Immune system: let your body heal itself

Immune system: let your body heal itself

Immune system: let your body heal itself

Immune system: let your body heal itself

Immune system: let your body heal itself. Let’s try to clarify this concept a bit.

One of the sentences that have always fascinated me since when I took the path of Natural Hygiene is:

The one and only doctor you really need is inside of you and it is called Immune System. Click To Tweet

Immune System


What is the Immune System?

“Immune system is that complex organization of glands, white blood cells, leucocyte, lymphocytes, antibodies, proteins, hormones, enzymes, bacteria which protect your body from foreign matter or intruders – both inert and alive – called antigens. An antigen can be a bacteria, a virus, an indigestible protein, an inorganic mineral or a poisonous substance. ”  [Cit. Valdo Vaccaro]


I don’t know if you have ever learnt more about the topic but, have you ever thought of how comes that certain people have never gotten sick during their life?

Or still… is it not surprising to you the fact that other people, after suffering from an injury or a fracture or after ‘contracting’ a disease, get well without having medicines or therapies?

Well, I’m going to give you my opinion. But first, let’s come to the index.



  1. The more you study and experience what you learn, the more you will understand how far from the reality you were.
  2. Someone else is ‘interested’ in your health
  3. Misleading advertisements which twist the reality
  4. Real health comes from the ground and not from cruelty
  5. Substancial differences between Conventional Medicine and Natural Hygiene
  6. Years and years of psychological and mediatic terrorism
  7. Set your body up for self-healing

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Immune System Read and Learn What You Need to Know 1

Those who faced the health theme thanks to Natural Hygiene, have also learnt about topics which have been at the center of less heated debates.

Among them there is the feeling of indecision about the vaccine.

After getting sick, many people wonder if they should be treated with allopathy, homeopathy, naturopathy or none of them to let the disease follow its path until its disappearance (that’s the choice I’ve wisely made).

To be brief, what I’d like to tell you is that each of these people – having learnt and experienced the Natural Hygiene’s teachings – came to the conclusion that:


It’s wiser to directly turn our health to our Immune System.




Immune System someone else has an interest in your health

Unless you head out of the clouds, you surely noted that many organizations profit from our wellness and our health.

Pharmaceutical companies, processed-food industries, meat industries ( intensive farming ) and so on, are constantly looking for a new message, a new advertisement (a twisted one) to win your attention and let you fall into their trap.

Just think of how many people – attracted from the solutions the pharmaceutical companies offer to treat this or that disease – buy what they advertise because it looks like that product is a necessary medicine used to treat that disease.

Let alone the terroristic and incredibly misleading campaign they implement to make you have a vaccine (one of the most aberrant offenses committed against the human body and its intelligence).

But this topic deserves a particular kind of attention, so I’d like to talk about it through another article.




misleading advertising distorts the truth

What I’d like to tell you is that the more you will listen to these advertisements (where the newest product used to treat the newest virus is shown), the more you will be victim of their umpteenth campaign implemented to profit.

If you will watch way too much television, you will think that every kind of processed-food which contains the worst kind of chemicals is actually ‘‘good food’’. Of course, among these there will be those industrialized products which contain multivitamin and mineral supplements.


Just out of curiosity, before taking a pack of biscuits or a box of canned food from the shelf of the supermarket and putting it in your cart, have you ever read the ingredients listed on the back of the box?

If you’ve never done that, I suggest you start doing it. It is very important to know what we actually are eating if we want to take care of our health.


As regards the intensive farming, you surely believe to stories like “animals are born to feed our body which needs animal proteins”.

Or, you surely believe that a cow or that pig are happy when they die because, by doing that, they can give some of their legs or their stomach away so that you can have food on your table.

Of course, all of the misleading information are absurd!




health comes from the earth and from non-cruelty

You should know that the one and only kind of real food for the human being (and by ‘food’ we refer to something that actually feeds you, apart from making you feel full) is represented by those products which directly come from the ground.


