Human beings are frugivorous by nature

Human beings are frugivores by nature

Human beings are frugivorous by nature

Human beings are frugivores by nature

“Human beings are frugivores by nature?”

“Are you crazy or something? Human being has always eaten everything, including meat!”



I’ve heard these and other similar phrases for years. Sometimes I wonder if people are capable of thinking for themselves. Experiencing something before assuming that something is true, just because someone with a white coat and a degree said and repeated it several times.

Whereupon I reply to each of them with the following question:


“But if the man is truly omnivorous why, statistically speaking with concrete data, the frugivorous man not only lives longer than the omnivorous man, but also lives with a higher quality of life to the point of not to use medicines, crutches, wheelchairs and oxygen cylinders and moreover running and cycling over a hundred years?”



Human beings are frugivorous by nature. Vegetable diet


The truth is that by avoiding eating meat, fish and animal by-products and derived products and at the same time favoring plant foods, you live better and longer. Is it really hard to acknowledge? Probably for many, especially for those who have difficulty to abandon their culinary traditions.

Eating vegetables means eating healthy. This is evidenced by all the major studies (including what I will show you in this article) carried out in this regard. This is also confirmed by the obvious health improvements obtained by those who, have chosen to follow a correct diet.

These studies (my personal experience gives vivid witness to this), report the importance of favoring seasonal fruits and vegetables in their eating habits. Especially the raw one.



Of course it’s not enough to eat healthy in order to avoid to get sick.

Although many diseases, quite often, are to be considered a good omen. It means that they are synonymous with “immune recovery” and consequently “healing in progress”.

That’s because diseases often belong to the so-called “detoxification phase”. This phase is inevitable. It is the result of the abandonment of old eating habits to make room for new ones.

In other words, these habits are certainly healthier and in harmony with our BODYSOULMIND system. And as such, they successfully start to more or less intense purification processes.

However, in addition to having a good, totally vegetable food plan, it is necessary to ensure compliance with all the other rules for a correct lifestyle.



Human beings are frugivorous by nature. Yes to the green walks


Smoking, alcohol, drugs, stress, tensions, worries, fears, continuous limitations, anger and disappointment, disharmony and disaffection, poor sleep and poor quality, living in environments that are not suited to one’s nature, frequenting negative people, etc etc .. certainly do not help the cause.

Walks in the open air especially in the natural greenery, positive and encouraging thoughts, frequenting people with a spirit of inventiveness, sympathy and lightness of mind, enough sleep and adequately for a correct recovery of strength and nervous energy, harmony and peace with oneself and others, living in stimulating environments, planning trips, exits and enticing experiences, etc etc … certainly contribute to improving the quality of one’s life, even physically.




It often happens that those who wish to make this choice with seriousness and continuity, do not know where to start.


Have a strong awareness of what you are doing,

is essential to get the maximum benefits!


For this reason, my advice is: take lots of information and read as much as possible !!!

In this regard I have listed some books from which you could start. For example:

  1. books that speak of health, (The China Study, The Science and Fine Art of Fasting)
  2. other books concerning the first approaches to vegetable cooking and a new way of cooking food, (Vegan Fusion e Eat, Drink & Be Vegan)
  3. and finally some books that provide valuable information regarding the emotions and the connection between them and our health (The Balance Within:The Science Connecting Health and Emotions, Body/Mind Health: The Effects of Attitudes, Emotions and Relationships).


Learn everything there is to know and experience it.


I recommend, don’t hurry … Take this path as peacefully as possible!

If you have doubts or prejudices regarding the vegan choice, read this article:



In 2000 the largest nutritional experiment in history was published. An experiment carried out by the University of Cambridge in the Norfolk area of England, by the team of Kay-Tee Khaw, professor of Clinical Gerontology and expert in the field of health and disease.

This study involved 20 thousand people, all aged between 45 and 79 years. It is appropriate to say that this experiment was carried out by a team of doctors. And not from a group of uninformed vegans.

In conclusion, the following awareness can be drawn:

  • This study highlighted errors in the conventional medicine approach, according to which it is the symptom that must be treated and not the real cause.

  • In addition an important role has been recognized in vegan nutrition, recognizing that the human being is frugivorous by nature.

  • It has been shown that to avoid incurring cancer and cardiovascular diseases (the two major killers on a global scale), it is necessary to make at least 5 fruit-only meals a day (hence the title of the FIVE FOR A DAY paragraph). In this way our organism can benefit, in an organic and natural way (therefore not synthetically), from vitamin C and vitamin E.

  • It has also been highlighted in a particularly evident way that fruit is clearly the most extraordinary, nourishing and cleansing food.


Human beings are frugivorous by nature


N.B. To get the right effect on our body, you have to avoid putting the fruit near any other food. Indeed we absolutely shouldn’t eat it when in our intestines there are still metabolic residues. Especially if these residues come from animal foods or cooked foods previously consumed. In this case avoid eating fruit.



In short, it should now be clear that I fully agree with this thesis:

Human beings are frugivorous by nature!


Yeah, but specifically what does frugivorous mean? It essentially means eating fruit and seeds. However, he can also feed on cereals, vegetables and tubers.

Below is an article taken from an Italian site ( which I found interesting and which explains anatomically the concept through the teeth.

“Starting from the assumption that every dentition, in the animal world, corresponds to a particular diet and to a particular organization of the digestive system, we examine the anatomical characteristics of the human being.


The animals are divided into:

  • herbivorous
  • carnivores
  • frugivorous
  • omnivorous


Looking at the teeth of a carnivore, we notice sharp teeth, while in a herbivorous animal we have a set of teeth capable of cutting and chewing the grass.

The naturalist Klastsch, considering precisely teeth of the human being, argued that his ancestors were exclusively vegetarian.

The molars of carnivores have tips that protrude, with blades able to cut, while the molars of frugivores have folded enamels in the upper part.

No molar has tips at the top, because these teeth must not chew meat.

The omnivorous animals, like the bear, have some sharp molars and some plates and canines that allow them to bite the preys, but they also have incisors, equal to those of the frugivorous animals.

The human being has a set of teeth (incisors, canines, molars) equal to those of the frugivorous animals, to bite and chew cereals, fruit and vegetables.

From this we can deduce that human beings are frugivorous by nature.

There are other explanations to prove this theory: the type of jaw, the type of digestion, gastric secretion, different in carnivorous animals and vegetarian animals. “


That said, I hope I gave you some good ideas to start thinking about the matter. Also, if you liked the article, please leave your comment below!

Thank you


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Human beings are frugivorous by nature

Human beings are frugivores by nature

“Human beings are frugivores by nature?” “Are you crazy or something? Human being has always eaten everything, including meat!”   A CHANT HEARD AND RESENTFUL

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