Change your life. Colette the beginning of a new life

Colette: the beginning of a new life

Colette: the beginning of a new life

In this article, I’ll talk about Colette (the protagonist of the article Healthy relationships and health: Colette’s history) and her choice to change her life.

If you wish to have a better quality life by using the means you own since when you were born such as creative thought, imaginations and emotions, try to dedicate some moments of your time to this reading.

Probably you, just like me, will draw inspiration from her example and her choices.



It’s 6am and Colette is about to start a new and amazing day.

Even before the alarm clock could wake her up with his 6:20 bip bip, her eyes are already opened and squeezed.

While she is stretching and laying on her bed a little bit more, she gives a look outside the window… where the morning dusk was about to welcome the Sun.

Colette feels so good and grateful… that she wakes up smiling and hopping.

She takes the sheets down and throws wide the window which overlooks the veranda, in order to get some fresh air and to oxygenate the room.

Without worrying about feeling cold, she walks towards the fence wearing her night dress.

She pulls a sigh and starts listening to the sounds the nature which sorrounds her produces.

Change your life: Colette greets the dawn

Colette loves to spend some time, every morning, looking at the view her home gifts to her day by day. And she loves to feel that bitter cold which challenges her skin by giving her the goose bumps.

And right in front of that view she starts doing her yoga exercises sequencing the Sun Salutation.

Now she miraculously does not feel cold anymore!

She starts with the Tadasana (the mountain position) and then moves on to the Uttanasana (which previews to take the hands down the feet), then to the Adho Mukha Svanasana (the upside-down dog) and finally to the Urdhva Mukha Svanasana (the head up dog).

She repeats the sequence up to five times. This way she feels the benefits of it in terms of balance, stability, concentration, flexibility and muscular tone.

The sun has not risen yet, but its light is there and it gives its first signs of life on the horizon.

Colette leans to show her gratitude and closes her eyes.

In her heart she feels a deep sense of gratitude, in her mind she chooses some words to communicate to the world and she makes a powerful affirmation of them:


I love myself and the life that has been given to me

I’m infinitely grateful and happy

I’m Colette and today I choose to be the best version of me!”


I’m infinitely grateful and happy

The peace in her heart makes her molecules vibrate with joy.

A few months have passed since when her life changed drastically.

After that karmic meeting with Rémy in the romantic Paris, Colette turned her life around for what regarded her job, her relationships and even her choice of food.

Everything – on the inside first and outside secondly – has undergone a transformation.

Colette never regretted making those choices, however extreme, absurd or incomprehensible they could be seen by those who were close to her.

Some of her friends – especially those who boasted of being “down-to-earth people” – said:

  • Let it go;
  • Do not take the risk;
  • Even if you don’t like it, your job is secure;
  • What? Don’t you want to eat meat anymore? Don’t be ridiculous… you need animal protein!



When thinking about those words, Colette kept telling herself she was happy about not listening to what the others – maybe because of their fear – advised her to do.

Being aware of the fact that she was becoming more mature during that period, made her trust herself and life again.

Day by day she started deciding to put into practice her discoveries made on the Creative Thinking (I’ll talk to you about it through the e-book I have planned for you).

Those discoveries lead her to make those choices which, over time, have turned out to be incredibly useful, fruitful, effective and productive in all aspects and all areas of her daily life.

Today Colette is happier, and you can easily see that by looking at her face… which is incredibly calm and relaxed.

A light is constantly shining in her life and it keeps on shining regardless of what happens around her (unexpected work matters, misunderstandings with friends or relatives or the adverse weather, for example).

This happens because the truth is that when there’s a light inside, no matter the context you’re in… you’re shining and you’re radiating your light around you.


And as Colette says …

If you want your day to be wonderful, you have to start off on the right foot! 🙂



So, after doing yoga, Colette goes back to her bedroom, she washes her face, she goes to the kitchen and makes a herbal tea with hawthorn and organic mulberries she had dried up before.

