Deaths by Coronavirus? No, Nobody dies “OF” Coronavirus!

Deaths by Coronavirus? No, Nobody dies “OF” Coronavirus!

Deaths by Coronavirus? No, Nobody dies “OF” Coronavirus!

Deaths by Coronavirus? No, Nobody dies “OF” Coronavirus!


Deaths by coronavirus? I bet you feel scared and fearful when you have to go out, just like everybody else right now.

You’re probably so scared that you don’t even poke your nose out of door, since you think you might catch the infamous virus.

Also I bet that, everytime you turn the tv on, you’re aware you’re going to listen to reporters who talk about the new deaths of the day (any time of the day or night) and also about the new cases of coronavirus.

If you actually think that this virus may endanger you, your family or your friends, you’re in the right place.

Not by chance, I thought of writing this article to try to let you know about a different point of view regarding what is happening these days.

My task is to make you find peace through an increased awareness compared to what’s going on right now.

If you’ll find what I’m about to say useful, you can also link this article to those who may be interested in it as well.



Anyway, by reading this article you’ll understand why it is not possible to die “OF” Coronavirus.

And I will also tell you why, instead of talking about:

deaths of Coronavirus,

We should talk about:

deaths caused by serious diseases further aggravated because of the occurrence of a simple flu (which can be originated with a Coronavirus).



  1. Deaths “of” Coronavirus or deaths “with” Coronavirus: there’s a huge difference!
  2. What it means to die because of “complications from influenza”
  3. Is the influenza an enemy we should be scared of?
  4. If you’ve not done it yet, ask yourself …
  5. Natural Hygiene
  6. Is catching the flu at the time of Coronavirus risky? Is treating it with medicines necessary?
  7. Never once believe what the tv says.
  8. It’s time to wake up!




Deaths of or with coronavirus


If you read the article named Coronavirus: the umpteenth bluff used to get profit, you surely know that Coronavirus Covid-19 is nothing but an influenza belonging to the family of Coronaviruses (CoV). That is that family which brings us simptoms like a common cold or respiratory diseases.

So, after that, let’s now try to shed light on some doubts and perplexities which confuse people and distort some people’s opinion.



For example, did you know that every year in Italy more than 8 thousand people die because of “complications from influenza” ?

  1. What does “complications from influenza” exactly mean?
  2. Perhaps, does it mean that the influenza is an enemy we should be scared of ?
  3. If catching the flu was actually so risky (just like what they want us to think about Coronavirus), should we treat it with medicines (such as analgesics, antipyretic and antibiotics)?



I’ll answer this 3 questions below. So, first…


let us be clear on the meaning of

complications from influenza


Dying because of complications from influenza:

  1. It does not mean dying of influenza;
  2. Instead, it means the person who was already affected by serious diseases died because of those diseases which got messy (aggravated) because of the influenza itself.



In other words, a common cold would have been enough to make these people die.

That is why it’s wrong to say that those ‘deaths of Coronavirus’ (recorded in China, Italy, Iran, South Korea, France, Spain, Mainland China and so on) happened because ‘of’ the Coronavirus.

Generally, people do not exclusively die because of a common cold. In other words, we cannot die of a common influenza virus such as Covid-19, even though this latter is seen as a virus which gives severe symptoms such as pneumonia and respiratory diseases.



If a person is already getting up in age (namely that person is old and has a low immune defence) and is already sick with severe diseases… in that case, then, a common cold could be lethal.

However, that virus, being Covid-19, can be lethal now as well as last year, two years ago, 15 years ago, 37 years ago and 1243 years ago in the form of other viruses or Covid-19 itself.


What has changed, then? All of a sudden, Covid-19 woke up and resurrected (look up the word ‘virus’… being it ‘lifeless fragments of mitochondrian material’) to literally destroy human beings… and completing the same task that Ebola, Sars (2002), Avian influenza (2005), Influenza A/H1N, swine flu or measles of Paramyxovirus had, right?

