A vegan and basically raw diet can and must be embraced: most of the living species are raw

A vegan and basically raw diet can and must be embraced

Who is vegan probably has already had the opportunity to hear some phrases like:

Do you really eat raw? What does it mean to be raw? Eating raw is a sign that you do not cook anything? In other words do not you use neither oven nor plate and even microwaves?


A vegan and basically raw diet can and must be embraced: most of the living species are raw


After a few years, thinking back to these phrases, I’m seriously worried about how confused people are on this subject.

You see, eating raw does not mean being radical enough to be reduced to eating a freshly picked carrot with soil; eating raw, means getting closer to what is our true nutritional nature, just like many animal species.


Carefully review the phrase shown in the figure above:

“Many people consider a raw food diet to be radical. But consider this: There are roughly 1.800.000 species that eat raw food, yet only 1 that eats cooked”


From this message it is evident that it is certainly not the human being to live in “normality”.

Consider, dear reader, that cooking is synonymous with high temperatures. The first thing you think about when it comes to high temperatures is fire and, as everyone knows, fire destroys everything. A fire that devastates a forest, is the cause of destruction of trees, cause of killing of animal species of all sizes, like living microorganisms in this habitat and all the surrounding vegetation. And, alas, a good dose of blame for these fires is human beings, both indirectly and for fraud. When I write “indirectly” I refer to the fact that the human being with his choices (I refer in particular to intensive farms, today the first cause of pollution of our atmosphere with about 25% of CO2 emissions, methane, nitric oxide, and other chemical elements) modifies the balance of our habitat, generating catastrophic effects on our planet and consequently also on our lifestyle.


But what then is basically the advice of many Health Sciences and Natural Hygiene experts?

The answer lies in a vegan diet with a prevailing trend towards raw food: that is to eat for 75% raw and for the remaining 25% cooked, but keeping low cooking temperatures.


A vegan and basically raw diet can and must be embraced: lots of fruit between one meal and another!


In addition, a good dish of salad before the first meal at lunch and at dinner, will greatly improve the state of health and also affect weight: that will gradually reduce excess pounds and help to find the weight.

In the same way, making more snacks of fruit between one meal and another helps in general the blood flow, increases hydration of our body (which, as we know, is composed of 75% of water) and cleans up the colon and gut giving us energy and vitality.

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