Through fasting we can really save our lives: find contact with nature

Fasting can save your life

Through fasting we can really save our lives: find contact with nature

If you too are convinced that “fasting can save your life“, I suggest you read more about what I have reported in this article.


Through fasting we can really save our lives: find contact with nature


Many find that fasting is a dangerous practice, a practice to be feared and from which to stay away becouse it is known more as an extreme action than as a process for healing oneself.

The reality is that we do not know enough about fasting or for what we know, we know little and badly.

In fact, there is a tendency to talk about fasting with little knowledge of it and with a certain superficiality. This causes damage to general information and creates anxieties and fears in most of those who hear about it.

Consequently, for those who try to clarify and bring out the truth about this topic, it will be difficult to eradicate false biases.



The reasons why we do not talk about it enough are easy to understand and in my opinion are to be related to a specific tendency to obscure arguments that lead to the concept of SELF-HEALING.

A concept that scares especially those who live by gaining on the perpetuation of the diseases of others.

The awareness that fasting is a process through which the body has the possibility of self-healing should be available to everyone.

Unfortunately, however, as it is already clear to many, the TV channels, many newspapers and magazines, web sites and blogs – let me pass the term – “trash” that talk about pseudo-health, only promote a type of misleading information and for nothing relevant to reality.

The governing and administrative bodies are well aware that if they promote a certain type of information through television channels every day and at any time, they create authentic automatons on the other side of the screen.




Is thus called a type of information that arouses fear and terror in people’s minds.

Let’s take a concrete example: if one day, when I go to work, I stop at the newspaper stand buying a magazine that publishes on the cover the advent of a new disease arrived from who knows where and who knows how, with the advice to immediately run for cover through a precise allopathic cure, a vaccine or a mix of supplements and medicines recommended by your doctor … well, we are witnessing a media terrorism!

Are you familiar with an advertisement like “Do you have a tummy ache? Run to the pharmacy and ask for the ‘X medicine'” or “Do you want to defeat the fungal infection? From today there is a new remedy: with ‘Y medicine’ you will return to have beautiful fingernails again in just 4 weeks” or more “If you notice symptoms like ‘X1, X2, X3’ it could be a ‘Z disease’ that has already affected millions of people: do not risk going further … ask your doctor and get advice from him”.

Unfortunately, we witness day by day this type of media bombing.



The fact is that who is misled by these advertisements and are likely to sink more and more into the whirlwind of medicine dependence and periodic analyzes with attached medical examinations, is the one who has not yet reached certain knowledges and who is not yet aware of some very important truths.

It is therefore necessary dispel the false myths, get rid of the false, wrong and aberrant information created with the only purpose of making us slaves of the system and at the same time generate a true, healthy and more accurate awareness about health and how to maintain it over time.

Listed below are some basic principles of Natural Hygiene (or Hygienism): a science promulgated by the founding fathers of medicine, understood at the time not as it is traditionally accepted today, that is as a set of treatments aimed at treating the symptom, but a science aware of the fact that the human body has self-healing mechanisms and is based on the principles of “primus non nocere”, on the concept for which nature is the sovereign medicator of all evils and for which it is the internal immune system and not the external doctor with his treatments and his potions to make you recover your health.



  1. You are your health and your sickness
  2. Rest and diet, every evil quiet
  3. Raw diet and altruism
  4. The only healing agent is our body
  5. What nature can not do, no one else can do it for her
  6. The only scientific truth is only Nature
  7. There are no incurable diseases as long as there is some vital energy
  8. There are no healings but self-healings
  9. The more you move away from Nature and the more you get sick
  10. The most powerful doctor is the inner one
  11. Without Inner Peace one can not have true Health
  12. Illness is a disharmony between body, mind and spirit
  13. The disease is born in the soul, grows in the mind and is highlighted in the body
  14. The hygienist does nothing, but he must know how to do that nothing
  15. Illness is the powerful effort that the body makes to heal us
  16. The body always chooses the lesser evil because it is very wise
  17. Our whole life is a detox and a detoxification again
  18. The body does not know how to get sick and always tends to healing
  19. We must take care of health, not sickness
  20. The friendly and enemy illness




We are not faced with a type of diet experienced by few or many, in America, China or Cambodia, which stealthily promotes a type of medicine or a type of seaweed or miraculous plant. We are not dealing with a type of therapeutic approach based on nothing or on the experience of a few people.

On the contrary, we are dealing with a science that does not try to sell you any product, if not the extraordinary as fascinating and encouraging awareness that we are creating our illness through a bad diet and a wrong lifestyle and we are still us that with an appropriate change of direction, we can find our full health.

Natural Hygiene aims to get you back into contact with nature, because it knows that it is the only real way to stay or regain your health.


Through fasting we can really save our lives: find contact with nature



To fast does not mean to die of hunger. To die of hunger means to continue to abstain from the food beyond the limits of endurance of the organism

from the book“Fasting can save your life” del dott. Herbert M. Shelton


George S. Weger, physician, director and founder of the Weger Health School of Redlands in California and author of the book “The Genesis and Control of Disease”, in one of his writings states:

Nothing is more rewarding than being witnesses, during relatively short periods of fasting, of complete reestablishment from diseases such as chronic eczema, chronic urticaria, varicose ulcers, gastric and duodenal ulcers, asthma, arthritis, colitis, amoebic dysentery, endocarditis, sinusitis, bronchitis, neuritis, Bright’s disease, acute and chronic appendicitis, painful facial tics, fistulae, pellagra, psoriasis, all kinds of digestive disturbances, urinary and biliary stones, glaucoma, nodules in the breasts, epitheliomas, migraines, acidosis, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, Reynaud’s disease, and also locomotor ataxia …


Not far from a vegan-raw food and even less from a fruitarian diet, fasting represents a purifying acceleration capable of restoring the normal functions of our organism.


