eliminative crises

Coronavirus: the umpteenth BLUFF used to get profit out of it

eliminative crises

Coronavirus: the umpteenth BLUFF used to get profit out of it

In this article I’ll talk about the Coronavirus since it’s a well thought-out and developed global bluff used to make powerful people rich at the expense of an unaware population.

Right during the days of the spread for this huge setup, a friend of mine called and asked me:

“Are you not on a Carnival vacation?”,

so I answered:

“I’m on a Coronavirus vacation!”.

After a few seconds during which he seemed to think and to understand if I was joking or not, he asked:

“I’m sorry but, are you living in a red area?”,

and I answered,

“Red, black, orange, burgundy, violet area… there’s no difference! Come to think of it, I think it’s a green area… since there’s a small garden right in front of my house!”.

At that point we both bursted into a big laughter.

Coronavirus, what a big joke



What are you thinking? Are my friend and I totally crazy? Or is this virus the boss of us and of our cognitive skills already?

Or, simply, being both well informed, did we become aware of the fact that it’s a new and colossal case of media’s disinformation and that the governments made it all up through media, basing their ad campaign on the power of psychological terrorism?

Well, we smile knowing that, once again, what they’re talking about these days it’s nothing but the umpteenth setup used to make profit out of it.

Let’s then let the nonsense and the lewdness that media are dislosing these days go (they are increasingly catastrophic I’d say) and let’s try to find a way to dedicate ourselves to the next ten-fifteen minutes we’ll spend having a ‘‘relaxing chat’’ (as people from Naples would say).

Let’s then take advantage of the time we spend on the phone to share surely more important topics… such as our work projects, our leisure and fun time to draw a smile each other. Finally, after laughs and useful tips from both, we said goodbye.


Now, back to business and to the feared virus that everyone is talking about. In the next paragraphs I’ll try to explain why I’m so calm and why ‘‘powerful people’’ are using these mass media tools to breed fear, needs and profits for themselves.




Take it from there: what is a virus?

I’ll tell you what it’s not.

A virus IS NOT a microscopic form of life that is able to infect other cells, that jumps from a species to another (or that is transmissible among those who belong to the same species), destroying people’s tissue and organs that host them.

Viruses DO NOT install themselves, DO NOT besiege, DO NOT take over, DO NOT reactivate themselves and DO NOT devastate anything. The concept of ‘‘contagion’’ has never been demonstrated in any way neither by science or medicine (this latter not being science).

Actually, viruses are dead matter, simple fragments of lifeless cellular material. Garbage, dust and debris. Nothing but inert organic material, completely devoid of any life characteristic. Click To Tweet

The terminology ‘‘devoid of any life characteristic’’ exactly means that:

  • They do not possess range of motion, since they are not equipped with a nervous system, with a transmitting-apparatus and with an intelligence that could lead them to coordinate themselves in order to invade a body.
  • They cannot be replicated through cell division since they are not cells.
  • And they have not metabolic capabilities, that is they cannot process food they gain energy from.



However, since it’s about waste material, it’s necessary for the body to work it off. And there’s nothing weird about it because that’s exactly what our body does by following smart accumulation and externalization strategies.

That’s why, moreover, we’re not talking about some organic particulate residual scattered here and there, but of 300 millions and more of cells that, after completing their life process, die and get replaced with new and regenerated cells.


I’d like to open a bracket here. [Generally, whenever we talk about cell renewal, we also talk about a very important concept, that is that of cellular regeneration and degeneration. And the better the quality of the food you use to feed yourself is (biological and natural), the better the quality of the replacing cell that will replace the dead one will be. Also, premature aging or its slowdown depend on this choice, that is the kind of food you choose to eat.]


Therefore, the real problem is not the virus itself (Oh God, the doctor diagnosed an intestinal virus, etc etc), but an endogenous poisoning (that could also be exogenous), that is a kind of poisoning given by the excess of that virus or of some other viruses that have been accumulated, namely the excess of cellular dirt and rubble produced by the metabolism and that the organism is not able to get rid of.

This is given by the fact that our food choice, sometimes, is an aberration rather than being a correct and wise one and it gradually leads our organism to an increasing clogging and to an inadequate, non-sufficient and late ability of getting rid of toxins.



coronavirus vaccine

The former kind (synthetic viruses) is an ex novo product, modified by starting with physiological viruses. They are exogenous viruses that have been created at pharmaceutical companies thanks to the handling of genetic engineering applicated on allogeneic or heterologous cells, they are introduced parenterally through the injection of VACCINES or thanks to the absorption of the digestive system through the meat of vaccinated animals. The latter kind is, instead, made of viruses that are metabolited by the endogenous cellular catabolism and accumulated in the organism for an excretory and/or phagocytized deficit.