Fruit, vegetables, seed, berries, cereals, roots, tubers… to obtain what no sentient being gets ignominiously murdered or tortured!


This kind of food, in fact, represents the vital essence which lives in the ground.

Each fruit, each vegetable, seed and so on… is devoid of cruelty and violence towards other species or other living organisms.

It grows spontaneously underground or on the tree branches.


That’s why in English there’s a word for this kind of food (for modern terminology), namely:


That is food devoid of cruelty!

The only true doctor resides within yourself. Cruelty free food




Personally, I think that Natural Hygiene’s teachings are humbler, more useful and incredibly clearer than the Conventional Medicine’s, which I consider as misleading and tricky.

Just think of the idea – unfortunately now accepted by masses – according to which conventional medicine claims that every human being, sooner or later, will need medicines or therapies (coincidentally) based on products used to treat a particular disease.


Sooner or later you will get sick and you will need medical care and its medicines “,

… someone told me some time ago.


I admit this sentence troubled me at the time. Several times I wondered…

Will I make it? Will I be able not to have medicines? And what should I do if I will be in pain? What should I do if the headache will be so persistent that it won’t even let me sleep?


But then, thanks to the knowledge I acquired through my studies, through the Natural Hygiene course I attended to at the HSU in Imola and through the support of important figures of Natural Hygiene in Italy, it turned out to be easier than expected.


Of course I’ve gotten the short end of the sick, but we can do everything if we use awareness and self-willing.

Today, I’d like to answer the person who told me that unfortunate sentence that I haven’t had medicines since 2013 and these are the implications:


Where does that leave us, then, my dear interlocutor who wished me health and happiness?


I’d answer you by saying, as someone claimed, that who offers treatments, cures, medicines, supplements or vaccines… has at heart your health as well as that of his wallet!!!




For a long time now the conventional medicine has been using psychological and mediatic terrorism as a weapon.

Let me tell you about a story which is probably common to many people…


One day you feel a strange pain somewhere in your body and you feel worried about what “has taken hold of you”.

So, instead of doing what every kind of existing animal would do, namely fasting and resting, you turn to your doctor.

This latter, after taking a quick look, takes a series of blood test, x-ray, CT scan and so on… suggesting you have painkillers and anti-inflammatories.

That’s the first whammy for your immune system and a brake for your ability in detoxification, internal cleansing and restoration of optimal health.

And you’ll surely think “thank goodness there are doctors who understand what my disease is and they’re curing it“… When, behind your back, you’ve been tricked!


In this regard, I suggest you look at this video (italian language) of Marcello Pamio about:

Strategies implemented by the medical board for the creation of sick people

However I must open a parenthesis. Not all doctors follow, thank goodness, the guidelines which come from the top backwards and forwards.

Many of them, instead, suggest you stay as far away as possible from medicines and, between a word and the other, they also suggest you start taking into account a healthier diet.

To these doctors I say THANKS for the work they do, because by doing it they prove they’re loyal to the Hippocratic Oath.


If you’d like to learn more about this topic, you can take a look at these two articles:




To the signs of a health problem, if you turn to Natural Hygiene and consequently to the laws of Mother Nature, the message you will get is:

“Set your body up for self-healing”

Immune system: let your body heal itself

In other words, find harmony in every aspect of your life, from the material one (food, water, air, and so on) to the emotional, mental and spiritual ones…


We’re not just made of flesh and blood, but we’re made of pure energy!


” Natural hygienistic, being the true science of health, is too simple for words and is based on the absolute respect of both internal and external nature, on the in-out balance, on putting in and sending out, on the accumulation and the outlet, on stopping the unbalances, encumbrances and negativity.

We put pure air in (20% of oxygen and 80% of protein nitrogen), we send stale air out, namely carbon monoxide co2.

We put food in and we send excretions out.

Drinks “in” while sweat and urine “out”.

Natural Hygiene represents one of the most extraordinary ways used to face the issue of care and maintenance of the human body. “

Cit. Valdo Vaccaro



Translated by Ilenia Micalizio


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