While she was mixing her herbal tea with a teaspoon, she noticed the sun rising and popping to the horizon.

She gets her herbal tea and goes back to the veranda. She goes down some steps and walks to the valley which is right in front of her new house.

And just like every morning she chooses not to miss the most propicious time for …

… creating her kind of reality!  



Colette and her life changer

So, she stops for a moment and sits on the grass assuming the lotus posture, while the herbal tea she’s holding makes her feel the heath throughout the body.

She takes a deep breath, closes her eyes and starts listening to her inner world.

Then she starts thinking and visualizing everything she’d like to come true that day, feeling the joy and the gratitude.

At the same time she does this, she tries to imagine vividly all that, from the context she is in to every single detail … and she felt like she was experiencing for real what was in her imagination.

After that, she opens her eyes, she smiles and says …


Good morning, world!



What did exactly happen to Colette, and what did change her so drastically to make her find that harmonious balance in her life?

Let’s take a look at it by mentioning the three main steps.

When I’ll be meeting her again, I’ll ask her to give me more details… and I’ll talk more about them through one of the next articles.

She obviously supports me 😉



  1. Job change
  2. Social relationships
  3. Natural diet


~  ~  ~



Change life. Job change

This was her first step, her first big change.

After understanding that she had to make a change in her life, she realized she should have started from here… namely from her job.

She didn’t want to be an anonymous employee who executes some common tasks mechanically.

Especially because those tasks didn’t change, they were repetitive and monothematic.

Colette knew she could do more than that in the world of work. And that was what she wanted, namely getting herself in the game and giving her best.


It was not by chance that, when attending University, she continued to study until the very end. She made some sacrificies to pass each exam with full marks and to overcome any obstacle.

But her decision about the job change was based on other reasons, such as the fact that her current job didn’t not let her find some free time for herself, her family or her passions.

Within herself, at the beginning of this change, she knew she would have found another job suitable to her professional profile.

She clearly could feel it inside!

And she imagined that maybe this new job could have made her perform her creativity with joy and charisma.

And so it was!


But how did she start her new job, exactly?



She started by creating a new curriculum vitae from scratch, becouse she wanted it to be original, starting with her way to introduce herself.

She found about ten companies that could suit her.

Her qualification suited the profile sought by almost all the companies she had chosen.

Some of them were also looking for an experienced person in the field but she unfortunately was not one of them.

However, she decided to try, since she was confident about telling its say even though she was aware of the fact there would have been more experienced people than her.

So, apart from her curriculum vitae, she started writing a cover letter to underline her qualities.

Those qualities could have been useful to the company.

She tried, then, to express herself positively, since she knew that – in order to obtain something good regarding jobs or social relationships – apart from actions…

…it is important to have very positive thoughts.


Would you like to know what happened next?

Almost all of the companies she sent her curriculum to answered her by making an appointment at a distance of one or two weeks at the most.

When she started having some interviews, she found herself facing different personalities such as: shy and introvert ones, charismatic, talkative or know-it-all ones.

Some of them had tons of experience and even Steve Jobs (if he was still alive) would envy their curriculum.

But Colette didn’t lose heart. In fact, when facing the top player of the field she gave her best.

After all the first interviews she succeded, she had to make a selection, since everything was getting too coincidental in terms of days and times.

She chose two of them, then, excluding two other companies which were interesting anyway.

This choice was obviously risky, but that’s what life’s also about (don’t you think?).

At the end of the third interview with both of the companies, they told her they would let her know.

So, she waited patiently and confidently.



One of the companies called her to ask if she could go to the office where she had the first interview.

She went there early, walking by the gardens of the square next to the office of the company and waiting for the appointment time to come.

She had no clue about what they wanted to tell her.

When the right time came, she went to the office where the already known man with a full but cultivated beard and graying hair whom she met during the first interview was waiting for her.

