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Some time ago, walking on the street next to a school, I have heard these words:

“You’re brainwashing our children!”


Investigating what had happened, I realized that it was an outburst of some worried parents towards some members of the Vegan Movement.

These people, through an informative project agreed with the school, had exposed to the students the motivations according to which it would be advisable to choose to live a lifestyle that is more coherent with the principles and the rules to keep a good health.

EGO Living ECO Living

A vegan lifestyle, which minimizes as much as possible, or better still eliminates, the exploitation of animal species and the environment in which we live.


EGO Living ECO Living: brain washing


Taken by the curiosity and surprised by the use of the term “brainwashing” in that context, I investigated on internet and I paused

on the meaning that Wikipedia attributes to it: a control of thought, a psychological plagiarism or a real re-education of the mind.

In practice, certain methods of persuasion are exploited with the only purpose of plagiarizing the minds of others. In other words, brainwashing means:

To ensure that the convictions of a person or of a group of people take root in the minds of other people for personal purposes and consequently cause these people to slowly lose their ability to reason, criticize and listen to themselves.


Well, if you believe it or not, associations, movements and people themselves driven by greater awareness in terms of ethics, health and environment, do exactly the opposite: they try to bring people back to a clear vision of reality and devoid of strange ideas transferred to us for the interests of a few.


All the advertisements that you see through the Mass Media related to dairy products, meat, eggs and fish, DO NOT correspond in any way to reality!

EGO Living ECO Living: false advertising


Videos showing cows, pigs, sheep exchanging acts of kindness and love while they graze for meadows so incredibly green, rich in vegetation … in a few choice words, are a big mockery!


In other words, in those images there is nothing true!

The reality of these industries is completely different from what they show us on TV.

EGO Living ECO Living: do not be influenced by those who want to manipulate you





The sad reality is that these animals live inside slaughterhouses (ie real concentration camps) inside cages in conditions to say the least terrifying.

What is worse, is that these animals live in the awareness that their destiny has already been written … and has been written in a totally disinterested way. These animals know that it will soon be their turn to cross the No Return threshold, beyond those doors.

Looking at them closely, you can see the fear in their eyes!

They will all be slain at any moment and served in pieces as food for the most ferocious living species that has ever existed on this planet: The Human Being!


EGO Living ECO Living: the harsh reality on the living conditions of farm animals


The man who thinks of owning an animal (a dog, a cat, a horse or any other living species), the man who thinks he can exploit them at will at any time, which he believes to be at the center of the world and the universe, the man who thinks that the slice of meat bought at the supermarket is “his” because he has just paid it at the cash desk with a cash contribution …

Well this man has absolutely no idea what he is doing !!!



It is good that you know that if such a havoc continues to exist it is only for our responsibility. In other words, it is the final consumer who has the power in his hands to change things. It has always been so and it still is today.

I will give you an explanatory example:

If I usually go to the supermarket and my shopping list always shows the chicken breast, it is clear that the supermarket itself will realize, from a statistic made retrospectively, that slice of chicken is part of the “goods” that is most sold. Right?

Now, as the owners of these supermarket chains are not interested in any ethical principle (their interest is aimed almost exclusively at an economic report), it is clear that the supermarket itself will require the same number of chickens to be slaughtered for the next order.

The request, received at the intensive farming of interest, determines a request for new poultry and consequently a new artificial insemination that gives birth to new chicks.

These chicks will then be grown at a supersonic speed (in 40-50 days the small chicken will come to weigh about 2 kg, the big chicken about 3.5 kg), and then be slaughtered.



Following this reasoning, ultimately, who takes responsibility of a market that has taken the direction of the most ruthless and uncontrolled consumerism?

Yet, if it is true that it is our responsibility for what is happening in the global intensive livestock farming, it is equally true that it is our power to change direction, opting for fairer and more aware purchasing criteria.

If at first for a week, then for a month, then for a year … we should avoid buying that slice of chicken at the supermarket, do you think the supermarket would continue to make the same request to intensive farms?

Far from it, every product not sold corresponds to a loss.

And if the demand for new poultry slowly decrease or even no longer arrives, do you think these same companies would continue to carry on their industrial chain?

Obviously not!



If the brief but concise speech that I just made convinced you but you do not really know how to move, I can give you some first indications. Then, as always, I suggest you continue to follow me.

In this blog, you will find not only vegan recipes that you can put into practice without too much effort, but also reflections that will help you to improve overall the quality of your life.



  1. Eat a lot of fruit (away from meals) and raw vegetables: such an approach will not only give you significant benefits in terms of hydration and intestinal cleansing, but will really nourish you by postponing aging (cell degeneration) and favoring cellular regeneration. When you study or work out of your home, bring always  a basket of seasonal fruit, preferring ones you really like.
  2. If you have difficulty leaving meat, fish and their derivatives, try to eliminate step by step, week by week something from your diet, reducing the number of times you eat meat, fish or a derivative. Replace those dishes with an alternative dish in those days. Here you will find some recipes!
  3. Start reading the books that I recommend in this article, including the article itself. Read them allow you to be more aware of what I’m spreading through this blog.
  4. Although it is a long and wonderful path, live it with your time: in my view, it is better that a person becomes vegan after 3 years from the beginning of the “realised awareness”, eliminating all that is animal-derived, rather than becomes vegan after 2 weeks and then returns to eat everything after a month because he has not fully understood the reasons for this choice.
  5. Celebrate every new change: this route is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and interesting journeys to discover yourself. You will be surprised how your health will receive benefits in the medium and long term.


Well, if you liked the article and you want to write a comment below, you have the space available to do it … I’ll be happy to read it and answer to any your curiosity!


Good luck and good start of the journey!

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