5G: A CRIME against humanity

5G: A CRIME against humanity and the environment

5G: A CRIME against humanity

5G: A CRIME against humanity and the environment

Many people tried to dissuade me from contending the fact that 5G is a CRIME against humanity and the environment which surround us. I tried to tell them my reasons but, those who support technology and its innovations are unwilling to look at the negative sides.

In this period, in parallel to the Coronavirus, 5G is becoming a hot issue.

However, if we talk about mass media (the so called Media Mainstream), we can also say that this topic is not being faced with due attention.

5G: A CRIME against humanity

It’s no surprise that these channels (Tv first) are becoming ideal means used to control the masses. Apart from informing you in a neutral way, they manoeuvre your thoughts by making you believe what they want you to believe.

That’s why, on request of some people, I decided to write an article about 5g for this blog. If you keep on reading, then, I’ll tell you why:

5G is a real risk not only for the human being’s health, but also for the environment and for all the species who inhabit it. Click To Tweet

I will not elaborate much on the technical aspects linked to the topic. I think there are people who know more about it and who could talk about the topic in a more scientific way.

So, as I acted while writing the previous articles, I’ll simply give you my opinion based on reflections, studies of different nature and on a ‘sixth sense’ which made me understand, just like in the past, many things I could not understand otherwise.

Here too, I suggest you question what you will read. If you want, you can verify by researching, experiencing and feeling sensations related to what I’m about to say.



  1. What is 5G?
  2. Frequencies in auction for more than 6 billions of Euros
  3. Beyond our opinion and our consent
  4. Voices of alarm coming from science
  5. Less free, more controlled
  6. 5G: trees will be downed because they stand in the way of the signal
  7. I don’t believe in the bacteria-theory, I believe in the wickedness of man
  8. Links between Covid-19 and 5G: are they actually fake news?

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Let’s start by explaining what 5G is and which are its more important aspects, namely those which make this kind of technology different from the others.

5G: CRIME against humanity. what is 5g?

The acronym 5g refers to the technologies of fifth generations. They are not related to mobile phones only, but to the entire field named “ Internet of things ”.

In English, in fact, Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology applied to sensors, connected drives and, generally, to those objects which are connected to the local network, to Internet which interact with each other.

Further ahead I’ll quote an example to make you understand what we’re talking about.

Then, if at first (1G generation) this technology was exclusively used for phones and for calls, from 1990 on there has been a more and more reckless, uncontrolled and unaware ‘development’ of this technology.


Let’s take a look at the timeline:

  • 2G technology – ( 1991/1997 ) – use of a mobile phone as a simple device which emitted/received calls and messages;
  • ( 1998/2007 ) they switch to 3G technology – use of a mobile phone as a device which emitted/received calls and messages and which can surf the net;
  • 4G Technology – ( 2008/2019 ) – apart from the previous functions acquired thanks to 3G and the other technologies, there has been an increase of connection (listening to music, videocalling, HD movies and so on);
  • 5G technology – ( dal 2020 ) – apart from a dizzy increase of connection, there has been a radical change of the entire network structure and communication.

In fact…

With 5G, human beings will not be the only users of this technology, but objects which surround us will be users as well. (Andrea Grieco) Click To Tweet


Let’s now talk about the examples I told you about earlier.

Andrea Grieco (a physicist who have been dealing with electromagnetic pollution issues) talks about this topics and reports the absurdity of the situation we are going to face by quoting this example:

“Our fridge will have its own CPU, its built-in computer, will detect the lacking of your favourite beer. It will autonomously get in touch with the supermarket and will order a case of beer which will be delivered by other ‘autonomous’ transports such as drones or cars without a driver. In the end, we will not have to worry about the payment, since the fridge will send a message to our bank and this latter will send money to the supermarket.”

Do you think this is a joke? Not at all. Keep on reading.

Let’s now talk about the procedure used for the usage of rights of frequencies for the new 5G technology.




