herbal breakfast

Breakfast according to circadian rhythms

herbal breakfast

Breakfast according to circadian rhythms

If you too have wondered which is the best breakfast according to circadian rhythms, you are in the right place to find your answer.

A long time ago, while talking to a friend, I asked what he usually has for breakfast. And he answered:


“Breakfast? What is breakfast?…

… I absolutely have nothing in the morning.

I wake up, I take a shower and I go straight to work!”


Those words made me think and they have been a great lesson to me.

Probably that person did not even know that his trying to avoid to have breakfast was a wise choice from some points of view.

Letting our digesting organs rest after sleeping is not a bad idea.

You will know why by reading this article.




I would like to tell you why I think that not to eat anything in the morning is a good choice.

I’ll also tell you why a healthy breakfast is an even better choice. In other words…


If you choose to have the classical and mediterranean breakfast in the morning, or the English breakfast, you should start avoiding it and fasting until it’s lunch time.

If you choose a healthy breakfast, instead, I’ll probably recommend to keep having it.


So if not to have breakfast makes you feel good and makes you feel more energetic than ever, it’s very good.

I would not recommend other ways.

But if you’re reading this article is because the title made you feel curious. So, keep on reading.

I will share with you some truths I found about thanks to some studies and self-experiences.

herbal breakfast



To have breakfast does not always mean that you are going to feel energetic enough to face morning activities and, why not… early evening activities as well.


“a good breakfast” does not mean “rich breakfast”


So, if your breakfast makes you work properly or not, it depends on what you choose to eat and this DOES NOT depend on the kind of person.



If you want to practice doping, to compromise your acid-base balance drastically that you gained during the night (through sleeping), well, that’s the right way.

Or if you want to get rid of your wellness and your health, to damage your digestive system by going straight to the emergency room, do it!

I’d say that a brioche and a cappuccino will make you reach those goals, shortly or not.

The reasons why to eat a croissant and a cappuccino is wrong, or a short pastry with a coffee and so on, are many.

Apart from ethical and healthy reasons listed through other artiche, according to our circadian rhythm, our body faces the expulsive/voiding phase from 4.00 in the morning till 12.00. In other words, that is not the right time to digest or to assimilate.



Circadian rhythms are 3 daily range of time and each of them lasts 8 hours, during which the 3 of the natural phases of our body are achieved:




Breakfast circadian rhythms


Digestion – [from 12.00 to 20.00] – It’s a phase related to the real digestion. During this phase, it’s recommended to have the two of the main meals and some snacks between meals.

Assimilation – [from 20.00 to 04.00] – assimilation phase. The first few hours are dedicated to the real assimilation of the nutritional elements. The last few hours are dedicated to the fast, namely the phase of reparation from which a sick body should not prescind.

Elimination – [from 04.00 to 12.00] – voiding phase, during which, according to the word itself, the body uses its energies to expel the metabolic waste material, the dead cells and so on.

Obviously, to respect these three phases would be a good praxis.




After understanding the fact that our stomach IS NOT a garbage bin where to throw everything we look at and everything that can stimulate our appetite, after accepting the importance of the Circadian Cycles, I would like to give you an alternative to fasting that is recommended for the voiding phase.


Breakfast circadian rhythms tisane


  1. Herbal tea (try to change it day by day in order of the requests of your smell and taste) – I repeat Herbal tea, not Tea;
  2. A raw fruits and vegetables juice. I would recommend the carrot-apple-celery one with a pinch of ginger. (If you don’t have a slow juicer, I would recommend the one by Kuvings);
  3. One or two portions of fruit, with an interval of 30-40 minutes.

[An interval of 20-25 minutes between the first and the second would be the best solution]


The herbal tea should be the first, since it makes the waste left inside the digestive tract go towards the output channel. On the contrary, when eating fruits directly, there would be fermentation given by the contact between sugar juice of the fruit and the waste left inside the digestive tract.

After that, the juice (in this case I mean a juice given by a slow grinding that let the enzymes alive) is like the guarantee for gaining energy ready to use.

In the end, we’ll talk about whole fruits that will help you to feed effectively your cells and to get strength and focalization in the morning.


On the one hand, the choice of having breakfast in the morning blocks the process of detoxing and of cleaning of the organism momentarily. On the other hand, it supports you during your morning activities without making you use your energy supplies.




You are now probably wondering why a herbal-tea-and-fruit-based breakfast is okay, but a coffee-and-croissant-based one is not (and all the similar options). The reasons are clear:

For startes, coffee has a long list of contraindications. Here some:

  • It contains caffeine, namely one of the 20 strongest poisons in the world. Being a drug, it causes addiction;
  • It causes malformations and genetical flaws for the future children to be;
  • Methilglyoxal makes it carcinogenic;
  • It irritates the stomach lining until procuring gastric ulcer to it;
  • Increases blood pressure shrinking the diameter of blood vessels;
  • It has destructive effects on the renal system because of the oxalic acid;
  • It throws off the cerebral system drastically, procuring restlessness, agitation and muscular tremors.


There is a list of contraindications for the croissant as well, basically made of eggs, milk and butter, which are not natural elements for our body.

Evey product that is egg, milk and butter based (themselves as well) is full of anti-inflammatories, beta blockers, hormones and antibiotics, but they also contain satured fat and an amount of protein that go far beyond what our organism needs daily.



the power of fruits

Since fruit is ALIVE and organic, instead, it does not compromise our organism at all. On the contrary, it stimulates the eliminative and cleaning processes. It also feeds us sufficiently.

There are not contraindications for it, apart from for those who have an intoxicated organism. For these people, fruit would encourage strong eliminative crisis that could be confused with intolerance to this or that kind of fruit.


Here we go with the most important and positive aspects of fruit:

  • It’s refreshing, diuretic, depurative, anti-inflammatory and laxative;
  • It thins and oxygenates blood, letting it be the perfect allied for our immune system;
  • It regulates bowel movements and encourages diuresis;
  • It’s 10 times more hydrating than water in a bottle or fountains;
  • It improves anaemia thanks to its iron;
  • It gives balance to the presence of liquids inside the organism and helps to expel excess fluid;
  • Represents a valuable aid for the cardiovascular system;
  • It gives balance to the intestine avoiding and solving chronic constipation (without using dangerous chimical laxatives that are related to a long list of contraindications);
  • Fights against inappetence, tiredness and nervousness;
  • It strengthens hair and nails;
  • It’s natural remedy for diarrhea and constipation;
  • It has an alkalizing power: it makes it better than any medical treatment when restoring our health.



Obviously, if you are facing overweight problems, there’s no need for me to say that this article will be useful to you.

If you’d like to change lifestyle and feed yourself in a more natural way… remember there will always be detoxification phases alternated with incredibile wellness phases.



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