If you can think of it, you can do it!

How many times did you think or exclaim to yourself:

“Why is this happening to me?”

Or how many times have you felt uncomfortable in a situation where you thought fate or even God wanted your illness?

In one way or another, you too, like many others, support the sentence “if this is going to happen, then it will happen…”, using this belief as an excuse to mask the responsibilities of your choices.

Now the question I ask you is this …

If you really think that events happen because “it was written” that they should happen,

where is the free will then? In other words, are we simply puppets in someone else’s hands?


Personally ……. I do not believe in destiny as a series of already prepared and pre-packaged (for us) events. I believe instead in the idea that what happens in our life, comes to us because we attract it: nothing happens by accident, on the contrary, everything happens for one or more specific reasons that depend on our way of perceiving the events that happen in our daily life… depend on our way of thinking and on our way of feeling emotions and externalizing them.

I believe in a destiny that we contribute to create with our choices and therefore I believe in the possibility (which today is currently an uncontested fact for Quantum Physics) that we are the creators of our reality and consequently I strongly reject the idea that we are prisoners or hostages of the events that happen to us “casually” day by day. Basically I believe in the power of thought and emotions and in our ability to realize what we think and perceive, as I support the thesis of the human being as an energetic entity interconnected with the whole.


If you can think of it, you can do it!



Quantum Physics has long supported the idea that we are the result of a partnership between our thoughts and our emotions.

In other words, if you have a positive thought but do not live it with an adequate emotional participation, that thought remains so and will hardly materialize in reality.

Conversely, if you listen to that thought, if you perceive it, if you live it intensely, then it will materialize.


How long? No one can know it … but many believe it will materialize proportionally to the intensity with which that thought is conceived and experienced through our emotions.

The same applies to negative thoughts of course, where “positive” and “negative” are the meanings that we attribute (to our thoughts in this case) to motivate respectively a good or bad effect on our existence.


In other words, if you think about it but do not really believe it, then what you think will not happen.

In the same way, if you are afraid of something you think and at the same time you already feel the negative emotions arising from making true of what you are afraid of … that something will happen.


I gave you an example not really happy because often (fortunately not always) it is much easier to bump into someone who lives in deep connection with what are his anxieties and his fears, rather than into those people who have and show a healthy optimism given by the awareness that life is a magnificent gift that is made to us day by day and nothing else.

If you are thinking that what I have just written looks like what the well-known Law of Attraction says, well, I tell you that you are not at all mistaken in thinking this. The “law of attraction” is only a way in which the knowledge of creative thinking is explained and promoted.



All you need to start a new path of life, in which we choose to be protagonists and no longer spectators, is a change of the Mind-set.

If you can think of it, you can do it: new mindset

It is often the thought that stops us, that makes us feel inadequate or if you prefer “in the wrong place and at the wrong time”. Yet there is a solution … and it is in your way of thinking and perceiving things.

In other words, to improve your lifestyle to live extraordinary and continuous satisfactions in your life, you must try (it will be harder only in the early days) to change your approach to the events happening around you.

I’ll give you some examples:

  • If you woke up wrong … stop, breathe and tell yourself that, from now on, the day will continue instead very well, as you wish.
  • Have you been rejected at an exam? … Well, start looking at the positives (it may seem trivial as silly I know, but try) and put aside the discontent and the sorrow for the negative sides on which you would have focused all your energy and your thoughts for the whole day.
  • If someone treats you badly … well, instead of attacking him by starting to yell and scream your reasons, calm down and let the sentences that hurt you roll off your back. Forgive him and justify his attitude inside yourself, thanking him for teaching you something: patience.

So change your MIND-SET and start to BE GRATE for everything you have and for the experiences that for better or worse helped you to learn something from life.

I have just unveiled one of the most important secrets that will allow you to reach any goal you want to achieve …

Se lo puoi pensare, lo puoi fare: gratitudine

Learn how to put it into practice every day!

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