I’m now going to repeat what I’ve just written to make it stay impressed in your mind:

Viruses are introduced in your organism parenterally (injections) right through vaccines!

This is the strategy:

  1. They create an alarm through mass media just like the one we’re facing these days and they generate panic and fear (‘‘Coronavirus: the twelfth victim in Italy’’, ‘‘Italy is fighting the Coronavirus’’ or ‘‘Coronavirus, latest global statements: 80 infected people and 2700 victims’’ and so on). To win, their tones sound more and more dramatic.
  2. They generate suspense, drawing it out for the magic spell, namely ‘‘the vaccine that can help us all to protect ourselves from the virus’’.
  3. After generating all that fear and making everyone talk about it to family and friends (making not only the speakers but also the listeners feel scared), they give the solution that was already there: the vaccine that contains the virus itself.
  4. At this point there are the statistics: is the number of infected people increasing? Good, that means that the vaccine is working!

Get this through your head:

Vaccines are par excellence the poisoning from viruses vehicles! Click To Tweet

At this point there’s a spontaneous question:

Are you ready to pay to get you sick?



eliminative crises

In both cases, anyway (depending on whether it is exogenous or endogenous infection), a clogged body expresses ‘‘elimination crises’’ to eject these viruses (flu, influenza, sore throat, cough, phlegm, etc) that the allopathic medicine calls common cold and exanthematous illnesses.

Nothing could obviously be more wrong than halting the process of detoxification by intaking medicines (paracetamol, syrups, antibiotics and so on).

In this way, in fact, you’d just be stopping the allied elimination crises and keeping an higher and higher virus load inside your body.

That’s how you always get sicker from viral diseases and that’s also the way you can soon reach death.

Take note of the fact that the only cases of real death from Coronavirus are over-60 people, if not 70, namely oncology patients, people who have been or who are prone to chemiotherapy or radiation therapy, people who suffer from immunological insufficiencies or from autoimmune diseases. Basically we’re talking about people who would have the same chance of dying if they got other pathologies at the same time.



Obviously not!

Coronaviruses (CoV) represent an influenza viruses huge family. There are six phenotypes of them, being them all absolutely harmless: they’re those viruses which symptoms goes from common cold to respiratory diseases to be clear.

These viruses can, as was noted earlier, cause damage to those who are suffering already from serious illnesses and who have a particularly weak immune system.

Nowadays we particularly speak of the new Coronavirus strain, namely the Coronavirus Covid-19 which we endorse the etiquette of ‘‘lately not identified in humans virus’’ and ‘‘reported for the first time in Wuhan, China, in December 2019’’ too.


How does this virus differ from another normal influenza virus?


Dr. Domenico Biscardi claims that, actually, if we underwent some tests (the real ones, not the false and not valid ones, such as swabs tests) we would test positive. That is why it’s about a common influenza virus.

At the same time, Dr. Biscardi reports information by which this virus would have been submitted for experimentations to specifically study genetic modification.

They then tried to understand how to ‘‘make it inert’’ (even if should be known that a virus is inert itself already) e how to ‘‘strengthen it’’ or ‘‘de-power it’’. All these words seem to be weird and confusing if you understood the fact that a virus is but dead matter.

Despite having been recognised as a ‘‘new’’ virus, the symptoms manifested by the Covid-19 are the ones related to other viruses which belong to the family of Coronaviruses, namely: flu, cough, respiratory distress. In worst cases: pneumonia, severe acute respiratory disease and renal failure.


to the following words:

It’s not the virus which determines the level of toxicity in a subject (severe or mild), but its state of health, its defensive capabilities, its overall state of the organism! Click To Tweet

… in other words the level of toxicity or neutrality of your ‘land’.

This means that, if you’ve not already got one or more of those mentioned earlier and you’re not a  deficient subject from an immunological point of view, you have nothing to lose! Of course, you have to start paying attention to your diet and your lifestyle if you’re not doing it yet.



the ground is everything, the microbe is nothing

Louis Pasteur was a french chemist and microbiologist who lived between the first and the second half of 1800. He is credited with the theory according to which ‘‘germs cause illnesses’’.

Antoine Béchamp, who was a doctor and a scientist who belonged to the same period and was a determined opponent of Pasteur’s theory, discovered that ‘‘germs do not cause illnesses because they only take care of the decomposition of degraded tissue’ instead. Actually, they are produced and triggered by the organism itself and they act as simple but very precious scavengers’’.

Despite supporting the opposite kind of thought for a long period of his life, Pasteur changed his opinion on the point of his death.

He told one of his students, ‘‘Béchamp was right… the ground is everything, the microbe is nothing!’’. This means that the cultivation or the environment where bacteria proliferated was able to modify their shape or features.

