Healing from psoriasis

Are you looking for a way to heal psoriasis naturally and permanently ? You're in the right place.

I know what it's like to have to live with this annoying skin disease, because I've been there too .


I discovered that I had psoriasis in the distant past 2009 when, in front of the head physician of the dermatology department of the polyclinic of Naples, showing him my hands, I heard this phrase that I will never forget: " It's psoriasis, you will have to live with it forever ".

I realized at that moment that I had completely lost faith in medicine .

Not only because the man who sat opposite me (the primary) had not given me even a minimum of human consideration (for many of them we are just numbers, patients who come and go).

I had lost faith in myself he says above all because for years from the doctors I had received nothing but dry and disinterested answers .

No explanation as to the reason for the onset of the disease. No explanation about the drugs that, doctor after doctor, I have been prescribed.

Just a lot of indifference and haughtiness.

Here I open a brief parenthesis. Once a urologist said to me " Are you the doctor? I don't think so, so accept what I'm telling you and take this treatment ".

Okay, sometimes I can be persistent but, I just wanted to understand.

I asked him why I had chronic prostatitis (I also recovered from this disease) and I told him about some of my impressions and reasoning on the possible causes deriving from a wrong diet.

But alas with most of them (fortunately not with all), there is no possibility of comparison and exchange.

Returning to chief physician of dermatology at the Policlinico di Napoli, that day, having left that department, perhaps even a bit on a whim, I decided that I would never do the treatment of the head physician (yet another, since I had been around for a long time among dermatologists in Naples, Rome and Verona).

My mother, who often accompanied me on medical visits, seeing me upset and disappointed, asked me: " What do you want to do? Should we go to another dermatologist? "

I replied:" No, Mom. That's enough! "

From that moment on my life has changed .

I" accidentally "stumbled upon a path of alternative life: Hygiene (or Natural Hygiene).

A path based on a lifestyle in line with the laws of mother nature : a healthy, ethical path, respectful of the environment and of one's body, which taught me so much that it led me to leave my old job (teacher) to create a new one from scratch (Hygienic consultant, writer & amp; blogger).


I understood that behind a symptom there is it is always a cause and it is enough to find the cause to resolve the symptom .

I understand that no matter how many diseases you have, how serious, debilitating and how chronic they are considered by medicine: if you want to heal there is a way , but sometimes you have to be willing to change your habits, uo lifestyle and your automatisms.

And I have understood many other aspects concerning health and well-being that I have reported in my Guide " Healing from Psoriasis in a natural and definitive way ".

Before I talk to you about what you will find in the Guide if you decide to buy it, let me tell you a couple of very important things right away.

1. First, I have been completely cured of psoriasis for some time now. Therefore, if you listen to the suggestions that you will find in the Guide and if you know how to put them into practice consistently every day, you too will be able to heal them once and for all.

2. The second thing I would like to tell you is that this guide is valid not only for psoriasis, but for other diseases of the skin such as dermatitis , impetigo , herpes , eczema , erythema , acne and candida .

Having said that, let me briefly talk to you about some important points , which will help you fully understand the content of the Guide.

1st Appearance

Guarire dalla Psoriasi in modo naturale e definitivo

La psoriasis is a real blessing .

You must know, if you are not already aware of it, that the skin is one of the 5 excretory organs . This means that, through it, the toxic substances present in our body (the toxins ) are expelled.

The fact that your skin, at this moment, is no longer smooth and soft like that of a child and the fact that he has long had peeling , plaque , pus and irritation , means that over the years you have accumulated so many toxins that the body has had to request emergency skin intervention in order to eliminate them.

Yes, because in reality the skin intervenes to eliminate toxic waste when the other excretory organs are in difficulty.

The other excretory organs are liver , ren i , lungs and intestine .

As you can imagine, among these the skin is the largest excretory organ and consequently it is the organ through which the body can eliminate more toxins.

However, the skin can fully perform its excretory function only when the integumentary system and the other systems connected to it are functioning properly.

Purify the body , restore the organism to healthy conditions and giving the skin a new renewed aspect are exactly the objectives that this Guide sets out to achieve.

2nd Appearance

Guarire dalla Psoriasi in modo naturale e definitivo

Usually in Natural Hygiene, we usually call diseases with the name " benettie ".

It makes much more sense to call them benettie, since "diseases" they arise when we do not listen to the real needs of our body, mind and soul.

For this reason, it is necessary to understand what is the food (physical, mental and emotional) ideal for man , so that, through it , we can self-heal and thus achieve true self-healing.

