really think that there is not another way, another way more interesting, more in touch with your deepest ambitions, to live your life?


Well if you already have a clear answer to these questions, sure, that encourages you and that convinces you 100%, then, if you want, you can also leave the site and I can only wish you all good.

Instead  if you have doubts, perplexities and above all you have so many insecurities, then I invite you to read this page and continue to follow the contents of my blog. These will certainly be useful to improve the quality of your life and certainly (perhaps this will surprise you) even the lives of those close to you. Why? Because when the others will see you smile, when they will see that your health problems and your worries with them will disappear, they will be able to ask you what happened to you, what happened in your life and if you can share with them your know.

Natural Hygiene: breathtaking view at sunset

Natural Hygiene is a way of being, of perceiving, of realizing, of feeding, of sharing, of conceiving and attracting the reality around us!

It embraces every field of our life: from nutrition to sport, from work to our hobbies, from thought to emotions that we choose to host respectively in our mind and in our heart. It is an impulse to the conscience that, at the mercy of chaos and restlessness, rediscovers peace and serenity. A modus vivendi that takes us back to the heart of the meaning of our life, contemplating a contact with Mother Nature that is part of us and that yet often lies dormant in the depths of our soul.

Natural Hygiene is a kind of approach to interior and exterior life devoid of hatred and violence. On the contrary, it is an approach based on the love of which all (no one excluded) are part of it and of which we can consequently dispose of it at any moment.

It is a complex of attentions, observations, reflections that if caught appropriately, can give us a joy that can not be described in words because it goes beyond our rational conception.

A joy that can be perceived and savored even in the marrow, when we are transported by the flow of universal love that binds one individual to another, regardless of their position in the world and regardless of time.

Natural Hygiene is Meditation.

It is curiosity, respect, desire to do good and to share what is beautiful in this world with anyone.

Natural Hygiene is this and much more! But, as you can well understand, it is not something that can be grasped with a simple reading of a text … but it is something that must be learned. It is something that must be experienced step by step, day after day.


If we’re here, in this world, there’s a reason!

But you will not understand this reason until you find the courage to leave everything that is superfluous in your life and that leads you to the constant breakup of your life both in the relational, working and spiritual fields.

But you have no reason to hurt yet … because if you are here and you are reading these lines, it means that in your life something is already changing and soon you will turn into a better version of yourself.


Everything I will write on this site and on the blog  will come from numerous studies, from careful observations, from deep reflections, from direct experiences and from the desire to help others. So if you follow me, reading carefully what I have to say, I assure you that you will find the true Yourself and so reach your Happiness.


This road will take you to:






Natural Hygiene: rediscover oneself and fully live one's life


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