The stomach is not a garbage can

The title of this article seems a little excessive, but unfortunately that’s how (unknowingly?) we treat our stomach … like a garbage can.

The stomach is not a garbage can

We pour in everything that passes before our eyes, which are industrial snacks, confectionery produced with some of the worst poisons also called “white killer” (white sugar, white flour, salt and milk).

The same applies to the carcasses of dead animals or part of them, wrongly labeled as “food”… in short, everything that the food industry market offers us, without worrying about the fact that maybe that “food” (which, mostly, is not food) can really be digested and assimilated.



The fact is that not everything that we consider “food” really feeds us, that is, not everything that we are used to eating can really satisfy the needs of our body, thus guaranteeing its sustenance.

Just to give an example, the meat, whose negative and doping effects on our body are gradually coming to the surface through numerous studies publications, and the so-callednoble proteins” (which have nothing “noble”), in reality more than giving true nutritional support, they steal energy and seriously compromise the state of our health.

The human being, whatever may be said, is neither carnivorous nor omnivorous … on the contrary, is a living being suitable for a vegetable diet (mainly based on fruit, but also on vegetables, cereals, legumes, tubers and oil seeds).



Another observation I would like to make is this. Even the food cooked the day before, the one cooked more than once, the frozen one, does not lend itself to being an ideal food for our body. Yet many people, in order not to throw that food in the real garbage can, prefer to swallow it and “avoid waste”.

But be careful, because the quality of the food we introduce in our organism determines the quality of our health. The more a dish has been cooked and the more time has passed since it was cooked, the more it has lost its intrinsic nutrients, the more so it is not suitable for our body and can not be considered THE RIGHT FOOD.


So, if you’re wondering:

But then should have I thrown away those discolored vegetables which I had prepared the day before yesterday and which I had kept?

Yes, it would have been better to throw them and prepare new ones.

As I say on these occasions, better in the garbage can than in our stomach.



The stomach is NOT a garbage can: respect yourself and your body.

Let’s clarify, I’m not a person who loves wastege and I’m not a consumer, if that’s what you’re thinking.

The stomach is NOT a garbage can: respect yourself and your body.

Who knows me, knows well that it is not so! I only say that our stomach and consequently every other organ that is part of our body, should be treated with respect and with knowledge of the facts.

It is clear that this is a speech that must be done without being fundamentalist and exasperating. I mean, if one day you feel tired, if you do not feel like cooking and in the fridge you have a portion of rice or cream cooked the night before, do not be too scrupulous … eat them. But try to recognize at that time that you’re not feeding your body in the best way and that this could cause you digestive discomforts and more.



The best foods for our body that guarantee a general well-being, not only from a physical point of view but also from a mental point of view, are raw fruits and vegetables. Do you know why? Well the motivations are many, I will report below only some of the most important:

  • All that is raw, is ALIVE! A raw food preserves the vital factors kit intact. (It is good to know that at the time of cell turnover, it would be ideal to be able to provide our body with new live cells, coming from a pure seasonal cultivation, without any chemical agent)
  • The raw food diet preserves all the nutrients: oligo-elements, minerals, vitamins and above all the enzymes (direct interested in the digestion)
  • Raw food preserves and transfers to our body, during the phases of digestion and absorption, solar energy, that is the mother energy that has allowed life (in all its forms) on our planet.
  • Allow our body to maintain a healthy slightly alkaline pH (6.35 – 6.55)


The stomach is NOT a garbage can: benefits of raw food

So, dear reader, if you want my advice … pay attention to what you eat! But when you find the right food and recognize it as such because you have discovered the true motivation, enjoy it fully and enjoy it slowly!


If you want to know more about raw food, read this article:

A vegan and basically raw diet can and must be embraced!


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