Healing from psoriasis

Healing from psoriasis

Bye! If you are here and are reading these lines, it is probably because you too suffered from psoriasis or still suffer from it still . I say "you too", because I've been through it too and I know what it feels like to have to live with this skin disease. But let me tell you a couple of very important things right away: First, I have been completely healed of psoriasis for a long time now and if you will listen to my advice, one by one, and if you will know how to put it into practice with constancy every day, I tell you with certainty… you will recover from it too ; the second thing I would like to tell you, with great joy, is that this guide is valid not only for psoriasis, but for any other disease that affects the skin and beyond.

Having clarified this, let me explain some important aspects necessary so that you can fully understand what I am reporting to you in the guide.

Psoriasis, like other skin diseases, is a real blessing. Yes, you got it right, I said my blessing … You must know, if you are not already aware of it, that the skin is one of the five excretory organs of our body, through which toxic substances, also called toxins, are expelled from our body .

We hygienists usually call diseases benettie. This denomination is due from the moment that the “diseases” arise when we do not listen to the real needs of our body (which we probably think we know, but which we do not really know at all) and, as in the case of psoriasis, also of our soul. It is therefore necessary to access that cultural baggage regarding the right food that not only the body, but also the mind and soul should feed on.

True healing, which is by no means the forced elimination of the symptom (in our case through cortisone treatments), always occurs, and I would dare to say with mathematical precision, when we learn to listen to ourselves, to understand the messages that the body sends us and when , by virtue of them, we bring about changes in our life … Be they food, behavioral, mental, psycho-attitudinal, and emotional.

What I will tell you in the guide will most likely shake and dissolve the entire block of certainties you rely on. If you know how to open yourself up to the set of considerations, reflections and new (or rather forgotten) ideologies that you will find in the text, putting into practice, without ifs and buts, what I advise you to do, then know that your healing will take place: it will only be a matter of time.

In the Guide you will find:

The significance of this skin disease is still so much misunderstood today

Practical food advice on the type of food and combinations

A series of tips regarding hygienic products for the home and for the care of your body

Concrete and detailed explanations on what you need to know to be able to face this definitive healing path

Awareness tools that will help you not to move in the direction that I indicate you with the right mental and spiritual approach

The guide is available in digital version, both in PDF format and in ebook format (epub, mobi, etc ..)

The cost corresponding to the value of the guide is 67 €!

But I decided to make it usable, for this first period of release of the product, at a much lower cost, that is € 39 (therefore discounted by just over 40%).

N.B. I don't know how long I'll keep the guide stuck on this price, so definitely take your time to think about it, but don't be long if you want my advice. Also because the sooner you start to put into practice the advice you will find in the guide, the sooner you can heal from psoriasis and get soft and healthy skin.

I have also decided to create two packages in a discounted version (which you can view below) where in addition to the guide, you will have at your disposal from 2 to 4 hygienic consultations (worth € 70 each), through which I will be able to guide you, make your way easier to follow and consequently more tangible healing within reach.

Guide only

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Guide + 2 consultations

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Guide + 4 consultations

  • The guide
  • 4 consultations
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