Find out why you should understand your illness and not eradicate it

Find out why you should understand your illness and not eradicate it

Find out why you should understand your illness and not eradicate it

Find out why you should understand your illness and not eradicate it


In this article, I’ll tell you why it’s necessary to understand the illness. Consequently you will understand why you shouldn’t eradicate the illness by using medicines; instead, you should accept the illness because of the meaning it’s carrying.

To understand an illness means letting it stay in you until its presence won’t stop being necessary and healing to us. Namely letting it go after eliminating the cause of its arrival.

You must know that a healthy body does not get sick. An illness itself is not a disgrace coming from somewhere and who knows for what reason.

Natural Hygiene usually names an illness as ‘benettia’ and it recognizes it as a detox process in place.

Your body is cleansing itself through the illness, it’s detoxing itself, it’s purifying itself in order to go back to an optimal health status. Click To Tweet


This is a difficult concept, I’m aware of it. On the other hand, once you understand it, it’s true you’ll have the key to reach a perfect health status. You will be able to live peacefully with yourself without going back and forth the pharmacy to get this or that kind of medicine.

Keep on reading this article and learn more about the other ones that may be interesting to you. You’ll see that the more you understand these concepts, the more you’ll be the boss of your health and illnesses will go gradually and automatically away.

This is the process we need to get you funnelled into a self-healing path which is definitive and totally natural.

Find out why you should understand your illness and not eradicate it



  1. Do not entrust your health to someone else
  2. Paracelsus
  3. The healing flu
  4. The tunnel of no-return
  5. Understanding your illness means knowing yourself
  6. We are what we eat, what we think of and what we feel
  7. Nature, peace, healthy diet, rest, relationships, gratitude
  8. Some precious tips

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Sometimes I happen to listen to these words:

“I have to go to the doctor for a check so he can prescribe a remedy”

… and thinking about these words I wonder:

How addicted to our doctor are we? How addicted to the remedy the doctor prescribes are we and how much scared would we feel if we could not get those prescribed medicines and our health problem could get worse?


Through this article, I would like to make you understand my concern about the topic and the reason why you do not eradicate an illness; instead, you understand it in order not to feel anxiety and not to feel all those fears which tear you up inside day by day.

To get you started on what I’m going to say, I’ll deliver some wise words to you:


We do not get sick because of germs, bacteria, viruses, destiny or genetic heritage.
Genetics has the slightest impact on the percentage of illnesses that are mainly resized through a healthy lifestyle.

Diabetes and cancer do not come from the outside: our body develops them.
We do not get affected by obesity: our body stores fat.
We do not get headache, back pain, arthritis or impotence: our body develops all those pathological conditions.

We get sick because the living organism violates all those laws of nature that, depending on the species, must be respected.

Everytime the population takes wrong living standards, it violates the laws of nature, it feeds itself with industrialized products, people get fat, sick and they start developing the modern civilization disorders.

Diseases are generated because of: toxins, electromagnetic booster, psychophysical stress, but above they are given by our malnutrition made of cooked and industrial food that cause nutritional deficiencies (despite the overfeeding) and our cells stay hungry and thirsty because that kind of food lacks of real nutrients”

Franco Libero Manco





Understanding why you comprehend an illness instead of eradicating it, leads you to take care of yourself and to not entrust your health to some random stranger.

However, most of people do not take care of their health personally.

They do not make prevention. Instead of working out, for example, instead of eating healthy, instead of cultivating good relationships and living positive feelings, they prefer to live at the mercy of themselves, of their fears, of their vices and of the misleading information casually scraped by media.

Most of the people do not do their research and do not study or learn more about topics that concern their health. They are disinterested because, in the worst case scenario, they’ll go to the doctor who will see them and will solve the problem.

If you live an immoderate life, you will inevitably get sick as an individual. Especially without paying attention to what is good and what is not for us. Once sick, you’ll prefer to give the reins of one’s fortune to someone else, namely someone who (supposedly) knows more about the functioning of the human body than we do.

