If you have not found the information you were looking for in the Blog or if you would like more immediate answers to your questions, then you can request a Private Consultation.

After agreeing on the day and time of the meeting, you will have my full attention at your disposal. After listening to you and understanding the discomfort, I will provide you with all the tools you need to regain your health , preparing your body for self-healing and prevention .


The approach I use during a consultation embraces different areas and different levels of our existence. We will start from a concrete, material and tangible approach through the senses that particularly concerns your eating habits. During this first approach, I will make sure that you have well understood the personalized nutritional plan that we will have agreed together and that it gives its results.

In a second step, we will move on to a mental and emotional approach. The quality of our life depends extremely consistently and meticulously on the quality of our thoughts, on the images we project from our minds and emotions. Therefore it is necessary to pay, perhaps even more than once, a careful look at what resides in our mind and change or improve the nature of our own thoughts and emotions where necessary.

Finally, the third and final approach is a spiritual one. It is not necessary for me to tell you, just take a look around to realize how society, for some time now, has completely lost that source of inspiration that brings joy, beauty and love. The fear of death, like so many other fears, arises from detachment from our spiritual source and it is our task to return to it in order to be able to return to savor the happiness of an existence full of grace and blessing.

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If you need to be followed over time, you can opt for one of the two consulting packages. After the first consultation, we will plan the next ones together according to your needs.


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"I have always been, first as a child then as an adult, extremely poor health. Since childhood I have suffered from asthma, hypersensitive (atopic) skin, stomatitis and ear infections. But most of all I have suffered from headache and migraine, true and monsters that have accompanied me throughout my life. For 25 years I have been using antidepressants and I have followed treatments based on antiepileptics and beta-blockers prescribed by the headache center. As a consequence, I found myself having to do without always more foods, because they are the triggers of my migraines. In recent years my health had plummeted in such a disastrous way that it led me to quit my job and distance myself more and more from social life and family affections. I tried different ways, osteopath, naturopath , homeopath, acupuncture, nutritionist, gastroenterologist and other types of treatments. Each time I perceived some very slight improvement, but nothing more and in the meantime my intestines worsened and every food caused me severe migraines again and again. Each time, at the end of each visit, I was told "see you in a month and see how it goes" and each time I found myself feeling left alone again like a boat in the middle of the sea of ​​my discomfort. By doing so, my emotional malaise grew more and more and, at the same time, the wallet was lightened more and more. For the past 2 years I have been approaching meditation and breathing techniques. I also had to resort to psychotherapy, to relieve all the accumulated stress. Then I discovered Gionata, a little by chance, who then by chance never has and I immediately became passionate about reading her book. It opened my mind to new reflections. With great interest I contacted him and asked him if he could accompany me in a healing process. I discovered in him an extremely helpful, sensitive, prepared and attentive person. For the first time I felt truly listened to, followed and accompanied on a daily basis in my journey with him. I stopped feeling like a boat at the mercy of the waves. With his help and his precious advice, I am finally seeing some light again. My head is much better and I am gradually recovering my health without using any medications. Indeed, since I abandoned them and I am following Jonathan's advice on nutrition, I feel my brain clear and active again, I would say present. He explains everything to me in detail, he supports me when I still have small moments of down. I couldn't find a better person and as I always say to him, I will never stop thanking him enough, because now I'm sure that for me too there can be a life without suffering and full of fulfillment. "