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Bye! I am Gionata

Natural Hygiene: rediscover oneself and fully live one's lifeI am a Holistic Consultant specializing in Natural Hygiene and Alternative Medicine.
I help people to regain their well-being and health through the self-healing and self-healing mechanisms inherent in each of us from birth.

In 2011, after an adolescence spent addicted to aerosols, cortisone creams, antihistamines, syrups, medicines and endless visits and clinical analyzes, my body, devastated by what have become chronic diseases, became increasingly debilitated, painful and incredibly tired out.

Bronchial asthma, Psoriasis, Chronic prostatitis, were the diseases that caused me the most discomfort.

In 2013, I came across Natural Hygiene (or Hygienism), a lifestyle capable of restoring or promoting balance and health in every individual.

So I decided to abandon all allopathic treatments and to start a self-healing hygienic path that lasted a total of about three years.

And do you know what happened? I have “miraculously” recovered not only from chronic prostatitis, psoriasis and bronchial asthma, but also from various other minor pathologies that came to visit me seasonally.

Even the intolerances and allergies I suffered from have now become a distant memory.

In 2018, after five years of incredible experiences and having made wonderful friendships, I decided to open this blog and thus share my reflections with anyone who feels they want to follow a path similar to mine.


Wild Nature Soul is the reference blog on self-healing and wellness.

When you get sick, it is never by bad luck or by misfortune. We always get sick for a reason. And the reason lies in not knowing how our body works.

No medicine, no invasive treatment, no analysis is needed to take back the reins of your health and your life.

If you learn about how your body works, what it needs and when it needs it, you will also know how to prevent diseases or how to heal them if you have already contracted them.

Natural nutrition, gradual and regular sports activity, therapeutic fasting, sun, breathing, rest, positive thoughts and healthy relationships are the keys to experiencing self-healing on yourself and to achieve optimal health.

If these issues tickle and intrigue you, in this blog you will find bread for your teeth!

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