Mr. Luigi – that was his name – gave her a nod to let her come in.

She did not wait for him to do it twice and while she took a sit, she noticed an envelope in front of her.

Mr. Luigi told her:

“Take your time to read it and give it back to me after making your decision and signing it.”


Colette can remember those words like it was yesterday, since that was …

… her contract of employment!


How could Colette know she met the head of the company during her first interview.

Mr. Luigi was not in his office that day… he was in a normal and anonymous room and there were no plaques affixed over the wall or over the door.

During the next days, in fact, her new collegues told her that Mr. Luigi – the director – always did that.

He wanted to be the first person who meets the employees of his company but, at the same time, he didn’t want them to know he was the director right away.


However… Colette had finally a job and it was not just any job, since it was something she has been aspiring to for many years and that she had managed to obtain right when she started to face her life with enthusiasm, emotional charge and desire to get involved.

Mr. Luigi liked and widely recognized these three good qualities in her during the previous interview.




Change life. Colette social relations

The second step that mainly and positively changed Colette’s life is related to social relationships.

Once she went back to Paris, Colette decided she had to make some changes in her friendships and affections.

She felt it was the right time for her to let go of all those people who stole her energy and made her go down.

She created new contacts based on trust, respect, mutual esteem, authenticity and freedom under all its forms of expression.

Rémy, her boyfriend, helped her in this without interfering with her choices, even if these latters were overwhelming.

However, he stayed by her side and helped her in feeling the harmony of every situation.

That’s one of Rémy’s characteristics that made Colette fall in love with him since the very first moment she met him.


Colette also learned that, surprisingly, her new contacts improved her health as well.

Let’s now take a look at her discoveries regarding the natural diet.




Change life. Colette natural food

Here’s another key point.

A fundamental step of the change our protagonist made in her life.

Colette, simultaneously to the choices made in terms of work and social life, also kicked away all those unhealthy habits which gave her pain and digestive problems.

She learned about Natural Hygiene  and read some books (I will give you the links to them if you’d like to buy a copy) which talked about Natural Diet, Self Healing and Fasting, namely some very interesting and fascinating topics in her opinion.

She read the main works of Herbert M. Shelton, such as:

Fasting can save your life” 

If you’ve not read it yet, this is probably the right time to do it.

In my opinion, this book is one of this author’s best works.

Then, she read another very important book written by Arnold Ehretwhich is useful during the process of awareness and awakening.

Mucusless Diet Healing System


And then, another book written by Michael Greger M.D. FACLM.

How Not to Die: Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease” 

This is a direct and illuminating text which offers extremely important information about health (which everyone should be aware of), as well as tips about what to eat and to eat not.


Maybe, among the three of them, this latter is the most important for those who would like to have a complete picture of the situation in order to know how to act.

These books have been written by the main authors of the health science, namely the Hygienism.


What would you think now if I told you that, regardless of the illness you are suffering from, there is a self-healing system in your body that is likely to help you in recovering without making you have medicines or debilitating therapies?


It’s interesting, isn’t it?

Just like Colette, I can say all this is possible, since I recovered from a pre-existing pathology by simply starting to live a healthier lifestyle.



She was not properly informed about it before that period, and that is why she was on a wrong diet.

But this is a standard condition, if you think about it.

She’s not the only one who, being ignorant or in a rush because of the timetable of a job she luckily left, was on a diet which did not let her pay attention to what she ate.

But after starting to be responsible towards her health, she started being on a raw-food vegan diet, which made her recover from psoriasis within a few months.

I don’t have to tell you that, for Colette, that healing process was like a miracle.

However, this latter was not the only thing she noticed about the new herself.

She realized that also other pathologies she had been suffering from since her teenage years were slowly disappearing.

But we’ll talk about this in the next chapter 😉

What do you think of her choices?

If you’d like to, share your experience through the comments section below!


Translated by Ilenia Micalizio

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