Masks are harmful and moreover they’re dangerous to our health

Masks are harmful and moreover they’re dangerous to our health

Masks are harmful and moreover they’re dangerous to our health

Masks are harmful and moreover they’re dangerous to our health

If you’re one of those people who wonder if masks are actually a necessary mean to face Covid-19, or if you’re one of those who think masks are harmful and dangerous to your health, you’re in the right place.

By reading this article, you will be able to find some thoughts which will probably resolve some of your doubts.

Months have now elapsed since when masks became an integral part of our daily life.

Since when we have been given the ‘permission’ of going out again, one of the rules the government has been imposed on us is the mandatory use of masks in enclosed or crowded places.

mandatory mask

The first time I heard this story, according to which someone – whose skills regarding health are disconcerting to say the least – would actually oblige me to wear a mask, I didn’t want to believe it.

When I heard the story for the second time and then for the third time, I remember thinking aloud “are they serious or do they think we’re a mass of foolish people?”


  1. It’s dangerous to wear a mask when you’re doing physical activity
  2. Mask: instruction booklet
  3. There’s always someone who’s ready to speculate about other people’s ignorance, naivety and health
  4. A proper breathing
  5. Risks related to the use of a mask
  6. My experience: how I came out of the vortex of diseases – medical examinations – medicines
  7. Whoever imposes a rule should also be responsible for the risks
  8. Always respect social distance
  9. Let’s wear masks carefully and only when strictly required

~  ~  ~



Mask is harmful. Don't wear it while running

At the beginning of the period which corresponded to the obligation of the use of masks (to be used in all circumstances), a countryman of mine – a 23 years old boy from Ponticelli (NA) – lost his life while jogging.

A cardiac arrest.

This boy, whose family I wish to express all my respect and sincere condolences, was jogging while wearing a mask.

Antonio (that was his name) probably didn’t know that wearing a mask while doing physical activity can be harmful or fatal.

Actually, other people in his age don’t know that to wear a mask does not let the organism oxygenate itself properly.

So, I wonder, how could he know? How could he imagine that the mask he wore not to transgress the rules laid down by the government would have led him to the loss of his own life?


Unfortunately, schools tend to teach greek and latin (subjects I have nothing against) and give little or no importance to subjects and topics about health, natural diet, ethic, respect for the environment in which we live.

Antonio’s case is not the only one case of a boy who lost his life while wearing a mask and doing physical activity.

In May 2020, two other chinese students died during the physical education class time because they were wearing a mask while carrying out their training.



At this point, if your observation is:

To wear a mask while running is wrong, but we should wear it while walking.

… then let me tell you:

If a mask does not allow a proper ventilation and an adequate oxygenation of cells during a sport training, why should it be worn during a simple walk?


Don’t you think our body needs oxygen while walking?

Or maybe do you agree with our government and all its team made of pseudo-scientists, according to whom we should not feed ourselves with oxygen and nitrogen but with carbon dioxide?

Because (it’s good for you to know) that’s what happens whenever you wear a mask.

You will breathe your own carbon dioxide and, just like some keen observer said, there will surely be a reason why our body excretes it, right?!




Masks are harmful. Information booklet

It’s interesting to note what is written on the instruction booklet of a pack of masks.

“Attention, this is not a medical device. This is not an individual protection device and it’s not equipped with CE marking. It may make you feel protected, it protects you from dust but not the respiratory tract of the user. It absorbs exhalations and it avoids saliva spillage”


Some sentences which got my attention are:

  • This is not an individual protection device” …
  • It protects you from dust but not the respiratory tract of the user” …

… so, they’re practically saying it and we don’t understand it.


In other words, they’re selling something useless which causes damage to our organism.


And we obviously buy it because we’re not able to question what the health authorities and mass media tell us.


But then again, what are we complaining about?

We don’t even read about the ingredients listed on a box of biscuits or on a candy bar (which contains the worst kind of chemicals), so why should we read the instruction booklet of a mask!?

All that matters is that we heard it on tv and it can’t be wrong, then, right?

If the answer is Yes, then we deserve all this. And we will keep on deserving it until we will wake up.




Untill you’ll be responsible for your choice regarding:

  • Diet
  • Psycho-behavioral field
  • Social field
  • Emotional field

… until you’ll put a stop to the useless, harmful and palliative medicines, and until you’ll be aware… there will always be someone ready to speculate and to profit from your health.

There will always be someone ready to sell you some useless remedy to the symptom (without helping you in healing the real cause).

In other words, until you’ll learn, until you’ll study and until you’ll question some doctrines transmitted to you for decades… you’ll be at the mercy of the mediatic terrorism and of the medically-induced fear.

And under these circumstances it will be difficult – or impossible – for you to see the light which is synonym for Freedom of choice and Serenity used to live a quiet daily life.




Masks are harmful. Proper breathing

In these years, during which I consistently practiced not only Natural Hygiene, but also Yoga and Meditation, I learnt that only a few people know how breath properly.

A proper breathing, which goes deep into your organism and feeds your cells, is based on a correct use of the diaphragm.

I talked about this topic through the following article (if you’d like to read it, click on the following link):



Through the article you’re currently reading, instead, I’d like to tell you that a correct diaphragmatic breathing absolutely CAN’T take place if there’s a mask.

This is because:

  1. On one hand, a mask reduces the amount of breathable nitrogen and oxygen significantly (as well as the other elements which form air particles);
  2. On the other hand, just like I told you, it makes you breathe your own carbon dioxide which is emitted during the exhalation and retained in the gap between your mouth and the mask.




