If you can think of it, you can do it: we are the result of our thoughts, images and emotions

If you can think of it, you can do it

If you can think of it, you can do it: we are the result of our thoughts, images and emotions

If you can think of it, you can do it

Welcome to my blog! In this article – titled If you can think of it, you can do it – we’ll find out why our thoughts play a fundamental role in creating our own reality.

If you feel like your life is slipping out of your hands and you’d like to be the protagonist of your life so that you can stop being an unsuspecting viewer of your daily life, you’re in the right place.


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  1. My book: a practical guide about our naturally creative skills
  2. Creative thought
  3. “Why is this happening to me?”
  4. We are what we think of
  5. Emotions make the power of thoughts stronger
  6. In how much time is a thought able to materialize itself?
  7. Start thinking differently: mind-set and gratefulness

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If you can think of it, you can do it: my book is a practical guide on our innate creative abilities

If you’d like to be the protagonist of your life and you’d like to be aware of the choices concerning your present and your future to live in peace with yourself and other people, you should start becoming aware of who you are.

While reading this article, you’ll find out about some details concerning our thoughts, namely one of the most precious tools we are provided with.

You’ll also find out about some details concerning its naturally creative skills which will make you think.

But before we do that, I’d like to tell you I wrote a book which describes this topic – and other concepts too – in a very detailed way.

In my opinion, this book is like a guide that helps you in analyzing the problem and finding the right solution for it.

If you’ll choose to buy it, you’ll surely notice that I divided the chapters into four sections, namely Preparation, Method and Application, Practical Insights and Essential aspects for success.

By starting with the first section, you’ll be able to work on your preparation (mentally and spiritually) to gain awareness and knowledge about the key tools of the Creative Process.

Chapter after chapter, you’ll come across tips, hints, anecdotes and practical examples to put into practices all the teachings learned in a gradual way.

It’s easy to read. I do use language to offer a text within everyone’s reach.

By reading this book, you who are reading, you’ll specifically understand – just like anyone else – that you will be able to co-create the reality you want to live thanks to three fundamental tools that are inside of us: the Thought, the Visualization and the Emotions.

The book is titled:




The Creative Process Diego Gionata Carbone Wild Nature Soul

Available online both in paper and digital version.




If you can think of it, you can do it

Well, let’s try to understand what Creative thought means.

Creative thought is referred to the fact that a human being can create concretely what he ‘‘sees’’ through the thought.

In order to fully understand this concept, it’s important for you to start a path of awareness.

Basically, this path is about recognizing and using our naturally creative skills.

In contrast with what many people think, the human being is not just a living creature equipped with limbs, muscles, organs and an environment made of coincidence and luck.

A human being is a spiritual being which became flesh to experience earthly life. Click To Tweet

The human being is a spiritual being who has incarnated in a physical body to be able to live an earthly experience

As spiritual beings, every human is equipped with a body which allows him to breathe, to walk, to eat… but he is also equipped with those tools which allows him to be at one with the Cosmic Consciousness.

A human being is…

  • equipped with thought which involves every aspect of his daily life;
  • equipped with emotions by which he can express his feelings;
  • and also equipped with the visualization capabilities that made the life of many people better.

Unfortunately, these tools are not always used in an appropriate and convenient way. In fact, I’d say there are just few people who use their creative skills consciously.

One of the reasons why there is no awareness about these three tools is based on the fact that they are not recognized unanimously as helpful tools for the co-creation of our reality.

Let’s talk about an example of the unconscious and unfavorable way in which they are used.




If you can think of it, you can do it: did it have to happen to me?

You certainly have gone through difficult times in your life. During these, you may have felt like a meeting or an event haven’t been as successful as you thought.

During those times, you probably have felt a sense of helplessness that made you think ‘‘Bad luck, why is this happening to me?’’.

Or maybe, if you’re religious or fatalistic …

  • Why is God doing this to me?
  • Why is destiny so cruel to me?

When things aren’t going well, it’s easy to have self-destructive or defeatist thoughts.

We often point the finger at others because we think they are responsible for what happened to us.

We may think ‘‘It’s his fault that this happened to me’’ or ‘‘It’s his fault if I’m in trouble now’’.

When we don’t know who point the finger at, we blame destiny because it’s ‘‘miserable’’ or a ‘‘loser’’.

Sometimes we also blame God as he came after us.

During these negative times, it’s easy to despair and think ‘‘Clearly it had to happen’’ or ‘‘It was meant to be’’.

Well, just so you know and understand before it’s too late, God and destiny have nothing to do with this.

You are responsible for what happens to you and your life, for better or for worse.




If you can think of it, you can do it: we are the result of our thoughts, images and emotions

Regarding this topic, I have written two articles that may interest you. I’ll show you below:

Especially during those difficult times life offers us, it’s important to learn and to remember that we are what we think of.