5G auction 6 billions of euros

As with properties and many other technologies of valuable items, auctions are held to be able to award a certain frequency band. In Italy, frequency bands awarded for 5G technology at the end of 2018 are:

  • 694 – 790 MHz
  • 2700 MHz
  • 3600 – 3800 MHz
  • 26,5 – 27,5 GHz (millimetre waves).

The first frequency band was awarded by telephone companies for a total amount of 2 billions of euros. The second and the third were awarded for a total amount of 4 billions of euros. The last band (26,5 – 27,5 GHz), which has a very limited range and is strongly shielded by vegetation (see later paragraph ‘5G:  trees will be downed because they stand in the way of the signal’), walls, rain and other obstacles, was awarded for a total amount of 132 millions of euros.




beyond our consent

Does the fact that they spent all that money to use these frequencies surprise you? And if I told you that these frequencies have biological visual effects which are negative for all forms of life (plants, animals, insects, microbes and obviously the human being), how would you feel?

How would you feel if I told you that, by using these or those frequencies, now or in the past, they completely bypassed the popular consensus and they went far beyond the sense of ethics, respect for the health and the environment?

Just to quote an example, have you ever taken part in a referendum thanks to which you expressed your vote in favour or not of the usage of a certain type of technology?

Maybe our opinion does not count anymore and so our consent. Now, acting at the expense of others for a mere economic interest seems to be the norm.




I’ll quote just a few of the countless medical and scientific opinions I came across while learning about the topic.

Scientific opinions

Doctor Joel M. Moskowitz, director at the Centre for family and community health of University of California, in Berkeley, expressed his opinion by saying… it would be appropriate to “ensure the precaution before unleashing the 5g technology in this world”.

Mark Steele, one of the main global experts in head-up display weapon systems, thinks that 5g is lethal. He says “ 5G is a system of the government’s weapon, an existential threat for the economy, for the environment and for the humanity. If these repeaters are everywhere it means that everyone is at risk.”

The ex government’s American physicist Dr. Ron Powell, about the risks related to 5g, claims that: “…it would radiate everyone causing damage with the radio frequency radiations, pregnant ladies, fetuses, little children… old, disabled and very sick people”.

Lastly, from USA once again, there is a shocking interview of Martin Pall, emeritus professor of biochemistry at the Washington State University of Portland. Professor Pall, known for being one of the most credited scholars of electrosensitivity and interactions with the magnetic field in the world, said: “I foresee major ecological disasters and fire, since plants which are prone to electromagnetic fields are more inflammable. We can be sure that 5g will involve a number of pulsations much greater than the current electromagnetic fields. It will be a matter of particularly powerful and risky pulsations. We could go through terrible epidemics and the onset of 4 types of blindnesses, namely the cataract, the retinal detachment, the glaucoma and the macular degeneration. It is expected of it to cause kidney damage. If 5g will be made according to the established plans, humanity will be extinguished in 5 or 7 years”.

Once again, these are just a few of the opinions I wanted to quote.




5G: CRIME against humanity: less free and more controlled

A desperate plea coming from doctors, scientists and researchers entitled “5G is a crime against humanity, stop it both in this world and in the space!” was sent in 2018 to the UN organisations, to the WHO (World Health Organization), to the Council of the European Union and to the National Governments. The plea (which source I’ll quote at the end of the text I’m going to report) said:

The Telecommunication companies of all over the world, with the support of the governments, within the next two years are likely to implement the fifth generation wireless network (5g). It will be an unprecedented social change on a global scale. There will be ‘smart’ homes, ‘smart’ companies, ‘smart’ highways, ‘smart’ cities and self-driving cars.
Basically, everything we own and buy, from fridges to washing machines, from milk cartons, hairbrushes or nappies for babies, will contain antennas and microchips and it will be connected to internet thanks to a wireless network.
Every living being on Earth will have access to high speed wireless communications, even in rainforests, in the ocean or in the Antarctic.
If the Telecommunication companies’ plans for 5g will be realized, nobody, no animal, no bird, no insect or no plant on Earth will be able to avoid the exposure, 24h per day, 365 days per year, to levels of radiations and radiofrequencies that will be tens or hundreds of times more intense than today, without any possibility of going anywhere else on this planet.