Masks are harmful. Risks associated with the use of the mask

The actual risks (already encountered in many cases) related to the persistent use of masks are:

  • Increase of respiratory failure,
  • Respiratory crisis,
  • Hypercapnia, namely the increase of carbon dioxide in your blood (since you inhale it again),
  • Hypoxia (lack of oxygen in your organism), which causes the tendency to form tumors and cancer (closely related to the lack of oxygenation of your cells),
  • A collapse of your immune system,
  • Headache,
  • Skin redness,
  • Pains around your ears (since there are laces used to support the mask),
  • Allergic reactions to the rubber of the mask,
  • And so on …



At this point you would say …

Okay Gionata, if a mask does not protect us from Covid-19 and it is harmful for us, so why are they telling us to use it?


Well, you already know about my opinion if you read my latest articles.


If you did not read them, these are some links for you:

To be clearer, I’ll briefly tell you about my own experience.




My experience: how I came out of the vortex of disease - medical examinations - medicines

From when I was a teen until when I was 28 – 29 years old, I’ve suffered from different seasonal – and not – diseases.

Bronchial asthma, allergies, headache, grazes, psoriasis, chronic prostatitis… just to name a few of them.

On the advice of doctors, I had anti-inflammatories, immunosoppressive treatments, antibiotics, antihistamines, cortisone-based creams and supplements.

I tried (starting and finishing seriously) different therapies the doctors showed me.

Results? I didn’t solve or mitigated the problem during all those years.

Moreover, with the time passing by, new problems concerning my health came out and the old ones got worse.

I also tried homeopathy but with poor results again.



Then I learnt about Natural Hygiene and the teachings of founding fathers of medicine (Hippocrates, Galen, Pythagoras…).


Would you like to know what happened?

After studying and experiencing myself those incredbile teachings for many years, I solved all my problems.

I recovered from all my diseases!!!


Yes, I’m not joking. All those pathologies, being chronic or not, started to regress until they became just a distant memory.


What did make me recover?

I’m not here to tell you about that, because it would take too much time.

However, I’ll give you some links to the articles which explain my experience and my thoughts, so that they can be useful to you, if you’d like to take the path of the awakening and of the re-acquisition of your health in a conscious and responsible way.




masks those who impose a rule should also take the risks

If someone imposes a certain rule (or a decree) that everyone must respect, that person should also be logically responsible for the related risks.

But that’s not the case, and we know that.

That is why, in a situation like this, it’s important to understand what is actually happening so that you can protect youself not from Covid-19, but from the wrong-doings dictated by a government which is not skilled in terms of health.

In other words, today more than ever you have the right and the duty to inform yourself, in order to preserve not only your health but also the health of your children (see vaccines and the damage they cause), the health of your parents and in general (where possible) that of all your loved ones.




The mask and social distancing

Shall we talk about it?

I’m not going to beat around the bush. I’ll go straight to the point:

Social distancing is an aberrant offence towards human intelligence. It’s the umpteenth test used to control and dominate masses. Click To Tweet


As if creating social media – which are used to chat, see others and to forget about how much beautiful it is to meet someone after a long time and to talk to that person while looking at each other in the eyes – was not enough.

Social media have already given a burst to social distancing by isolating people day by day without anyone noticing.

Gli smartphone i social media e il distanziamento sociale

Smartphones are another example, just like headphones and videogames which, over time, achieved their goal: they alienate people from each other and from healthy relationships.

Now there are also masks and this ridiculous social distancing.

So, if we put things together, something is not right.




wear the mask intelligently and only when strictly required

At this point, there’s a spontaneous question.

Well Gionata, assuming you’re telling the truth, how should I use a mask from now on?


Given that my only task is – and will always be – to protect your health and freedom, I’ll give you some tips:

  1. Use a mask as little as possible and only where you’re obliged to. This means you should never wear it at home, on the car or in open spaces;
  2. When you use it, try to keep your nose out of the mask, so that you can partly breath in properly. Never believe those who say the danger insinuates itself through your nose (because in that case you’re dealing with an ignorant person who wants you to be sick);
  3. Always try to learn about the environment where you are, so you will understand if you can pull the mask down to the mouth (to let it exhale properly) or if you’re dealing with people who are absolutely in favour of the use of the mask under any circumstance.


Another tip I would like to give you is to spend as little time as possible in places where you’re obliged to wear a mask. Since the more you wear it the closer you are to the risks I’ve already told you about.


Also keep in mind that, right where there are enclosed or crowded places, there is also a lack of oxygen.

And that’s right in those places that they should absolutely ban the use of masks.

But alas, it should be clear by now that those who should be in charge of protecting your health are actually doing the opposite thing.


So, from now on, try to pay attention to the way you use a mask.

Moreover, keep on learning about the topic after reading this article.

Never think all news are truthful, always try to question them by learning more and experiencing them (when possible) directly.


Lastly, to make it clear, it’s not wise to shout from the rooftops that a mask is harmful.

Given the way in which people have been educated, informed and (forgive me if I dare) trained, if you talk about this topic without having time to explain, you would be facing a crowd of angry people who rail against you.

In that case, don’t resent them.

It’s not their fault if they’re being bombarded with contrasting news and if there’s confusion in their mind.

Maybe, until recently, you were like them and you didn’t know it.



If you’ve come this far with the reading, I would like to THANK you.

Thank you because if there’s still desire and will to write about my thoughts and experiences, it’s also because of you.

Namasté - Wild Nature Soul


Translated by Ilenia Micalizio


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