Dissatisfied with your working life? Plan your goals in the medium long term

Dissatisfied with your working life?

Dissatisfied with your working life? Plan your goals in the medium long term

Dissatisfied with your working life?

Are you dissatisfied with your working life?

Do you feel that something inside you tells you that you want to change your job and look for one that is more in keeping with your wishes?

Would you like to change city because you do not like the city you live in anymore?

Well, that means it’s time to shake your life …



Have you ever thought about the sense of a life that is not as you wish?

If your answer is NO, I believe it is time to think seriously about it.

If during the day there are not times when you smile naturally, if there are not times when you relax in front of any natural landscape with carefree, if you do not have enough moments to spend with those you love, or worse if your thoughts are full of anger, rancor and hatred of everything you do …



Take a break, choose a trip to a place where you have always wanted to go and get in touch with the surrounding nature.

Sea … woods … desert … the landscape you choose is not important. What matters is that you are listening!

Listening about what? …. OF YOURSELF!

Dissatisfied with your working life? take a break


Sometimes it may take longer than expected, but do not give up!


.   .   .   R   E   L   A   X    .   .   .


Abandon misleading thoughts and habits and concentrate only on observing the landscape around you.




You will slowly hear your inner voice: your guide will tell you what to do!

You will understand many things because Mother Nature herself will advise you. And who more than her can give you healthy advice? Who more than her know what’s best for you?


Dissatisfied with your working life? Listen to Mother NatureDissatisfied with your working life? Listen to Mother Nature



Okay, but now what should I do?” you will ask …

First of all, if you really want to change things and allow yourself to live the life you want, you will have to avoid:






You will not change anything if you are not willing to change your thinking and your attitude in your daily life!




Dissatisfied with your working life? Plan your goals in the medium long term


Be positive! Plan your day, your week, your next months … setting goals that can be reached even in the medium -long term. By “reached” I mean something, that when it is realized, it can make you really happy.


The human being has enormous potential…

You just have to believe that something is attainable in order to reach it!


Do not forget to include activities that can give you joy, serenity and relaxation. Your body, your mind needs this. YOU need it !!!



Very often we tend to think that having a “fixed” job, is a fortune.

But think about it … is it really like that?

Think about it’s really worth spending all that time of your day for a job in which, not only you do not believe, but that you also feel quite useless and devoid of real values.

The time to live your own desires, your own needs, is reduced so much that you are forced to throw them to the wind and abandon them forever.



Beyond the enthusiasm of the early days (to be clear, when you signed the famous “open-ended contract”) what other days were really so beautiful for you?

On the contrary, day after day, month after month, year after year, you start to feel that you are wasting your time. Precious time that otherwise you could have used differently for more interesting things, with people more close to you.

So, when we realize this, we find the strength to get off that ship on which we embarked with such ingenuity at the dawn of our career.


Dissatisfied with your working life? Get off the ship and start your journey


At that moment we find the courage to begin to take our steps along the path we feel we want to travel and thus leave our mark in this world.


Only you can find the way to change your life, only you can create the reality you want!



Dissatisfied with your working life? Good new route


Good New Way!



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