We must in essence empower ourselves , understanding and recognizing that it is us and only we are responsible for our state of health.

Reading, learning , deepening and putting into practice is what I ask you to do through my Guide, so that one tomorrow (not far away) you too can rejoice for your achievements.

Health , as I often claim in my videos and articles , is within everyone's reach !

3rd Appearance

Guarire dalla Psoriasi in modo naturale e definitivo

True Healing always occurs (and I dare say with mathematical precision) when:

1. We learn to listen to ourselves ;

2. We understand the messages the body sends us ;

3. By virtue of the points listed above ... we make changes in our life .

Be they dietary, mental and behavioral changes.

Complete Guide

What you see here is the Complete Guide to " Healing Psoriasis naturally and permanently ".

As it is still in the works, for now the Complete Guide is not yet available for purchase.

However, as I have had many requests from people who follow my blog, I wanted to divide the Guide into 3 parts .

Of these 3 parts, only the first is available , that is the Ordinary version.

The Ordinary version (green cover) contains more than 100 pages including concepts, explanations, diagrams, images and practical advice.

What will I get by applying the" ORDINARY "Guide?

There is a passage in the book (which you can also find in the extract as a gift) in which I argue that:

" This Guide is aimed at those who are ready to change, even radically, their lifestyle habits to achieve Complete Healing "

If you think that to heal from Psoriasis, just read this text superficially and try to put it into practice sometimes, you are completely out of the way!

Magic formulas do not exist , except in fantasy films and fairy tales.

If you still believe that medicine can help you heal from a disease (psoriasis) that medicine itself has defined as chronic, then you probably better believe the fairy tales, at least there sometimes is the happy ending.

What I propose to you instead is a lifestyle that will allow you to solve the causes that gave life to psoriasis , so that by eliminating the root problem, the symptom (psoriasis) can vanish on its own.

This is what I did.

Until I wanted to directly eliminate the rash on the skin (des quamations, erythematous plaques, irritations, dryness, etc.) with cortisone creams and ointments, psoriasis found a way to recur in other areas of the skin, often in an even more predominant way.

When I understood that it was not the effect , but the triggering cause that I had to solve , I started to act differently.

First of all, throwing all the drugs in the trash and the creams that were in my locker (home pharmacy), as you must know that if you want to apply this guide you cannot use the drugs yet. Basically you can't keep your foot in two shoes.

Subsequently changing my diet and my lifestyle , as I describe in the Guide.

So stop looking for the magic cure, the miracle potion or the new Japanese seaweed with healing properties.

If you want to really heal and once and for all, you have to build a new modus vivendi day after day.


You will have a greater and clearer AWARENESS of what Psoriasis actually is and you will understand why, instead of getting angry with your skin, you can now thank it for the work cleaning it is carrying out; [P. 14]

You will understand why the real goal is not to eliminate the symptom (Psoriasis) with creams and debilitating drugs, but to remove the triggering cause (at the root ) which led you to have Psoriasis; [P. 24]

You will find that itching , when there is, is something to consider as a powerful ally b> and you will understand how to use it to your advantage; [Page 27]

I'll suggest the best way to start your detox process through fast and you I will give precise indications on how to start and carry it out effortlessly; [Page 37]

You will understand what relationship there is between food and skin diseases , and you will have access to a detailed list of foods divided into 4 categories : absolutely not recommended, not recommended, "compromises" and healthy foods. [Page 44]

Once you understand which foods are recommended, I will also show you the food combinations to follow to give your intestine an environment neutral and alkaline, thus protecting you from fermentation and acidification processes; [Page 53]

I will give you detailed advice on the daily protein quantity recommended, both for men and women, and for those who practice sports, both for those who do not practice it; [Page 63]

You will understand how to avoid some poisons that creep everywhere (especially in industrialized foods) and how to replace them independently by preparing natural substitute foods and biological; [Page 68]

I'll tell you the best way to cleanse the intestine in a healthy way , while moisturizing the skin; [Page 71 ]

I'll tell you what was for me a privileged food in the detoxification process and how to best use it; [Page 78]

You will understand how some breathing techniques can be particularly effective in eliminating and expelling toxins, leading the body to a natural inner rebalancing and relaxation; [Page 90]

You will discover the connection between psoriasis and sleep and how the latter is beneficial to the skin. [Page 98]

You will understand what eliminative crises are and why to welcome them with open arms; [Page 102]

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