Source: Oasi Sana informazione libera e naturale (italian)




Trees will be downed

It seems that trees, especially those higher than a certain point, stand in the way of the 5G signal.

Not so long ago I realized that the more I thought about it, the more memories came to my mind. Entire avenues of the city where I live were once wooded and rich in vegetation. Then, overnight, they’ve been “razed to the ground” (coincidentally in 2018) for unjustified reasons.

While talking about it with my dad, he told me that some people said those trees had contracted a specific bacteria. This bacteria, according to their opinion, was going to eat the tree inside out and that’s why all of them had been razed to the ground.

I won’t lie about the sadness and bitterness I felt while looking at what was happening right in front of my eyes. Especially when comparing that scene with pictures (impressed in my mind) of a particular avenue that had always been lush and full of greenery.

So the answer I gave my dad at that time was “uhmmm”!

I’m not neither an arborist nor a vegetation expert, but I’ve always had a good nose for these things. I’ve always thought of being lucky for this inclination to know how to understand nature’s “messages”.




I’m sorry to say, and maybe I’ll disappoint some of you, but I’ve never believed in the bacteria theory as a reason for a tree to die. And nowadays it should be well known that bacteria are everywhere, especially in nature.

Half of a meter of a tree bark contains billions of them. And, among them, should there be the bad and mean one which decided to kill not one but all of the trees of that avenue? And it just so happens to do it while a city logging has been implemented for the 5G technology, right?

No, I’d rather believe in the disproportionate usage of herbicides, pesticides or other chemical agents which block the natural growth of vegetation.

I believe in the effects attached to the polluted air, which is dangerous for men, for vegetation and for every form of life.

And I believe in the man’s intention of getting rid of what is “unnecessary” (a tree or a series of trees, for the case of 5g, but not only that) to replace that thing with buildings which have antennas and repeaters (a commercial centre, for example).

If you’d like to know more about it and to become aware of cases which are similar to the one I reported and which have been detected in Italy only, I suggest you take a look at this video:

Massimo Mazzucco: 5g and indiscriminate cutting of trees

(The video is in Italian, but it can still be interesting for you to see the images of the many trees unfortunately cut down in the name of this new 5G technology)




If what you read so far is not enough for you to realize that 5g is a crime against humanity, let’s talk about an additional consideration.

Martin Pall (professor emeritus of biochemistry I talked about earlier) tells about the possible link between Coronavirus and 5G, focusing the attention on the protein molecule of calcium channel (VGCC) which propellers act like a voltage sensor for the electrical changes through a plasma membrane.

It has been proven that frequencies exacerbate the viral replication, the diffusion or the lethality of the disease!


Another study carried out by Ronald Neil Kostoff, graduated at the University of Princeton in Aerospace and mechanical Sciences, author of more than 200 articles peer-reviewed (including pieces about Parkinson, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer and SARS) and affiliate researcher committed to monitoring how dangerous electromagnetic irradiations are, who directly faces the risks of wireless by associating them with the exacerbation of the Coronavirus pandemic.

” According to Kostoff, because of the permanent and ubiquitous irradiation of the electrosmog we’re living the biggest but non-ethical experiment in the history of humanity, since nobody expressed any consent for being part of a global open-air test conducted by using a permanent multi-frequency bombardment.
And talking about electrosmog, pandemic and Coronavirus, by quoting 38 international studies Kostoff claims how it is now proven that wireless lowers the immune system and exposes people – who were already encircled by immuno-neurotoxic environmental agents – to viruses and diseases.
And Coronavirus, just like what happened in China, is nothing but the umpteenth evidence of vulnerability of a now weak organism, also and above all because of the dangerous summation of 5G, 4G, 3G, 2G and Wi-Fi “

Taken from Oasi Sana informazione libera e naturale (italian)



Translated by Ilenia Micalizio


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