How to seize opportunities

“Opportunity is like sunrise… If you wait too long, you’ll lose it!”

as William Arthur Ward (a well-known Disney cartoonist belonging to the last century) said.

How to seize opportunities


Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you have to make a decision quickly? A situation in which you feel deeply undecided so much that you postpone that choice for days and days, feeling as if a part of yourself was practically stuck on that point and unable to make a choice …

Well, if your answer is Yes, I suggest you continue reading this article!


Mr. Ward was right: if you do not seize the opportunities at the right time, you’ll lose them … just as it happens trying to catch the sunrise in the morning.


Sunrise … the sun rising that, rising slowly in the sky,

begins to illuminate our horizon more and more …

a time of day so strong and special as elusive

for its short duration.


Well, seizing opportunities is exactly like catching the morning’s dawn: the more you will be ready and prepared, the more you will be able to live that moment with depth and with total harmony with yourself and with the life that surrounds you.

But what exactly does “be ready and prepared” mean?

In short, it means being in tune with yourself 100% and being focused on the goal you want to achieve. This will lead you to say Yes when is there to say Yes and No when is there to say No.

Of course, you will think … it will not be easy to reach this harmony!

Indeed it is not easy. However, if you work steadily and with dedication on yourself, I assure you that within a not too long period of time you will be able to get exactly what you want and your indecision will be just a distant memory. But to do this, one must proceed step by step.

Let’s see how do it.



This is the first step to being able to forget completely (or almost) your eternal indecision.

Becoming tuned with yourself means understanding what you want and what you desire in every moment of your life.

What did you say? Is it impossible? … I can assure you it is not, otherwise I would not be here to write this article so you can read it.


My advice is this: dedicate at least one hour of your day to meditation. And by “meditation” I do not mean that you have to sit on a lawn, crossing your legs and closing your eyes (even if, it would certainly not be absurd if you did it).

By meditation I mean simply to find a moment of your time when you are alone and you have the possibility to “feel” and listen to your inner voice.

How to seize opportunities. Find a moment to be alone with yourself

You can walk in the park, in the woods, or by the sea if you prefer … in short, where and when you decide freely. The important thing is that it is a place that allows you to do the following:

  1. Pull you away from every thought that dwells in your mind (it seems easy, but it’s not, especially the first few times)

  2. Focus on the emotions and feelings that make you feel good


Probably at the beginning it will seem to you to waste time, in reality what you are doing is something very important. Not just to get more in tune with yourself and therefore to become a more determined person, but also for healthy reasons that go beyond the treatment of this article.

Repeating this procedure day by day (or, if you can not, at least 2 or 3 times a week), you will see how the confusion that was previously predominant in you, will completely disappear gradually, leaving room for a safer modus vivendi of yourself and in tune with your deepest desires.



The second step is to practice doing what is explained in the title of this paragraph.

Start from the simplest things. If someone, for example, asks you to have a drink together … take 10 seconds (no more) to think about whether or not you can accept the proposal. Then decide and communicate immediately your choice. Then go.

Mind you…

Making a choice does not always mean “making the right choice”.

However, to overcome indecision, it is necessary to activate automatisms that allow you to change attitude, going from being an “eternally undecided” person to being a determined person who knows what he wants.



This title seems to contradict what Mr. Ward said. Nonetheless, it is true: if you can not catch the dawn of that day, there is always the possibility to catch the dawn of the next day and the day after that… and so on.

Having this awareness is very important. It is normal, as well as plausible, that it is not always possible to grasp every opportunity that life offers us. We can be unprepared on various occasions when we are faced with a choice. And knowing that we can always count on the next opportunities is certainly a comforting fact.

However, developing a better connection with ourselves and ability to decide immediately, by taking action in practice, is like owning a ferrari when many others use a simple hatchback.



Well, we have come to the end of this article. If you’re thinking “Is it all?” or “Is this enough to become more confident and know how to seize opportunities?”…. well this is certainly a good start!

Slowly, in a personal and original way, you will learn to refine your approach to life.

What I can tell you is that, in general, so many things seem difficult and complicated … but in reality it would be enough just an attitude change as well as a positivity and confidence mind-set, to totally change your life.

You will realize that much of what you thought was “complicated” is actually simpler than you thought. At the same time also your day, from sad, monotonous and devoid of emotions … will become exciting, happy and such to be experienced taking fully exploiting every single moment of it.


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