The problem is that sometimes (almost always) the person who’s sitting in front of you and who’s wearing the white coat does not know a lot about it.

Let me clarify.

Having a medical degree does not mean being a ‘healer’ or a ‘curator’. Rather it exactly means that the opposite thing is happening (e.g. iatrogenic diseases). In the vast majority of cases, seeking medical attention means trying to resolve our illness by focusing on the symptom and not once on the causes.




Paracelsus, namely one of the most brilliant minds of the Renaissance period (philosopher, alchemist and doctor) said:

Those who are limited to study and treat the effects of the illness are like those people who think they can send the winter away by snowplowing their doorstep. Click To Tweet


… and also: “Winter does not come because of the snow, but snow comes because of the winter. A doctor should know human beings for what they are in their entirety and not just for their outward form!“.


Another Paracelsus’ principle I am fond of is the following one:

“The quack learns about illnesses of the affected organs. He finds out nothing but effects which had already occurred, so he stays ignorant about the causes. A real doctor learns about the causes of the diseases by learning about the universal man.”

That’s why I’m telling you not to trust some random doctor. And not to trust some random therapy that have an impact on the symptom without knowing why. Whether it is allopathic and homeopathic.

Instead, trust the skill of self-healing that your body owns, trust your immune system which is protecting you from your mistakes (dietary errors or others) since the early days of your life. To learn more about it, read the following:




understanding the illness: the healing flu

Just to give an example, many doctors are still conviced that we should eradicate flu by using paracetamol.

Lots of white coats have not considered the fact that maybe we shouldunderstand” that flu instead of eradicating it.

Very few sees it as a ‘healer’ or as a source we could learn how not to get sick again from. Seeing it this way is far from impossible!

This is reflected in Parmenide of Elea’s motto (544-450 b.C):

Give me a flu and I’ll make wonders of it


Personally, I haven’t had a flu since 2014 because since then I changed my lifestyle by embracing ethical, environmental and healthy concepts that I put into practice during my daily life.

I remember when, before then, I used to have flu every year, especially during seasonal changes. At the same time I had all those flu-like symptoms such as severe cold (I used to blow my nose so many times that I consumed a range of 2 or 3 toilet rolls per day), mucus in the throat (oily and then dry), headache and exhaustion.

I needed 2 or 3 weeks to get completely better.

Then, when I realized what kind of mistakes I made, being them dietary errors or not, I started to behave and to live differently. That is why I’ve gotten clean, I’m perfectly healthy and I don’t get sick anymore.

Regarding what I have just written, apart from my experience, there are lots and lots of evidence and testimonies that can report the disappearence of diseases. Faced with those evidence, then, doctors use words like ‘unexpectedly’, ‘suddenly’, ‘accidentally’, ‘absolutely inexplicable’.

Moreover, as Giorgio Cosmacini says, medicine is not science but practice based on sciences… that is why we should undergo it in extreme cases only.




understanding the illness: the tunnel of no-return

Let’s be honest, people love to delegate other people… and, alas, they also do it when it’s about their health!

That is why you go to the doctor whenever you have a stomachache and the next day you run blood tests, specialist visits, treatments, CT scan, x-ray, etc etc.

Despite not being affected by any severe disease, you’ll eventually run and run blood tests.

In this regard, there’s an interesting Marcello Pamio’s video, ‘The strategy of creating sick people’, which let the author add a sentence that we should think of:

We run blood tests because we are sick or we are sick because we run blood tests?


You’re actually getting into a “tunnel“… and it’s not easy to get out of it!

You’ll be shouldered with thoughts that will torment your mind. Those thoughts are induced by your doctor or other doctors’ opinion that you’ve asked for (which are repeatedly and often conflicting ones).

If you do not understand your illness, you’ll find yourself at the mercy of other people’s fears and of garbage information delivered by mass media and internet.

