Garlic: a faithful ally for our health. Etymology and properties

Garlic: a faithful ally for our health

Garlic: a faithful ally for our health. Etymology and properties

Garlic: a faithful ally for our health

In nature there are many foods that can help health to regain its optimal well-being. One of the most qualified food to play the role of “true friend of human health” is garlic.


Garlic: a faithful ally for our health. Etymology and properties


As much as any of us can dispose of it in our own kitchen, few really know its therapeutic properties. This small seedling is part of the same onion’s family and has been used since ancient times in the Middle East.



The origins of its name are not entirely clear. It could derive from a word of an ancient language spoken in the Mediterranean basin, then transformed into the Latin allium, or it could be connected to all, a Celtic word meaning “hot, burning”.



Garlic is a plant endowed with numerous medicinal activities, among them the antiplatelet properties, the hypocholesterolemic action, the hypotensive and antibacterial action. It has the ability to reduce, therefore, cholesterol and triglycerides, while the value of HDL cholesterol remains unchanged.


About cholesterol …

Cholesterol is a fat that performs important functions, intervening in the hormone, vitamin D and bile acids synthesis. In the blood it is transported by the so-called lipoproteins:

  • Very low density lipoprotein (VLDL)
  • Low-density lipoprotein (LDL)
  • High-density lipoprotein (HDL)

Cholesterol transported by LDL is called “bad”, as it would promote atherosclerosis, while that transported by HDL is “good” cholesterol because it does not settle on the walls of arterial vessels, but even promotes their “de-scaling”.


Garlic, as written a little earlier, is also known for its hypotensive effect, ie lowering of blood pressure. For all these actions, garlic can be useful in the prevention and treatment of the initial forms of atherosclerosis.

It is also useful in case of fungal infection and interesting as antiviral.

Who makes a constant and good use of garlic, hardly is got flu!


Garlic is laxative and fortifying, it increases the low pressure and lowers the high one until it is brought back to the right range. It improves the bad digestion, destroys the putrefactive bacteria of the large intestine and neutralizes any poisons present in the organism.

It has a therapeutic effect in chronic diseases of the upper respiratory tract, it is applied as a natural cure also in the chronic inflammation of the tonsils, salivary glands and lymphatic ganglia, in the emphysema of the maxillary sinuses, of the pharyngitis and severe laryngitis, of the chronic bronchitis and pulmonary tuberculosis.

It is a cicatrizant for ulcerations, it helps the damaged teeth to take root again and drives away the tartar. It also has a therapeutic effect on the catarrh of the eyes and inflammation of the tear ducts as well as inflammation of the middle ear.

Based on the book: “The Miracle of  Living Foods” written by Dr. Kristine Nolfi


Garlic: a faithful ally for our health. History and uses



The slaves, who were subjected to considerable efforts, fed on this food to obtain the strength to work. Those who worked for about 20 years on the construction of the oldest and largest pyramid, that of Memphis, 7,000 or more years ago, fed on garlic.

It was considered a sacred plant for the Egyptians and none of them, once understood its benefits, avoided eating it.

The Northern Vikings cultivated garlic and onions in their large farms and, once they were cultivated, took them with them on their long journeys.

The ancient Greeks and Romans mentioned garlic as medicine and vermifuge (ie a substance that kills parasites inside the intestine). The soldiers themselves recognized their qualities based on their strength and the consequent courage that accompanied them in battle.

The Poles resisted Hitler persecution better thanks to the smuggling of very large quantities of garlic coming from their fields. In Bulgaria and Yugoslavia, the common man chews garlic during the day and many people have reached over 100 years and are still able to work.

The motivations are to be attributed in particular to the consumption of garlic and the simple lifestyle that they led.



Now it is true that garlic is a “fruit” of the earth with incredible therapeutic properties, there is also this to say: according to Natural Hygiene, the only existing physician already resides within yourself and for this reason it will be always and only your body, through the immune system, to treat you and restore your health.

There are no plants, potions, and miraculous therapiesit is in a correct lifestyle that we have to put our attention, namely:


  • in a healthy and natural diet, with seasonal products and without chemicals
  • in an adequate rest that matches the needs of your body
  • in abandoning any form of stress that creates agitation and instability and at the same time embracing a more relaxed “modus vivendi”, based on acceptance and love for oneself, for life and for all living forms
  • in careful, deep, oxygenating and regenerating breathing
  • in good and healthy relationships
  • in getting enough sun and doing beautiful walks in places where our eyes and our soul refresh themselves with positive energy
  • in doing a constant physical activity, but gradual and not exhausting


Grow these healthy habits and you will see that the disease will not touch you even from far away!

Because illness is not something that takes hold of us without any motivation.

We create the disease!

And in the same way we can create a state of perennial and lasting well-being and health. We just need to learn about ourselves !!!

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