Or, did someone understand which advantages may arise from controlling large numbers through the power of induced fear given by media terrorism?

Are you now understanding what I’m talking about?



If yes, that’s great! Otherwise, please read the paragraph again so that you can start feeling doubts and questions about what tv or other channels are wrongly saying these days.

(In case you still have doubts or perplexities, all the better: it means it’s time to learn more to inform yourself fully).

In that case, please read the following articles:

Let’s now try to shed light on this eternal dilemma, namely the second question I asked at the beginning of the article:





No, no and once again no! Influenza, being it of Coronavirus or not, is not something we should be scared of, as long as you don’t belong to one of the following categories:

  • Those who are old and has a low immune defence,
  • Who suffer from severe and pre-existing diseases,
  • Those who are on dialysis because of renal impairment,
  • And those who are hospitalized because of cancer, heart attack, ischemia or obesity,

…in short, as long as you don’t have a very sensitive state of health.


In other words, if your status is not completely devastated (and by ‘status’ I mean the conditions of your tissue, of your organs… of your organism) you don’t absolutely have to worry!

“Nobody exclusively dies because of a virus! People die because of complications since they were in a compromised and aggravated frame.” Marcello Pamio Click To Tweet


So, is flu an ‘enemy to be scared of’?

Anything but that, I’d say… instead, let’s welcome it!


One of the most authentic personalities in the world of hygienism, advocate of raw food and fasting who was also a writer of alternative medicine and health educator, said:

“Illnesses only exist whenever they are necessary and they last until we need them.” Herbert M. Shelton Click To Tweet


This means that an illness is beneficial and necessary if it deals with a 360° healthy lifestyle (natural diet, sufficient rest that is well proportioned to your real needs, healthy habits and automatism, moderate and constant physical activity, positive thoughts and feelings, etc).

In other words, the coming of an illness (in these cases) helps your body in detoxing itself.

In this regard, I suggest you also read this article:


To corroborate this thesis, it’s useful to resume what the Salernitan Medical School has always supported:

“When you’re sick, you should have three things with you instead of going to the doctor: Peaceful Mind, Rest and Moderation while you eat” Click To Tweet




healthy life natural food

How come people who live a healthy life and who are in close contact with nature almost never get sick?

How come who is on a natural and seasonal diet or eats raw food almost completely forgot the meaning of seasonal flu, allergies, headache, high pressure and so on?

And how come having a peaceful, balanced, focused on affection, forgiveness, joy and love soul, keeps its distance from every sort of mental disease, being it psychiatric or psychological?

One of the most extraordinary truths I learned about while studying Natural Hygiene is that:

“An illness is the manifestation of a disharmony between soul, mind and body” Click To Tweet


Along with this very good quote, I’ll let you learn about other truths which comes from the Natural Hygiene world. Then, I’ll answer the last question.




coronavirus deaths natural hygiene

  1. The illness is a strategy the body uses to let us self-heal. It can be seen as a friend, since it helps us to self-heal, and as an enemy, since it brings us pain and suffering which manifest themselves in ‘eliminative crisis’.
  2. The symptom is not the illness. It just represents the more external, superficial side of an externalization. For example, if you have an eczema on your skin, there’s no problem with that part of the skin or with what’s below it; there could be a problem with your intestine, your stomach, your liver or with all of them.
  3. The illness is the ‘effort’ made by our organism to get rid of toxins. That’s a healing process itself. That’s an essential process that should not be interrupted in any way, that should not be cured at all and that should be understood instead.
  4. The body does not get sick, it does not destroy itself, it does not eradicate itself and it never revolts against us if we provide it natural items it needs to live, namely: clean air, plain and residue-free water, sun, contact with the soil, seasonal living and colorful food, positive thoughts, healthy relationships and love.