You’ll have no idea what you’re doing and you’ll feel lost.

That is why, once again, I invite you to understand what your illness means (being it a simple stomachache, headache, diabetes, psoriasis or hypertension) and what an illness generally means, so that you can self-heal and make prevention about those illnesses that you could come across with by being on a wrong dietary system and an unhealthy lifestyle.




understanding the illness knowind yourself

I suggest you learn how to understand the real nature of your body, namely the medium you’re living this life with.

We have to understand why we get sick since our symptoms are often perfectly attributable to a wrong lifestyle.

Understanding your illness means understanding why – by improving the quality of our life, the way we think, the way we act and the way we eat – lots of symptoms and illnesses could disappear.




To say ‘We are what we eat’ is not enough, even though it’s true.

We also are what we think and what we feel. In other words, we are that kind of energy that flows from our thoughts and our feelings.

A long time ago, I couldn’t believe the fact that feelings of hate towards someone else could make us become bad people.

Apart from our internal organs, our exterior is affected by what we feel.

Have you ever noticed the face of a person who’s often mad at himself and at the whole world? On the contrary, have you ever seen the face of a person who’s at peace with himself, who smiles and who’s grateful for everything life has given to him?





If you’re wondering whether emotions and thoughts are related to illnesses or not, you should know that, well, they are.

Someone who eats well (and by ‘well’ I mean eating live food that comes from the soil, from a simple, natural, seasonal and chimical-free soil)… who feeds on fresh air, who often goes outside, walks on the green and sunbathes enough… someone who sleeps enough, who expresses feelings and who cultivates healthy relationships… someone who loves himself and the life that sorrounds him, who’s grateful for everything that life has given to us… someone who lives by having positive and genuine thoughts and feelings without being scared of facing reality…

that kind of person will not get sick!

Of course there’s the need of harmony between what you are and what you show in order to make all that happen. Looking happy and not being happy is nowhere near from the concept of health I’m talking about. That should be clear!




So I will conclude the discussion of this article by simply giving you some little but precious tips:

  • Listen to yourself (meditate outdoor in contact with nature, stay silent for 1 hour per day at least and listen to the sounds that come from the wind in the trees, from birdies and from the waves of the sea);
  • Be grateful for what you have, be grateful for the people next to you and for the time you spent with those people who can’t be next to you for one reason or another;
  • Eat healthy: the quality of the food you choose to feed yourself with and its history (being it meat or fish or some other by-products, it means violence, fears, injuries… being it fruit or vegetables, instead, it means love for the soil) will be an integral part of you soon;
  • Forgive: forget about injustice and wrong given by those who consciously or uknowingly hurt you;
  • Do what you love to do by daily granting you some spaces to gradually fulfill your deepest wishes.


…and that’s how you will REALLY START LIVING your life!

Also read the following articles according to your own timeline and to how much interested in these topics you feel:

  1. Knowing which kind of food is the most suitable one for the human body and how to eat it;
  2. Recognizing the importance of water and knowing where to find a better quality water;
  3. Re-learn to breath by obviously preferring natural contexts where you can find fresh air which is rich in oxygen;
  4. Analyze those thoughts that harbor in your mind and choose to welcome the useful ones which make us feel peaceful. At the same time let go those ones which create stress, anger, attachment and so on;
  5. Do sport daily, gradually, consciously and in healthy contexts;
  6. Cultivating healthy, genuine and, why not, funny relationships.


By following these steps you will increasingly know how to understand your illness and then you will gradually send all sorts of symptoms or diseases which lasted till today away from you and, at first, you will feel surprised about the fact that the power to heal is in your own hands.

An illness is nothing but a warning that came to tell us that something is wrong with our life. Click To Tweet


It’s telling us that we lost our harmony in one or more parts of our life (being it the sentimental, the working, the family-related one or some other) and that we have to find it again.




Translated by Ilenia Micalizio


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