This is not a miracle, but a normal attitude of our body!


A sort of “operating room without the use of scalpels”, Valdo Vaccaro would say.

Fasting does not mean ceasing to live, on the contrary … basic needs must always be considered as daily necessities which can not be ignored. I refer to another kind of nourishment that we should always consider alongside food as nourishment for our soul, our mind and our body. In other words we can not live without:

  • air
  • water
  • heat
  • Sun
  • physical activity
  • rest
  • sleep
  • cleaning
  • calm mind




Despite mentioning “physical activity” among the aforementioned needs, it must be said that a calorie – energy saving is very important during a fast.

This same energy, in fact, can be used precisely to allow a more decisive and immediate detoxification.

During a fast, in addition to food, absolutely no medicine or supplements should be taken, which in fact Natural Hygiene excludes a priori.


Let’s look at some basic steps to start a fast:


In order to gradually prepare the person for therapeutic fasting, a special diet aimed at emptying the intestinal tract should be anticipated for a few weeks, or even for a few months (depending on the condition of the person in question). to partially cleanse the body from any waste material before the actual fasting begins. The preparation must also be understood from a mental point of view, referring to this to understand the rationality of fasting: we must be, in other words, convinced that fasting will be highly beneficial and therefore we must free ourselves from fears, anxieties and perplexities.



Every physical activity consumes a lot of energy, thus preventing the recovery of the necessary forces to restore the nervous energy, which is at the base of the functioning of the whole organism. Rest, however, is understood both in a physical sense and in a mental sense: it is therefore necessary to avoid emotional stress due to arguments and nervousness. It is therefore important to seek emotional tranquility during this period of fasting.



Usually, who does the fast has less resistance to cold and since the cold inhibits detoxification, it is necessary to keep warm (even in summer). In particular, keep your feet warm.



Although many claim otherwise, really there is not a particular need to drink lots of water during a fast. Indeed, it is very important to follow the call of your body. It is true that the more you drink water and the more liquids will be expelled from the kidneys, but this does not mean that waste substances are also eliminated at the same time. Indeed the exact opposite could happen. Fresh water is fine, but not that cold from the fridge or worse from freezer.



The bathe of water should not be too prolonged both in the case of the shower and in the case of the bathtub. The water temperature should be as close as possible to body temperature. Sun rays, on the other hand, are not only very important for plants, but they also play an important role in the feeding of animals and humans. Their role in calcium metabolism is very important, but it is also important in the use of phosphorus and in assuring muscle strength. In truth they serve several important purposes in normal life processes and are more essential than what can be imagined. I recommend not to exceed. The best time for sunbathing is from early morning to 11 am and from 3 pm – 4 pm to the last evening hours.



Just the absence of food puts in place internal cleaning processes that often lead to more or less intense pains. These pains are not to be understood in the negative sense of the term, but rather as “healing in progress“. At the end of the internal cleansing process carried out by the immune system, the pains will disappear and gradually there will be an inner well-being that many consider not to have felt for a long time. In fact, when the stomach, intestines, colon are still clogged with food residues, the true well-being will be more a utopian thought than anything else.




A do-it-yourself fast that can be taken into consideration can range from one to three days, provided the health conditions of the person in question are not serious and provided the person do not suffer from any particular illness.

Over three days it is not recommended to fast because the effects of detoxification can go beyond your expectations and this would cause tensions and fears that it would be better to avoid in this period of detoxification and recovery of general well-being.



Personally I have experienced fasting several times over the past 5 years. Many were 24-hour fasts. In particular, I recall the effects of two fasts faced in 2014. The first was 3 days and the second, after a few months, was 5 days.

Contrary to what I expected, after the first day of fasting, I no longer felt what is wrongly called “the hunger pangs” that are nothing more than cleansing of the stomach and digestive organs.

On the contrary, the more days passed, the more the desire to return to eating went away.


This is an experience that only those who live it can really understand.


In fact, when I talk to some of my clients during a consultation, or with friends and relatives, I observe a clear perplexity from their expressions, their answers and their eyes.

The second fast, in addition to many relevant benefits, has “incredibly” led to the elimination of a cyst in the stomach area. During those 5 days, I felt the sensation of its disintegration and its descent towards the excretory channels. I was incredibly surprised at how much eliminating power our body has when it is put in the conditions of self-care.

Since then I began to believe in the self-healing power of the immune system inherent in each of us and with this new strong and consistent awareness all the fears related to diseases, their birth and their development have slowly gone away.


Through fasting we can really save our lives: my fears have gone away


All this happened simultaneously with my studies on Natural Hygiene.

Day after day, if you want, you will acquire greater awareness too and you will be more and more independent in managing your level of health.

Only then you can really feel free to choose without fear the best solution for your general well-being.



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