Quantum physics has been supporting for a long time what the millennial Vedic knowledge and many other eastern doctrines say, namely:

We are the results of a coordinated and shared involvement between what we see in our mind – through thoughts and imagination – and what we feel thanks to our emotions. Click To Tweet

In other words, whatever happened to us day by day and what we are in this very moment is the result of what we thought of, what we imagined and what we felt thanks to our emotions.


If all this is true, how does the process of Co-creation occur?

In simple terms, what we visualize through our imagination is released through what I call the inner vibrational source, namely your soul.

After that, the whole existential field will receive your message which will be processed and sent to you once again with what you asked for.

If you can think of it, you can do it by sending a message to the universe

It’s like you’re sending an email with an attachment or a letter with a gift or a simple parcel post.

The only difference in this case is, you’re the addressee of your own ‘‘shipment’’.

In other words, by the law of resonance (law of attraction), whenever you’re thinking or visualizing, you’re sending a message to the universe and you’re asking for what corresponds to your real intentions.

Real intentions?

Have you noticed? I wrote ‘‘to your real intentions’’ and not ‘‘to your real thoughts’’.

There’s a big difference! In fact, I’d say that, because of this difference, when people decide to use their thought to change things, they end up being in a bust.

In simple terms, let’s look at this difference.

Real intentions come from what you keep in your innermost being, namely what your soul wishes for in order to obtain its evolution.

Instead, thoughts can come from your real intentions every time you’re connecting consciously and in harmony with your soul, but also from distractions, prejudices and instilled ideas that won’t allow you to recognize what you really wish for.

Every time we’re living a discrepancy between two aspects of our being – that are our animic essence (namely the soul) and our rational thought – we end up living in a state of total confusion and chaos.

Basically, it’s not so much about the importance of the thought used to create your reality as just the real intention that hides behind a thought.

Once you understand this and you attune the mind to real perception and real intentions of our soul, the conscious thought takes control of its creative skills.




If you can think it you can do it: Thinking is strengthened by emotions

The moment you think and visualize, you’re sending a boost to the universe that is going to vibrate at certain frequencies.

These frequencies are dictated by the quality of the thought and of the image we’ve got in our mind.

At the same time, thoughts and images you visualize become stronger and more determinated  when you put them next to your emotions.

Consequently, if a thought of yours is associated to emotional involvement, that thought will become stronger and will probably come true.

In this regard, my advice is:

  • Try to live happily and in harmony every moment of your day;
  • Emphasize little things and focus on what you used to give for granted;
  • Be happy while doing the simplest of things;
  • Sing and dance while hanging out the laundry or kneading the bread.

I used these tips to give you just some examples.

Now, it must be you who imagine a way to bring light in your life.

Small changes we put into practice day by day are able to create endless possibilities for us and to give us new and special emotions.

If you make it happen, a new hope, joy and happiness that you’ve been waiting for so long will come into your life.




How long does it take for a thought to materialize?

At this point, let’s ask ourselves a hotly debated question: how long does it take for a thought to materialize itself? Nobody knows.

Some teachers say that a thought materialize itself proportionally to the intensity used for the thought we felt through our emotions.

Therefore, once again it depends on you and on your ability to implement what I’m teaching you.

The timing will depend on the constancy used to think and think of the task.

It will depend on the harmony between a thought and the real intentions that hides behind it.

And it will depend on other factors such as distractions or concentration, confidence or distrust in the process, and so on.




Let’s see what we can do to change things and transform our life.

All we need to start a new life path in which we are protagonists and not viewers are a change of our own mind-set.

If you can think it, you can do it: new mindset

Our thought often blocks us and makes us feel like we are inadequate or ‘‘wrong place, wrong time’’.

And yet there’s a solution… which resides in the way you think of things and the way you perceive things.

In other words, to make your lifestyle better and live an extraordinary and continuous sense of satisfaction, you must try to change your approach towards all those events that surround you.

Don’t worry, it’s going to be hard but just at the beginning.

I’ll give you some examples:

  • If you got off on the wrong foot today… stop, breathe and tell yourself that your day is going to be fine because that’s what you wish for. You must believe in it.
  • You failed an exam? Well, look on the bright side. It may sound stupid, I know, but try! Set aside your sorrow and discontent. Let go of those negative thoughts you’d usually focus your energies on and, instead, focus on the positive thoughts.
  • If someone mistreats you… rather than attacking and screaming to explain your position, choose to calm yourself and let the bad words roll off your back. Forgive and justify his attitude. Thank him for teaching you something such as patience.


In short, change your MIND-SET and start feeling GRATEFUL for what you have and for those experience that helped you to learn something in life, for better or for words.

I just told you one of my most important secrets to which I dedicated an entire chapter of my book. This will make you reach any goal you may desire.

The secret I’m talking about is Gratitude.

If you can think of it, you can do it: gratitude

Learn to put it into practice every day!


Have a wonderful day!


Translated by Ilenia Micalizio

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