How to seize opportunities, trust and be optimistic

How to seize opportunities

How to seize opportunities, trust and be optimistic

How to seize opportunities

If you don’t know how to seize opportunities because you live like an eternal procrastinator, you should know these might be the reasons:

  1. You’re not sufficiently attuned to yourself (it means you don’t know what you really want)
  2. Once the decision is made, it is difficult for you to act.

how to seize the opportunities eternal indecision

In this article I’ll tell you how to feel better thanks to a change of your emotional approach to opportunities and to the creation of new automation that will help you every time you have to make a choice.

Before that, I’d like to tell you I wrote a book about this topic and it’s called…

The Creative Process

How to create the reality you desire through Thought, Visualization and Emotions

How to Seize Opportunities: My book is a practical guide to our innate creative abilities


Seize opportunities - change your emotional approach

Let’s start. What does emotional approach mean?

It’s very simple. It means:

  1. Replace your fear with excitement;
  2. Have faith and be optimistic no matter what happens.

Let’s talk about the first point.

1. Replace your fear with excitement

Fear is one of the reasons why we’re always torn.

For example, we may be afraid that a specific decision could compromise our stability and balance.

We may be afraid that a specific decision could lead us to risky and unknown destinations.

Or we may be afraid to make the wrong choice at the wrong time.

In such a case, you should forget about these fears and replace them with the excitement of someone who just let life and opportunities go by.

It might seem difficult at first but, as I always say, the only difference between who succeed and who doesn’t depends on trying… once, twice, three times… until you succeed.

2. Have faith and be optimistic

It’s important that you know that things happen ‘‘for us’’, not ‘‘to us’’.

Being optimistic means accepting the fact that what happens is for our own good, for our own growth, for our own spiritual evolution.

So, if you listen to yourself and you feel like making that choice, just do it.

You may experience some difficulties but, if you go through these difficulties thinking that they happen for your own good o to help you in achieving your goal… it will be easier for you to accept them.

To seize opportunities anywhere and anytime is incredibly important and cannot be explained in a few words.

If you were not able to seize them or recognize them and you were not attuned to yourself, you can now make a difference thanks to your trust in life.

As I explain in my book, opportunities hide behind the most extravagant of circumstances and the most unexpected of meetings.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, I’d like to give you another tip: create new automation.


How to seize opportunities, trust and be optimistic

What is an automation? I’ll give you a quick explanation.

It’s the reaction to a stimulus that takes place without thinking about it.

Differently from when you let your fears – and the related automation – affect you in a negative way, you can now replace your self-sabotaging impulses with joy and excitement and radically change your life.

You’ll be able to become a new person and to shine everywhere you are and whoever you’re with.

Feelings of being scared or stuck – that used to leave you with your back to the wall – will be just a memory.

How to exactly create new automation and to seize opportunities?

When you go out and you casually meet someone, don’t run away. Instead, focus on talking and listening. That person may have something important to tell you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re going to show up late to work, to school or anywhere else.

That meeting is for your own good!

If you feel the urge to walk in the woods, to call someone, to send an email to an old friend, listen to that feeling and ACT!

Do it now. Don’t wait until tomorrow.

Act in a confident and optimistic way. Abandon your fears and worries.

Do it every day and your automation will change.

Until you act, opportunities at your door will never join you.

How can I recognize opportunities?

As I’ll show you, this topic is treated on chapter 24 of my book.


The best opportunities are often different than what we expect. Click To Tweet

Overall, when you come across unexpected events and unexpected situations or situations that require your intervention and your opinion, just listen to your feelings and act without even thinking about it.

Every experience, regardless of its kind, is always an opportunity.


At the beginning you may make risky and hasty choices but, in time, you’ll see that’s not true.

One of the problems that obsess people the most is the fact that they think way too much.

The more we think about a certain choice to make, the more we feel confused and tempted by calling the whole thing off.

Instead, by creating new and healthy automation whenever we must make a choice, we will also be able to seize all the opportunities that otherwise we would miss.

In conclusion…

If you change your emotional approach you will be able to be more attuned to yourself, since – rather than fear – you will feel the trust in your life and the enthusiasm about the opportunities life offers to us.

If you’d like to know how to better be attuned to yourself, click here.

Thanks to new automation of life, positivity and optimism, you will gain that feeling of trust in yourself and in your possibilities.

Then, you will know how to seize opportunities and to make choices confidently in the future.


If you’d like to learn more about this topic and to have a broader spectrum of chances and knowledge, The Creative Process could be helpful.

In its ‘‘Part Four’’, you’ll find the following chapters:

  • Recognizing opportunities,
  • When you have an inspiration, follow it!”,
  • Acting with confidence and determination“.

Now I’ll show you a screenshot of the beginning of the Chapter 24 – Recognizing opportunities.

Recognizing opportunities - Il Processo Creativo book

At the beginning of this chapter you’ll find some thoughts about what opportunities could appear like:

  • Chance meetings,
  • “Casualty”,
  • Circumstances,
  • Unexpected situations,
  • etc.

If you keep on reading, you’ll find some practical tips that will help you in seizing opportunities with confidence every time you need to seize them rather than procrastinating when there’s the urge to act.

Click here if you’d like to purchase the book or to have more information!

I wish you a good journey!

Translated by Ilenia Micalizio

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