Apart from them, there’s another sentence I’m fond of which comes from what Natural Hygiene teaches:

“An illness comes from a fracture in your soul, it grows in your mind and it manifests itself in your body” Click To Tweet


That is why I’d like to corroborate a famous Juvenal’s sentence:

“Mens sana in corpore sano”


Let’s now answer the last question. Or rather, let’s see if, once we get the illness, we should ‘cure’ it with medicines.




coronavirus no drugs to fight the flu

Once again, the answer to both of the questions is NO. Coronavirus is a simple influenza and we should treat it as such: we should stay home, resting, drinking water and being on a light and natural diet. Herbal teas, vegetable broths, honey, garlic and propolis are always the best remedies. No medicines and least of all vaccines! Let the flu go freely (see the paragraph Natural Hygiene).

If you’ve come this far with the reading of the article, you’ve surely understood that those deaths of coronavirus should be publicly renamed as ‘deaths of severe and pre-existing diseases which have been further aggravated by the flu’ (being it the Covid-19 or not).

Also, you must have surely understood that the wording ‘deaths of Coronavirus’ is specially used to make people feel even more worried.




coronavirus deaths don't be fooled

Don’t think you’re attending a random event. Or, more simply, don’t think all this is happening because of bad luck, by chance or because our destiny decided to punish the mankind.

We’re attending a real war between the most economically powerful units in the world. We’re assisting, even though they may never say that, the usual strategy the pharmaceutical industry uses to get billions of dollars thanks to the explosion of vaccines. The latter is still a work in progress, they say. However, they already get billions thanks to incentives and funding for the research.

Stop and think for a moment about the fact that they create a global pandemic and they literally bombard us with scary news and info regarding deaths and infection all around the world. The population which is unaware of what is actually happening, tries to batten down the hatches and protect its and its relatives’ health by using a vaccine as a ‘protective shield’ (that is neither a ‘shield’ nor ‘protective’).

Do you think the institutions would stay still without financing the research used to obtain an effective vaccine to put shortly on the market? No, I assure you.

And in the meanwhile, they keep talking about infection and deaths of coronavirus to make people stay worried and panicked.





coronavirus deaths don't believe the news on tv

We absolutely have to think by using our own mind!

It’s time to realize that this colossal farce is literally tearing apart the Italian economy and the harmony of relationships which are getting more sensitive because of this feeling of distrust, of those rules and of those stupid prohibitions given by the Government’s decree signed on 9th March 2020.

Let’s not let them make fun of us once for all and let’s get back giving credit to our common sense.

If someone gets flu, it’s always wise for that person to stay home and rest. And how can they think of quarantining a person whose blood test’s results are positive to a simple flu such as that of Coronavirus? Can we realize how much panic all this is making us feel?

Let’s seriously learn about it. The one and only defense from these evildoers and those who want to sell us thin air for gold is the KNOWLEDGE.

“If we try to understand what viruses, microbial agents, the way a human being is made, what the biological sense of an organ or of an illness truly are, we would be able to understand lots of things.” Marcello Pamio Click To Tweet


Let’s learn by using reliable and accredited sources. Let’s use our critical ability and our sense of judgement to doubt every thing they tell us (including what I’m saying in this article).

Don’t take for granted the fact that if a news is presented on tv that means we’re listening to something true. The tv is the ideal way they use to control masses. That is why you’d better turn the tv off and learn about things through books, articles and essays written by cultural and rational people who have no interest in profitting from your health.

Also, everytime you read ‘Deaths of Coronavirus’ or ‘New infections in Campania’ or ‘The Coronavirus epidemic has not stopped in Italy yet’ on the front page of a newspaper, you have to think of what’s behind it. Now you know the reasons why people have lobbied for those titles to be printed on the front page.

To be clear, I’m not telling you to stop learningI’m just saying you should pay attention while learning and you should be cautious and aware. Unfortunately, we live in an age where technology goes hand in hand with the intention of manipulating, controlling and deceiving people.


I wish you an imminent awakening and an even more imminent return to your serene daily life!




Translated by Ilenia Micalizio


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