Act or React ?

Act or React ?

Act or React ?

Probably in your lifetime you must have hear sometimes these words:

” You have to react … Do not live your life passively, be present, be active! … Do not let yourself go, do not abandon yourself … REACT !!! “

Act or React ?


Well, it is certainly important to be able to react to external events, because throughout our existence, in front of us, we will always find unexpected situations. So, knowing how to react in a positive way, with courage, enthusiasm and at the same time with sincerity and honesty, is very, very important.

Your positive attitude will determine many positive things: the success of a job interview, a friendship, the evolution of a friendship in a love story, your children’s trust and much more.

However, as important as is to be able to react and above all how to react … it is certainly even more important to know how to ACT!



Act means being the lead of your life and not a mere spectator!

In other words, it means waking up in the morning with clear ideas about what you want to do, implement, propose during the whole day … providing what is necessary to achieve it and implement it through concrete actions.

Letting your life pass you by, without even being aware of it, believe me, is the greatest waste you can do.

Act or React ? Life is a gift

I read these words during a day of absolute mental confusion and I still remember that period like it was yesterday. I was in a period of change in my life and I was running out of money on my bank account and I had chosen to start a new work experience in a new city in northern Italy.

Although I was taken by so many thoughts concerning my moving out to another city, those words, day after day, were echoing in my mind.


I was wondering…

“What does it mean to live someone else’s life? How can I live another person’s life?”

Slowly, I learned.



Living someone else’s life means living ideals, dreams, ideas (no matter how right or wrong they are) of someone else. I give the following example to explain the concept better:

If your father is a chief of oncology in a hospital and your mother plays a similar role in the pediatric ward of the same hospital, but you would not sign up at the medical school even if your parents would gave you the Maserati Levante latest model, then doing it would be exactly living someone else’s life.


And if you are not entirely convinced of what I am saying now, I urge you to think about this: even if you will graduate with honors in medicine and immediately after you start working in the same hospital where your parents work, if on the one hand you could begin to appreciate that work, on the other side you would probably start thinking for what insane reason they persuaded you to take that path.

And even if your salary was so high, so you could achieve many projects that you had in mind, you would accept a working life that does not give you emotion … and WE ARE NOTHING without emotions!

Attention! I do not want to say that this type of choice does not give emotion to anyone (the example of the course of study in Medicine is purely coincidental), I just want to say that it does not give emotion to you … because simply if you are not done for that path is because, within you, you have other ambitions and aspirations.

Instead are those ambitions … those aspirations … that you should follow! Why? Because only through them you can really realize yourself!



First of all, the first thing you should do in my opinion is this:

  • Recognize and remind yourself that you are the only person responsible for your life: if you have that particular job, if you have a certain disease, if you live a relationship that you would not want to live … it is because you have made certain choices! Sooner you realize it, the better. So if until today you had the habit of pointing the finger at someone, giving him the responsibility of what happened to you … from now on change your modus operandi and remember these words …

Act or React ? Everything that happens in your life, happens FOR you, non TO you!

… where these words want to tell you that your life has not come to inflict a punishment … but to give you an opportunity. Then…



Secondly … if you’ve never done it before, I suggest you ask yourself these questions:

  1. Who am I?
  2. For what am I really suited for?
  3. What steps I need to take to achieve what I really am suited for?

Then, for each of these questions, write the answer or answers on a sheet and attach it on the wall of your room or your home where you can read them every day.


Thirdly … when evening arrive and you are going to bed, dedicate 10 minutes of your time to imagine, with your eyes closed and with an adequate emotional participation, yourself in being who you would be and in doing what you would like to do, that is what you wrote on that sheet at points 1 and 2.

In general, this is enough to make ideas blossom in you in order to achieve what you desire … and this is enough to make the universe create the conditions and opportunities so that you have what you have clearly written on the sheet. It is not me but it is science that says it! In particular, quantum physics has established that there can be no matter without a mental action.



TAKE ACTION! And do it NOW… not tomorrow… NOW!

Because in the end, life can be experienced only ever in the PRESENT.

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