From that, Conventional Medicine learned nothing. Still today it claims that, in the case of viruses, bacteria and microbes, it’s about pathogenic agents to fight by using every conceivable weapon. Also, it should be well-known by now that bacteria, being our friends and allies, allow us not to die (just think about the fact that 100 millions of trillions of bacteria against 75 trillions of cells live inside us, namely a ratio of 9 to 1.)

Regarding the ‘ground’, instead, medicine does not show any interests in it.


Do not make the same mistake.

Start preventing today and now!


In this regard, I suggest you the following articles:



coronavirus, swabs, masks and purell

Another way to meditate about having success by using business.

Regarding Purell, although there is now an increased production of it, pharmacies run out of supplies. The demand is higher and more persistent. There is nothing to say, since they aready thought it all.

Personally I have not used purell in 10 years (although people have always told me I’m a definite ‘flosser’). That is why I learned that washing our hands with water is enough to stay clean, without destroying those microscopic life forms that have every right to be on our skin.

Without attending to the fact that an excessive use of soap, shower gel and purell corrodes skin and promotes the onset of dermatological diseases.

Masks? Another bluff used to get money and fill the vault. Instead of protecting you, they cause damage in many ways: first of all a mask does nothing but increase your respiratory distress.

From a viral point of view, masks are completely useless! Indeed, they just cause panic and make people feel scared of the virus itself! Dr. Biscardi Click To Tweet

If you want to learn more about “masks” I wrote the following article for you:


Swabs or throat swabs apply to bacteria only and not to viruses.


The swab exam must be placed on a breeding ground to be effective (a sabouraud or a MacConkey for example), that is a ground where bacteria only develop… but where viruses do not.

To take a viral exam, you need a device called flow cytometer. This, with the help of a microscope, detects the virus. This can’t be done by a swab!

Lastly, if all this is not convincing enough to you but it scratched its way at you a little bit, I invite you to think about the next point.



How come in Rome, there are only 3 positive cases for the virus up to 26th February against the 240 recorded cases in Milan? Rome is one of the Italian cities with a higher air traffic from and to China and which is one of cities that has welcomed and will always welcome foreigners (with thousands and thousands of them coming from China). Don’t you think it’s weird that most of the cases have been recorded in Northern Italy (a zone that is full of the Italian economy)?

Could all this be related to the political subterfuges and disputes that took place U.S.A, in France, in China and in Italy? Could it be related to the ‘‘Silk Road’’ political and economic project agreed between China and Italy?

Is U.S.A wishing for a slow down or for a, why not, stop concerning their economy since this latter was seeming to grow to the point of overcoming the economy of U.S.A.?



coronavirus how to heal and how to make prevention

So, let’s say you’re positive to the test for Coronavirus Covid-19, what should you do? In the short term, being this virus an influenza (namely a pile of dead matter that does not want to take you out), that’s what you should simply do:

  • Stay off your feet, stay warm and (if you got flu) let it take its natural path (even if your temperature is high). ‘‘Give me a high temperature and I’ll do wonders with it’’ used to say the great Parmenide da Velia. To drink a lot of fluids can surely be helpful, as long as they’re natural and dissolved solids free. (So check light water with a low fixed residual or even better fruit and raw biological vegetables natural juices in small sips)

Your flu will last until you get free from the internal ‘‘toxaemia’’.


This latter shows that there’s a poisoning inside your intestinal tract because of decomposing food or some other kind of poisons. Don’t worry, your Immune System is already taking care of it. If you do not feel hungry, that’s normal. Basically, your organism is saying ‘‘Stop feeding yourself until your intestinal tract won’t be clean and the emergency won’t be gone’’.


In the end, to clear your mind and, why not, to give you hope in this dark, negative, pessimistic and ignorant view (a mix of catastrophic elements) … whether you want to recover from ‘‘viral illnesses’’ or you want to make prevention, the one and only solution is reducing what may lead your organism to toxicity, so:

  1. Adopt a healthier and more natural lifestyle, as much in contact with nature as you can.
  2. Choose a vegetable and naturally biologic feed (the ideal would be to self-produce seasonal fruit and vegetables)
  3. Eliminate any form of exogenous pollutant (that come from abroad), namely: smoke, alcohol, drugs, coke, flesh foods (with this term I identify both meat and fish), every kind of animal product, sources of stress and pollution (acoustic, atmospheric, aquatic, thermal, luminous, nuclear, electromagnetic and soil pollution)


If you want me to give you an advice, turn the tv off (or turn it on just to watch a funny movie or something that makes you think about the good, the nice and the righteous things), then let the Coronavirus, its predecessors and its successors (that will come) gothen take a good walk into nature and enjoy every moment with total insouciance, from your awakening to your bedtime!

I was forgetting … always eat healthy!


Have a beautiful day!



Translated by Ilenia Micalizio


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