A new awareness. A directional change

A new awareness

A new awareness. A directional change

Have you ever lived moments in your life, in which you think that everything you do every day has to change … in which you think the time has come to make a decision that radically upset your future?

I suppose so … but in any case, even if your answer should be no, I suggest you to continue reading this article anyway!

A new awareness



A few years ago, precisely in October 2014, I finished my studies in Nautical Sciences at the University of Naples Parthenope. The graduation grade was excellent, and this, combined with my curiosity and seriousness in deepening a subject, prompted my teacher to ask me to continue my studies because, remembering his words, “the university needed students/researchers like me“.

I have a deep respect for my professor, supervisor of my thesis and chair of graduation commission. To this day I can say that in all my student life, starting from primary school, only three professors have really given me something important: teachings that are still part of my daily life. He is among these three.



However, one year before graduating, when about 6 – 8 exams were missing to finish the study plan, I had known something that had changed the way I see my life and consequently changed my aspirations and desires.

The discovery I had made, had literally shocked me … mind you, in the positive sense of the word! I knew something that had given birth to new questions, far deeper than I could ever have imagined. And these questions demanded answers, in short, I needed to find new certainties.

I could not imagine that those certainties, once reached, would have changed my life in a completely unexpected way.



A new awareness

I decided to feed myself in a natural way, preferring raw fruit and vegetables … I decided to change my attitude towards events and situations that day after day knocked on my door. I began to look at the world through its colors and the wonders that it shows in every corner … and I turned my thoughts from negative to positive.

In other words, I decided to


to love what life has to give me,

instead of hating the fact that life itself decided to take away what it had given me!


The discovery to which I refer in the previous paragraph, concerns the discovery of the vegan world, a world that fascinated me and struck my sensibility in a very unique way.

However, before making this choice, I carefully considered the consequences I could have against. I studied very carefully everything I wanted to find out to learn more, I read many books and met many people who made me think that this road was …

My path!



Becoming vegan not only you can give a strong support to the animalist forces that day by day get busy so the world opens its eyes and understands how many injustices happen “behind the curtain”, simply buying at the supermarket 100 gr of sliced ham, but improves noticeably the state of our physical and mental health.

Through this choice you will notice how gradually many of those physical hassles that you have will disappear. Like chronic (and not) skin diseases (psoriasis, impetigo, eczema, acne, dermatitis, erythemas, etc.), like seasonal and non-seasonal influences, colds, headaches and so on. Your body will thus have the full freedom to express its health and beauty in the best possible way.

The list of benefits is very long and includes healing from more serious problems such as bone and joint diseases, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even cancer. And since our body must be observed and studied in its entirety, through an holistic vision of its whole, it is good to know that this choice contributes to healing also the problems of the psyche.

In short, the vegan choice brings benefits in every field.



Why? Simply because finally man begins to feed himself in the right way, in the most appropriate way, respecting the demands of his organism. For example, the 9 amino acids that are considered “essential” (as the body can not produce them), are easily obtainable from vegetables and fruit such as apple, carrot and celery.

With regard to omega 3, we can find them into the cabbage along with other elements such as iron, calcium and omega 6. But this is just an example … each fruit and each vegetable contains a huge amount of nutrients necessary to our daily energy requirement.



The vegan choice, which also involves lighter digestions, frees the body from toxins in an easier and faster way.

I imagine that anyone who has minimally interfaced with the world of health has well understood how harmful foods such as sugar, meat (especially red, but also white), dairy products, white flours, eggs, salt, fish and shellfish are. We want to talk about the fried? I think there is no need (at least not in this article).

Know instead that FRUIT …. is the main food for the human being! Same thing (or almost) for raw vegetables.



Let’s make a simple analogy: do you know how much water is inside a fruit or a vegetable? About 74% for a banana, 98% for watermelon, cucumber 96%, lettuce and celery 95%, and so on.

And could you tell me instead how much water the human body is made of? According to recent studies conducted by Gerald Pollack, professor of Bioengineering at the University of Washington, the water content in the human body can reach up to 99%.

This awareness, along with many other studies, reasoning and deductions, would lead one to think that fruit and vegetables are THE IDEAL FOOD for us.



It is clear that habits are difficult to eradicate, but over time – believe me – anyone can change …. you too, if you want!

Time ago, I was a consumer of meat, cow’s milk, all kinds of biscuits and mozzarella … These together with pasta, fish were the basis of my diet. Today, for about 8 years now, I nourish my body in a predominantly vegan way and I am alive, well and full of strength. I also tell you that I never took any supplement and I stopped taking all sorts of medicine.

I have a lot more concentration than before and physically I exceed my expectations. When I dedicate myself in my research studio and work, the energy seems to never leave me.



A new awareness. A directional change

So, after I realized these truths about health, ethics and the environment … I felt within me the desire to inform the world and let people know that there is an alternative to hospitalization, to contact the attending physician , to spend money at the pharmacy for medicines that do not heal you, but that instead help you to trudge.

But the question you must ask is “do you want to TRUDGE or do you want to LIVE?”. Know that the difference is considerable.

Think about it for a moment? But when the human being was born, hundreds of thousands of years ago, was born with the pharmacy “behind the house”? Was born next to a tree of mostly chemical snacks or was born next to a fruit tree?



We are born from nature, in a perfect body like that of the human being … that does not self-destruct because of viruses, bacteria, and anything else but that is simply sick because of our ignorance in food and in lifestyle.

It is clear that we get old anyway, but at least we do it in the right way, living without ailments, without dependence on medicines, with the ability and the energy to take a long walk even at the age of 90 and beyond.

Today if I have chosen to contribute to the dissemination of this knowledge through my blog (but also through private consultations and public conferences) it is to help all those who really want to regain their well-being, an optimal state of health free of degenerative diseases and with awareness that makes a person free from the slavery of allopathic treatments and medical visits.

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