The art of self-healing

The art of self-healing



Personally I do not believe in miracles, but I must say that having lived, both directly and indirectly, real self-healing phenomena, now I totally believe in them.

More than miracles, however, I would say that these were extraordinary healings.

Healings due to precise logical and ethical choices in the food, emotional and mental sphere.

These choices have been taken seriously, day after day, everywhere and under any circumstances.



“The body never goes against itself”

Here is one of the great truths that Hygienism teaches, a science that, in its greatness, remains humble and brings considerable benefits to those who choose to follow its teachings. About Hygienism (or Natural Hygiene), I suggest you read these articles:



BUT WHAT DOES IT MEAN “the body never goes against itself”?

Simply that the body does not self-destruct or in other words that it does not tend to get sick, unless it is precisely our choices and therefore our actions / decisions that lead it to the conditions in which it is necessary for him to fall ill.

Probably this concept will seem difficult to conceive or even absurd to accept. But believe me, once understood and then accepted, it will amaze you and surprise you. It will bring you back to those exciting truths. Truths known for thousands of years that, once learned, you won’t let go.

For example:


  • You will understand how the use of medicine is totally useless (as well as being expensive, especially in the long term and harmful to health);

I stopped taking all kinds of medicine since 2013, a time when I decided to become vegan and, as a result, I saw allergies, psoriasis, chronic prostatitis and many other annoyances (such as fever, cough, sore throat, cold and headache) disappear.

  • You will understand how your doctor’s intervention has become meaningless. And you will understand that if there is a doctor able to really take care of yourself, 24 hours a day, day after day, that one already exists within you and is called Immune System (if you want to know more click on the link below). It is only necessary to understand it and give it a way to work at its best;
  • And you will finally learn the awarenesses of good living, that are a series of knowledge that will direct you towards the road of self-healing. First through a more or less intense detoxification (it depends on the degree of intoxication you are in). Then towards a well-being that you will rediscover all-around.


In this regard, I suggest you read this article:




In practice, if you adopt these rules, your body can return to enjoying excellent health.

These rules have been disseminated and boldly published in numerous scientific natural hygiene texts (such as those that I will list shortly).

These can be for you a real salvation, as they were for me and for many others who found out about it …

… figuratively speaking, as it is a rainy season for an arid vegetable field that has not seen water for a long time!



At least, this is the effect it has on all those who, after years of negative experiences with allopathic medicine, want to get rid of this forced slavery.

After a series of researches, these people are then finally aware of those truths discovered by the fathers of medicine (Hippocrates, Galen, Pythagoras). Truths that have been forgotten by conventional medicine or deliberately ignored.


The art of self-healing. Hippocrates

“The natural forces within us are the true healers of the disease”


“Before healing someone, ask them if they are willing to give up the things that made them sick”





If you can understand what I am going to tell you, you can really enjoy the ensuing benefits. But you need to put into practice the advice I am going to give you. Know that these tips will help you to protect and recover your health.



But now I would like to answer to the question inherent in the title of this article.

I will list some key points that act as protagonists during the phase of detoxification.

First, “The art of self-healing” means:


Put the body in the necessary conditions

so that he can self-heal!


In other words it means:


  1. Know what food is most suitable for the human body and how to feed it;
  2. Recognizing the importance of water and knowing where to find the best quality;
  3. Re-learn to breathe, obviously preferring natural contexts where there is clean and oxygen-rich air;
  4. Analyze the thoughts that dwell in our mind by choosing to continue to host those that are really useful and that give us serenity. And at the same time let go of those that generate stress, anger, attachment and so on;
  5. Engage in physical activity daily in a gradual, conscious way and in healthy contexts;
  6. Cultivate healthy, genuine and, why not, even fun relationships.


If you want to read something more about these points, click on each links!




Clearly being aware of these 6 points mentioned above, but not practicing them, is not enough to make improvements on one’s health and therefore in one’s life.

It is necessary implement choices that will gradually become habits in your daily life.

To get started take a look at these articles …



To overcome fears and prejudices:

My experience:





The art of self-healing


Once you’ve managed to free yourself from limiting disbelief and have begun to give space and confidence to concepts such as …


  1. We were born to enjoy this wonderful life and to enjoy what is beautiful and good about this world;
  2. If we eat in a healthy, ethical and harmonious way, as well as in the right quantities, we do not get sick, indeed we tend to regain an optimal health. Detoxification (the famous detox phase that inevitably comes when you choose this path) is only a transition phase;
  3. The raw vegan choice is not an extreme choice, but rather the wisest and coherent choice in harmony with the physiognomy and anatomy of our body and the signals that he sends us (both from inside and from outside);
  4. Although at the beginning it may seem like a renunciation and a loss in terms of taste and flavors, in reality it is like a door to the sky that gives you access to new infinite flavors that you never even imagined. This also happens because you are regaining your senses and you are returning to using them in the most natural way possible;
  5. We do not need either a doctor who visits us and constantly prescribes analysis, nor vaccines, drugs, antibiotics, supplements, antihistamines, anti-inflammatories, etc., etc. We only need to rediscover (or perhaps get to know for the first time) the path that leads us back to consistent health.


… you can really begin to live your life freely, benefiting from a new health and full autonomy !!!


About this last point (number 5) … the truth must not be hidden, however much it may cause chaos or even irritability.




Finally, again with regard to this last point, I quote a text reported by a great master:




It is not the drug that produces vomiting, it is not the laxative to purge, it is not the diaphoretic that makes you sweat, it is not the stimulant that accelerates the heartbeat.

All these actions are erroneously attributed to the activity of the drug, while it is always and only about actions and reactions of the organism itself.

All poisons have the tendency, due to their chemical nature, to combine with the chemicals that make up the body.

When taking a drug, it most often causes damage to the tissue itself or even to an entire organ.



They cannot be assimilated, they cannot supply anything to human tissues, nor to cellular material. “

[ Cit. Valdo Vaccaro ]


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