The only real doctor you need is within yourself

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The only real doctor you need is within yourself : what does this title mean? Read more…


“The only real doctor you need is within yourself and is called:
Immune System”

…is one of the sentences that always fascinated me ever since I started my journey as a natural hygienist!

The only real doctor resides within yourself

Many have decided to investigate issues concerning their health. Those who have done it seriously have gone beyond what is advertised for purely commercial purposes. And as absurd and meaningless as it may seem, they understood this:


It is wiser to entrust your health to your immune system,

rather than to your own doctor.




It may seem like a harsh sentence but know that your health is no longer solely a matter of your interest. For a long time now our health has become a matter of interest for those organizations that profit from our health.

Pharmaceutical companies, packaged food companies, intensive farms and so on, are always looking for a new method, a new deceptive advertisement to win your attention and make you fall into their trap.

You will then buy what they sponsor you as an indispensable drug for treating an illness.  Or worse, as a mandatory vaccine.

You will consider “good food” all sorts of industrialized products containing the worst-case chemistry. Including multi-vitamin and multi-mineral supplements.

Finally (as regards intensive farming) you will believe the fairy tales they tell you. That is, “an animal is born to nourish our body, which needs animal proteins“.

All misleading information, one more absurd than the other!



True health comes from the earth

Know that the only real food for human beings (whereas the word “food” means something that nourishes – and not that merely fills – our body, our mind and our soul) is represented by those products coming directly from the earth.

  1. Fruit
  2. Vegetables
  3. Seeds
  4. Berries
  5. Roots
  6. Cereals
  7. Tubers
  8. Etc.

… for which no sentient being is ignominiously slain or tortured!


The food that comes from the earth, in fact, is pure manifestation of vitality and it is devoid of cruelty and violence.

It spontaneously grows, without any difficulty, from the subsoil and from the branches of the trees.

It is no coincidence that it is renamed as


Cruelty free food



Personally, I consider the teachings of Natural Hygiene much more humble, useful in practice and incredibly clear than those coming from traditional medicine, which I consider profoundly misleading and deceptive.

Just consider the idea, unfortunately now accepted by the mass, according to which conventional medicine believes that every human being, sooner or later, will need a medicine, a cure or a treatment to solve a specific disease.


“Sooner or later you will get sick and then you will also need our care and our medicines”,

you will be told by a doctor who cares about your health as well as that of his wallet !!!




For a long time now the best weapon used by conventional medicine has been to do psychological and media terrorism.

Let me tell you a little story that is probably common to many people …


One day you feel a strange pain in a part of your body, and you worry thinking about which of the many evils “has taken possession of you”.

So instead of doing what any animal in nature wisely and spontaneously would do, that is fast and stay at rest, you go to your doctor.

He, after giving you a quick glance, prescribes you a series of analyzes, X-rays, CTs and so on … advising you for the moment to take anti-pain or anti-inflammatory drugs.

Thus comes the first blow to your immune system and a decisive brake on your ability to detox, cleanse and consequently restore your optimal health.

And you will think “thank goodness there are doctors, who have found my pain and are treating it” … but when, unbeknownst to you, you have been deceived!


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When faced with the onset of a health problem, in addressing Natural Hygiene and consequently the laws of Mother Nature, the message that comes to you is essentially this:

“Put your body in self-healing conditions”

Put your body in conditions for self-healing

In other words, find harmony in every sphere of your life, from the material (food, water, air, etc.) to the emotional, mental and spiritual …


We are not made only of flesh and bones, but of

pure energy!


” The natural hygienistic matter, from a true science of health, is of a disarming simplicity, and is based on the absolute respect of the internal and external nature, on the in-out balance, on putting in and sending out, on accumulation and venting, on stopping imbalances, obstructions and negativities. You put in pure air (20% oxygen and 80% protein nitrogen), to send out stale air, or carbon monoxide CO2. Put in food to send out excrement. “In” drinks and “out” sweat and urine. Natural hygiene is one of the most extraordinary ways of dealing with the problem of the care and maintenance of the human body. “

Valdo Vaccaro Cit.

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