Natural Hygiene and Medicine: the differences

Natural Hygiene and Medicine

Natural Hygiene and Medicine: the differences

Natural Hygiene and Medicine

For medicine, the disease is always an external attack: the doctors treat every illness as if it were a soldier or an armed band placed in one of the dark corners of the different parts of the body, which they consider isolated from each other. Against the disease, they aim their hypodermic cannons, they bombard it with their vaccine howitzers, gassing it with their antibiotics and giving it the final blow with their atomic bombs, with all the isotopesthat every moon sees born.

We have not yet freed ourselves from the medieval error that ordered us to “give battle to evil”. We try to eliminate the war without suppressing its causes. We have created the United Nations Organization to prevent war, but we have seen it both waging war and supporting aggression.

Our education has given us the wrong idea that we have to spend our life fighting, warring, killing or exterminating the bad and the undesirable.

In contrast to all other therapeutic systems, the Hygienist system (or Natural Hygiene) is the only one that applies in theory and in practice the principle of overcoming evil with good.

The hygienist does not make war on the disease, which he recognizes to be a simple effect.

He does not fight the disease with good, but try to replace bad habits with healthy habits.

The doctor administers the dose of radioactive iodine,

Natural Hygiene and Medicine: Herbert M. Shelton book

 or removes a tumefied thyroid, without paying attention to those pathogenic factors that are an emotional excess, an overabundant feeding, poorly selected and poorly combined diet, venous abuses, intoxicating habits and all the other forms of fatigue of the organism, which end up provoking enervation, toxemia, gastrointestinal fermentation and putrefaction. This happens because the doctor fights an entity, an evil thing, external to the body that “attacks”.

The pathogenic cause that the doctor identifies always has an existence independent of the organism: an evil spirit, a pathogenic microbe, a virus. According to him, this cause must be destroyed by machine-gun fire, regardless of the consequences for the patient

From a book written in italian language: “Tumori e Cancri – Loro sparizione naturale per autolisi” del dottor Herbert M. Shelton”. There may be errors in translation or transcription.



I draw inspiration from these paragraphs reported by the text written in italian language “Tumori e Cancri – Loro sparizione naturale per autolisi” by Herbert M. Shelton, to highlight some noteworthy concepts.

The first real difference between Medicine and Natural Hygiene is in the different meaning given to the term “disease”.

Natural Hygiene and Medicine: Natural Hygiene

For hygienism, a disease does not arise due to external causes, or rather it is not attributed to viruses, bacteria and so on … nor to the presence of evil spirits such as a religious might think possible. Hygienism believes that the habits of life, starting from food (but not only), can create (if negative) the internal states of malaise that with time, can degenerate into chronic and destructive diseases.

The second substantial difference between these two gills of the science of the human body, consists in the methods of cure or better to say “non-cure” methods. In other words, for Natural Hygiene, if a disease was born and developed over time due to bad eating habits, frenetic, stressful and deleterious lifestyles for the body-soul-mind system, the only regenerating factor it is NOT medicine understood as a capsule artificially produced in chemical laboratories, but putting the body-soul-mind system in its proper natural habitat: that is, putting it in ideal conditions of mental, spiritual and bodily health such that it, with the right time and with ‘adequate patience, restore your optimal state of health.

In short, there is no medicine (for Natural Hygiene) that can help the human body to enjoy good health, there is no medicine that can defeat a disease, there is no operation that can really and completely eliminate a tumor from the body of an unfortunate person.


At most, according to Shelton, surgery can, albeit with all the risks deriving from it, eliminate the tumor mass, but not what generated that tumor, or the real original cause.

This means that even if the unwanted mass is eliminated from the organ in question, it can always regenerate in another part of the organism in unknown times and ways…

Natural Hygiene and Medicine: the differences

How to say that the treatment operated by traditional medicine does not solve the cause but the effect.

And tell me, is there to be satisfied? Absolutely not!

An invasive treatment that starts from a surgical operation and then goes to a chemotherapeutic treatment is certainly not something that leaves no signs. And I’m not just talking about the aesthetic damage on the surface of the skin, but above all the inner damage caused by the powerful chemotherapy. A treatment that destroy the whole body in its entirety, debilitating the immune system. For what? To live with the usual bad habits until a new problem arises in a couple of years?

Allow me to tell you that there are better ways to definitively solve diseases in general.

Ways that are free of invasive and eradicating treatments. Ways that allow a slow and gradual cellular rehabilitation but that is real (not fictitious as the one induced by medicine) invigorating and at the end fully satisfying.

And this is the extraordinary news which came to me first from Natural Hygiene!


Keep reading, what I’m going to tell you is very, very, very important!

Since 2011 I have stopped taking any kind of medicine or supplement that is. And every year that passed, I felt a marked improvement in my health. I stopped taking antihistamines I was taking for allergies (which I no longer have), I stopped taking antibiotics and anti-inflammatories I used to fight chronic prostatitis (which I no longer have) and I stopped taking cortisone to fight psoriasis (which I no longer have).


I realized that I no longer had to fight the reflection of a problem that existed elsewhere, that I no longer had to focus on the effect, but I had to concentrate on the main cause or causes that were at the root of the problem. And after understanding, that the main reasons for all the problems I had were:


  1. Wrong feeding

  2. Wrong habits

  3. Negative thoughts and Stress


I tried to change my life and I adopted a hygienic lifestyle, with a vegan diet with a prevalence of raw and seasonal fruits and vegetables; a lifestyle that is more suited to my attitudes; and I have chosen what thoughts to house in my mind.

In other words I have chosen to live with beautiful emotions, respect for nature, animals, the planet … and I have chosen to live with joy, sharing and all the beautiful values that I have understood during my life.


If you too want to regain your health, and know the true meaning of joy in the heart, then continue to follow me and you will see that slowly you too will grasp the core that will lead you to your happiness!

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